ATTN Customers: Stop Using These Business Cards

cheapAs more and more restaurants begin paying their servers a “livable wage,” it seems that the idea of tipping becomes more controversial each day. Every couple of weeks, another restaurant makes the announcement that tips will no longer be allowed and instead, a service charge will be added to the bill to cover the additional wage costs. What has also increased is the appearance of various versions of the same business cards that some customers will leave in lieu of a tip. The latest one says this:

Thank You for Your Service

I do not tip as a matter of personal belief and policy.
You should take up any pay inequities with your employer.

I continue to vote for higher minimum wages.

I call bullshit and say that 99.9% of the people who use these cards never tipped in the first place and have found a new way to justify it. Gone are the days when they leave no tip because the music was too loud or the table was wobbly. They no longer stiff their servers because the food took too long or because their water glass stayed empty for two minutes. By using one of these cards, that can pretend they have a socially responsible reason for being a cheap ass.

But there are problems with these cards. First off, if they say they continue to vote for higher minimum wages, I have to wonder who these people are? Are they members of congress or something because I don’t recall very many general election days where I was asked to vote on minimum wage. Secondly, why don’t these people go to one of those restaurants that don’t accept tips? Wouldn’t that solve their problem? Oh, wait. I know why they don’t want to go there and it’s because the bill will have a service charge added to it and they don’t want to pay that either. Thirdly, it is okay to “continue to vote for higher minimum wages” and still leave tips in the meantime. After all, if the customer knows that the server only gets $2.13 an hour and is relying on tips, by not leaving a tip, isn’t that person pretty much admitting to the world they are an asshole? Fourthly, if they know they aren’t going to tip at the end of the meal, these people need to present this card at the beginning of the meal. Why should the server do anything other than the bare minimum if they know they are not going to be tipped for the job? That’s like donating service. I have never once heard of a customer announcing their non-belief in tipping before asking to be served.

Enough with the cards, people. I get that it’s cheap to go over to VistaPrint and get yourself a big stack of cards for practically free, but you aren’t really helping anything by not tipping. All it does is hurt the one server you give the card to. It’s not forcing legislation to change and it’s not making restaurant owners make up the difference. If you truly believe that things should change, then don’t be a fucking coward by dropping a business card on the table and leaving when your server steps into the kitchen. Maybe things will change eventually, but until they do, kindly Google one of the restaurants that does not require a tip and go there. You and your business card are not welcome in my section or anyone else’s who depends on tips for a living.

15 thoughts on “ATTN Customers: Stop Using These Business Cards

  1. Michelle

    As far as I’m concerned (and I’m very concerned because I’m a Server) the minute you step into a restaurant with Servers, you’ve given your consent to be part of the system. That system doesn’t have a secret part or hidden agenda in 2016, nope we all know your gonna ‘pay’ to have your food brought and to be cleaned up behind. You tip for that, period. If your confused about how much to leave, Google that shit and leave the appropriate tip. Leave a card like above in my section, you may be removing from your ass as you run for the door.

  2. Sharon

    I hate to it, but a lot of those people who do this are church folks. I will try to explain in a way they might understand. Now, this is not for people who are not church people, it is for those of us who claim to live by that little rule book we call “The Word of God” (a.k.a. the Bible).
    Dear church person,
    Putting one of these card on the table instead of your tip is pretty much a violation of James 2:14-17. Now, don’t look all crazy at me, church person!!! You KNOW it is in there!!! It says, “My brothers and sisters, if a person claims to have faith but does nothing, that faith is worth nothing. Faith like that cannot save anyone. Suppose a brother or sister in Christ comes to you in need of clothes or something to eat. And you say to them, “God be with you! I hope you stay warm and get plenty to eat,” but you don’t give them the things they need. If you don’t help them, your words are worthless. It is the same with faith. If it is just faith and nothing more—if it doesn’t do anything—it is dead.”

    Yes, that waiter or waitress IS your brother or sister in Christ… you know they are!
    If you are REALLY this serious about this and want to change the system by withholding funds, then call the OWNER of the place over to your table and tell him/her that you are only paying 80% of what you owe him for the food so you can leave the server the other 20%. What do you think would happen then, IDIOT????????????????????

    1. Use The Real Price

      “paying 80% of what you owe him”

      Where is that spelled out on the menu? I shouldn’t have to guess how much my $10 burger really costs. I don’t mind paying more, I don’t mind tipping, and the server certainly deserves to be paid. But I don’t appreciate not knowing in advance. When I go to buy an item, when the cashier rings it up it doesn’t become $X plus 5% or 10% or 15% or 20% or whatever. Let the owner put the true cost on the menu. So that burger now becomes $12 and feel free to pay more if you want. Don’t lie to me about the burger costing $10 when everyone knows that there is a significant server portion that is “conveniently” left out. Be a stand up owner and put the true price/cost on the menu. That’s transparency and that’s all I want.

        1. Sharon

          @Use the real price Sorry, TLDR… my point is, if you want to be cheap on something, and show how tough you are, then do it to an owner face to face and not to the server.

  3. Mike

    I feel if you’re such a stand up person about your tipping beliefs, give that card as soon as you’re sat. Let’s see how much your beliefs mean to you then.

  4. M.Fury

    I think business owners tacking on to the bill to cover the wage increase is bullshit and i will never support that type of push off. I tip, I will always tip. If I got shit service but like the place i go to, you can bet I won’t be sitting in their section. If I get bare ass minimum service, you’re never going to give a crap about anything you do. We know those who do a great job because their character is strong and they will always do their best work no matter what job they are doing..many times over they will find greater rewards.

    As for people leaving cards.. stay home.

    1. Scott E

      M.Fury, why would you consider a restaurant adding a service charge to accommodate for an increase in thier staff wages in lieu of tipping bullshit? Do you expect any business with a sharp increase in operating expenses to not increases prices on the consumer side of things? That seems like an entirely untenable expectation. No restaurant can afford to pay thier wait staff a competitive wage for the position without increasing prices or adding a service charge to pay for the spike in payroll.

      The prices you pay now are what they are because the restaurant really doesn’t pay the server, you are expected to do so with a tip. If you instead expect the restaurant to pay a real wage they are just going to charge you more. In the end under either system you are going to be paying the same, at least with tipping you get to give the money directly to the person providing you a service rather then to the company they work for in hopes that it filters down to them appropriately.

  5. ljc

    Well that’s a cop out and a half…although I’ve had worse.

    This kind old fragile lady whispered to me: Just a moment I have something for you. As she dug around in her big, pleather purse. It seemed she was having trouble finding something. She insisted: sorry, just a moment. As I had a long line up of 4 ppl behind her…she’s gonna take up everyone’s time anyways. Well, ten moments later she finally pulls out this business card. I grabbed it right away and nodded: Thanks bye, have a good night. She said the same as she was shoved aside by the wave of people before she could shake my hand.
    It read: l** j** c** loves you …yaughty, yaughty…

    Not a $20 dollar bill or a piece of candy…she wasted my precious time for a piece of mind…orrr
    A coworker commented: I always thought of those as a ‘curse’…

    Lol…and I said thank you. **recycle

    1. Sharon

      Yes, he does love you… But, he wants people to quit passin’ out those cards with his name on ’em. It is really makin’ him look bad.


    I did actually have a table tell me once at the greeting that they didn’t believe in tipping. Once I determined they were serious, I told them I would get them what they ask for, but that was it.
    I did just that, brought what they ordered, and their glasses were never empty. But i spent most of my time at the other tables who wanted to be served.
    I honestly appreciated their honesty. Saved any effort above the minimum on my part.

    1. Jacob

      What else would you even do for them?

      I’m guilty of over tipping (20-30%), but I’m trying to cut out the percent based tips in the future. ~$2.00 seems like more than enough per person in most cases. Waiters make significantly more per hour than their kitchen counterparts, and their jobs are significantly easier. Few people are fooled when a waiter comments on their lack of tips. I’ve worked in several positions at a few different restaurants, just like many other people. It is common knowledge that waiters almost always make more than $15.00/hr. That is way more than the kitchen bitches and cooks make. That also approaches the salary of the chef(s), the main reason people usually dine out for.

      If you’re upset with your wages as a waiter, talk to your boss, suck less, or find another job. There aren’t many unskilled jobs out there that pay as well as waiting.

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