Bill O’Reilly Has Some Restaurant Advice For Everyone

Noted asshole and unemployed-newscaster-because-he-got-fired-from-FOX-for-sexual-assault-accusations, Bill O’Reilly tweets a lot these days. I suppose he has a bit more time on his hands than he used to since he was unceremoniously dumped from FOX News back in April after several women accused him of being a grabby asshole. He and his employers settled with the woman and paid them out about $13 million. These days, Bill O’Reilly tweets and runs his own website which is the closest thing he has to network exposure. One of the things he likes to do each day, other than ogle women inappropriately and touch himself while reminiscing about his dressing room at FOX, is to tweet out a tip of the day. Because, you know, everyone in the world wants daily advice from a saggy ball sack like Bill O’Reilly. He offers gems such as:

Here’s the Tip of the Day: many clothing companies have stealthily cut back on material, so order your stuff one size larger than you are. I am 6’4”, 210 pounds and an XL used to do it. Not anymore. Now XXL.


Here’s the Tip of the Day: carve out some alone time this Christmas and Hanukkah season. Think about someone you can directly help. Then do it.

He’s a regular Dear fucking Abby, that guy. Last week, his Tip of the Day was the following:


So now he’s giving restaurant advice? Bitch, please. Yes, all customers deserve good service. (I refuse to use the word “entitled” because that word leaves a bad taste in my mouth which is exactly what every woman who has ever given Bill O’Reilly a blow job has said). I have to wonder what happened to make Bill O’Reilly tweet such advice. Did a server treat him with less respect than he felt he was deserved? Had he ordered a bunch of food and while waiting for it, the server mistreated him and he was so shook up that had to leave? I doubt that Bill O’Reilly would ever leave a place because he felt he was being mistreated. He seems more like the type to have someone fired and then stay in the restaurant until he sees the server escorted out. But what if he did decide to leave? Is he going to pay for the drinks that he consumed while he was waiting for the food? Or what if the disrespect happened between the first course and the second, will he still pay for the soup? So many questions.

But the main thing I wonder is why on earth would anyone ever treat Bill O’Reilly with anything but the utmost respect? Probably because for years he has shown us all what a dick he is. Anyone who is fired for sexual misconduct is pretty much an asshole, at least to women, but if we look back even further when he was on Inside Edition it’s clear he was an asshole to men too:


Fuck you, Bill O’Reilly. Here’s a Tip of the Day for you: when visiting a restaurant or store always be polite to the staff because they are entitled to respect. If that does not happen, they can quietly tell the manager what a dick you are and then ask you to leave; even if the food has been ordered.


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