Chuck E. Cheese Manager Obliterates Customer

This image has been floating around on the Internet for a few days, but I kept not reading it because the text was so small. After about the 100th person tagged me, I figured it must be worth the read. And boy oh boy, was it ever worth it. I have taken the liberty to type it out so that anyone else out there with the eyesight of a half-blind mole can enjoy the complete and utter savagery of a Chuck E. Cheese employee when he let it all out on a woman made Norma. I do not know you, Cary Palmerr, but you are my hero. I bow down to you with the greatest of respect.

Here is the text of the review that the customer wrote that explains exactly what this manager did. It is glorious.

Visited xxxxxxx. I asked for a deal that I had a coupon for. The rude little girl told me that she would not honor my coupon. I spend a lot of money at Chuck E. Cheese’s and a guest should never be told no. I asked to speak to the manager immediately. A disheveled blonde man with a coffee mug came up to me and asked what the problem was. I had assumed he knew his role well enough to honor the coupon as any manager should. I told him and said “I know you will honor this.” He said “No, I don’t think I will.” When I told him I spend a lot of money here and it was my kid’s birthday he said “Listen Karen. This is a Chuck E. Cheese. I can’t throw a rock without hitting three people who’s birthday it is.” This disgusted me. My name is Norma. He was totally ignorant, rude, and condescending. I demanded to speak to the highest management staff member of this store. He had the nerve to spin in a circle and ask me “How can I help you?” I demanded the corporate phone number. He was obviously trying to entertain the young girl cashier who was giggling the entire time. Completely unprofessional and rude. Worst customer service I have ever seen in a restaurant in my entire life. He gave me a card with the district corporate number on it and I told him I would not be returning to this store and I would tell my friends not to come here either. He told me to have “a chuck e day” which was very obviously spiteful. I was furious and appalled. He is a smug jerk. After, I went to my car to cool off and called the number on the card. The corporate employee answered and said “Hello again Karen how have you been?” IT WAS THE SAME JACK*** INSIDE THE STORE. MY NAME IS NORMA.

This man needs to be fired. I am writing a letter to corporate. I will never step foot in another chuck e cheese again for the rest of my life and will be telling friends and family to do the same.

15 thoughts on “Chuck E. Cheese Manager Obliterates Customer

  1. Fart train

    Jesus Christ, chill the fuck out man. Does this make you feel important calling people out on simple writing errors?! Get a fucking life.

  2. Grammar Jerk

    “An boy oh boy, was it ever worth it”

    What does that mean? You meant, “and”.

    When and why did it become okay to swap those two completely different words? Technically, you’re a jouranlist, correct? Spend the time to do it right.

    1. The Bitchy Waiter Post author

      Yeah, that’s called a typo. Calm down…And when did I ever call myself a journalist? Hardly.

      I fixed it. Move on.

    2. ZeroFox2Give

      And technically you’re an asshat, right? Gotta love a grammar nazi post with a typo. Pretty sure there’s no such word as jouranlist.

    3. Fart train

      Jesus Christ, chill the fuck out man. Does this make you feel important calling people out on simple writing errors?! Get a fucking life.

    4. Kelley

      He forgot the “d” calm down. No need to stress abt a misspelling. Oh, that’s “about” I just like to abbreviate.


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