Chili’s Manager Takes Away Free Meal From Vet on Veterans Day

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-6-26-31-pmSee that face up there? That is the face of a Chili’s manager who realizes he has fucked up. Last Friday, Chili’s offered free meals to our veterans in appreciation for their service. Army veteran Ernest Walker went to a Chili’s in Cedar Hill, Texas to have his free 10 oz. Ancho-Crusted Sirloin or whatever, and soon had that meal snatched out of his hands when manager Wesley Parker no longer believed he had actually served in the armed forces. Ernest presented his military ID and also his discharge papers but Wesley still didn’t believe him. By the way, he didn’t believe that his service dog was legit either. Hmmm, why would a manager suddenly decide that Ernest was lying? Well, according to Ernest, an older man who was wearing a Trump t-shirt, told the manager that when he served in World War 2 in Germany, he didn’t see any black people over there. Umm, okay. So Wesley, using the common sense that God gave a scuppernong seed, decided that Ernest must be lying. Yes, even though Ernest showed his military ID, was too young to serve in World War 2 even though African-Americans have served and in every war since the Revolutionary War, Wesley chose to believe the old white man in a Donald Trump t-shirt. Welcome to 2016, everybody!

This is when Ernest pulled out his cell phone and started recording this bullshit. Of course Chili’s released a statement:

“We are aware of the situation that occurred at our Chili’s Cedar Hill restaurant on November 11th. Our goal is to make every guest feel special and unfortunately we fell short on a day where we serve more than 180,000 free meals as a small token to honor our Veterans and active military for their service, hence these actions do not reflect the beliefs of our brand.”

Ernest has hired Kim Coles as his attorney, but I don’t think it’s the same Kim Coles who was on “Living Single” from 1993 to 1998. Maybe it is, I dunno. 1Either way, it should only be a matter of time before Chili’s squeezes out a lifetime supply of Crispy Cheddar Bites and Quesadilla Explosion Salads for Ernest. As for Wesley, he better start dusting off the old resume, because I bet his days at Chili’s are numbered. I’m sure he’ll be fine though. He can tweet out to Donald Trump asking for a job and he’ll probably get an cabinet position. With all of his experience managing at Chili’s he seems like a shoe-in for Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. good luck, Wesley!



UPDATE: This story is getting all kinds of crazy. There are reports that the manager has been placed on leave from the restaurant. And then someone crawled out of their hole to put in their two cents on Facebook claiming that the veteran did not have any proof of his service and that the old white man was completely made up:15073418_10206362437534327_1753595297798545216_nBut then this picture came out that kinda proves that Ernest was in the army:15032101_10210097085761100_3412385058214087308_nMan, who cares? It was a$12 meal and now Chili’s has all this bad press. Was it really worth it??

15 thoughts on “Chili’s Manager Takes Away Free Meal From Vet on Veterans Day

  1. Hercule

    I saw the video on another website. Normally I don’t like people punished for one mistake, but this apparently racist manager should be fired. Maybe in Donald Trump’s America there were no blacks in WW II, but in the real world of facts, the 332nd fighter group was entirely black and served in Italy, as did the 92nd Infantry (and a lot more units served other theaters). Besides, even if the customer was lying, worst case is Chili’s spent $10 on a free meal, not worth the bad reputation they have just earned.

    1. Notta Racist

      Who said ANYTHING about racism? I watched the video several times and not once was race even entered into the conversation. Yes, the manager is Caucasian, and yes the Veteran is of African American descent. At no time was ANYTHING racial stated. It’s ignorant, race baiting persons such as you that racism continues to be a problem in America! Get a different hobby!

      1. dead_elvis

        @Notta Racist: You’re a tRump voter, aren’t you?

        Yeah, I’m suuuuuuure this was entirely free of any racial overtones. Pure coincidence that the aggrieved party is black, and the shitgarglers griefing him are white.

      2. Jennnnnnnn

        So nothing is ever racist unless the person being racist explicitly states their racist motives? Oh man that is so good to know. The world is a way better place than I thought!!

    1. Al M

      Sure, it was racially motivated by an extremely ignorant person. What I don’t see the point in stating is what does it matter what shirt the jackass was wearing? What shirt was Ernest wearing? What shirt was the manager wearing?
      Ignorance comes dressed in any attire.

  2. Gaby

    Chills sucks. The BRENTWOOD, CA location once refused to serve my husband a beer because he showed them a Salavadoran passport for his ID. We have never been to a Chili’s restaurant since and I hope they go out of business.

    1. Jack

      I work for chilis. I dont agree with what happened, but to say you hope the company goes under is a bit of an ahole statement. Plenty of good people make a living with this company. To wish them detrament is just not classy. Hope the company gets better, not fold.

  3. Mellie

    This is a sad situation all the way around, this man, who fought for our freedom deserved his free meal and was pretty much embarrassed in front of an entire restaurant because of one dumbfuck. Does he really need to sue Chili’s over it?! I don’t think that is quite necessary. The manager should have to apologize, maybe take some sort of sensitivity training and let’s all move on. The guy in the Trump t-shirt however is the one that needs his dick slapped. What a fuck.

  4. Charles

    Okay, before I even start this, I didn’t vote for trump. But even bringing that up and degrading someone who did makes you a shitty person that needs to get the hell over it. The persons political affiliation had nothing to do with how this situation went down. You need to get your biased ass beliefs out of this topic. That’s not what this was about you ignorant fuck. I know my language isn’t necessary to any degree, but holy shit.


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