If You Or Someone You Know Works at Chili’s Please Read This

This is a post specifically for people who work at Chili’s, so I hope we can get the word out. Even if you don’t work there, please share it so that as many people as possible can read it.

I was contacted by a former “Chilihead” who has developed some rather severe complications with her lungs and she feels it is from the “sizzle sauce” that is used for the fajitas. This is the email I received from her:

Hey there. My name is Lisa and until three days ago, I was a Chilihead. Six months ago, Chili’s changed the way fajitas are made. The Mexican rice is now on the fajita skillet, the skillets are new, and the sizzle sauce is different. I began having massive issues with my lungs. I reported these issues to management and was ignored. On Tuesday, I almost died due to an anaphylactic reaction. My lungs completely shut down. Heroes did CPR on me. I was intubated in the restaurant I was in. I was transported to the ER via ambulance and spent the last 5 days in the ICU of my local hospital. I put my story on another service industry page and received six messages from other members who are also experiencing issues with their lungs. Two of my actual coworkers have also told me the fajita smoke is a problem. I think Chili’s is in for a massive class action lawsuit. The fajitas are causing real damage to people and no one seems to care.

You have a massive audience. Can you help me and other servers get appropriate care for our lungs? Hopefully even change the way the fajitas are prepared? I created an email address: fajitasmokesucks@yahoo.com

So, there you have it. If you work at Chili’s and are experiencing any kinds of breathing issues and you think it has to do with the fajita smoke, please reach out to Lisa and share your story. If this is true, we can make a difference.

Email Lisa at: fajitasmokesucks@yahoo.com

3 thoughts on “If You Or Someone You Know Works at Chili’s Please Read This

  1. Chris

    I work at a Chilli’s Too at the airport. I’ve experienced none of these issues, but I don’t believe we have changed our sizzle sauce, either.

  2. Brandon

    I’ve been working at a Chili’s for 5 years. I never had an issue and have never heard anyone complain about it.

  3. Kiwi

    Absolutely nothing to do with this post butttttttttttt it is the 29th of May so :
    Happy Birthday Bitchy !!
    Many happy returns for the day and no doubt you are drinking your body weight in cocktails.
    Enjoy 🙂


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