Further Proof That Some Customers Are Awful Human Beings

If you ever wanted to read a restaurant review written by one of the most selfish, uncaring, self-centered customers ever, here it is.

This week on Facebook, server Garrick Robert Abt shared a photo of an Open Table review that gave the restaurant a 2-star review because of the “unfortunate situation” of having their server go into a seizure, fall unconscious, and being taken away via an ambulance. Because of this, the poor, unfortunate customer had to suffer the horror of finding another server to take care of them. Oh, and the air conditioning sucked too.

Whoever wrote this review is a top-grain asshole who has no empathy for others. Yes, the situation created a less-than-perfect dining experience, but could they not just skip the “hey, let’s leave a bad review” moment and think for one second about the human being that they watched be carted away on a stretcher?

Some customers suck. I mean, we all knew that already, but in case any of us needed proof, we got it. Feel better, Garrick.


8 thoughts on “Further Proof That Some Customers Are Awful Human Beings

  1. Michael R. Wolcott

    Yes! You’re right! some people can be shitty – but what about giving those a chance who are good customers? Equal opportunity to show that not all customers are douche bags. I’m a customer but I’ve seen a lot of nonsense in my life – but I have seen good things too when I go to various restaurants. Sometimes the customers are nuts, and other times, the servers can be off the wall as well..
    I wish you all well and have a great day!

  2. Lee

    I wanted to write in about a good table I had a few nights ago.

    1) I work at a crappy little chain restaurant that has too many televisions and is too loud
    2) There were power outages in the area thanks to nasty thunderstorms so we were BUSY for a Wednesday night.

    Couple comes in, seated, ordered drinks and appetizer. It took 15 minutes, they were nothing but nice. Ordered meal and it took over an hour. I was screaming at the kitchen, they were screaming at me, the couple were nothing but nice. Took over an hour. I spoke with them every 15 minutes or so and they were so understanding. Manager ended up comping their entrees. They left a 20% tip for the price of the entire meal instead of a tip based in what they were charged.

    If they ever come back and I’m still here, they will get free mixed drinks.

  3. Tim

    Reminds me of the scene in Goodfellas when Henry Hill was a kid working at the pizza place. A guy got shot and crawled in screaming. Henry wraps all these clean towels around the guy’s wound. Henry’s boss tells him “Ya know Henry, you’re a jerk you wasted 4 clean fuckin’ towels on dat guy! What’d ya do dat for”?

  4. Karl

    What restaurant was this and where can I find the review? I wanna use this to show my students just how shitty people can be!

  5. Garrick Abt

    Hey thanks for the write up! And thank you for the kind words. I am fine and well after a little recuperation.

    1. Tonya

      Garrick I’m very glad to hear you’ve recovered alright. People suck, I’m sorry you had to deal with them. I hope your customers in future are much more reasonable people.

  6. Jessa

    Dude…even if you’re pissed off, which you really shouldnt be because medical conditions such as this are out their control, don’t leave a fucking review it doesn’t make the restaurant, Garrick, or anyone except for the yelper look bad. I serve with someone who is epileptic and has seizures and its AWFUL, I FEEL for this bartender as its fucking terrifying and from what I can tell from her reactions not something she likes having in front of people-word to the wise all you assholes who get shitty about having to wait, or not having that extra ranch…there are far larger issues, and that person you judge that’s HELPING you eat is a person, with medical problems, home life problems, financial problems, etc., BE KIND and dont be a petty Betty. Thanks.


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