A$$hole Manager of the Week: Katie

In this week’s edition of “Some Restaurant Managers are Complete and Total Assholes,” we have a story from a restaurant called Cafe 72 in Ewing, NJ. Here’s the rundown:

An employee at the restaurant was looking to get her shift covered in order to attend the funeral of a friend. (Michael Sot, a 20-year old student at The College of New Jersey was acting as a designated driver and his car was hit by an allegedly drunk driver.) The employee texted “katie cafe 72”, the owner of the restaurant, to see if a recently hired hostess was able to go it alone. 

Basically, Katie said no and when the employee explained why she wanted the shift covered, Katie was less than sympathetic:

Just don’t come back to work. I like you but I’m sick of all staff not taking their job seriously and just fucking expect me to cover all of your shifts. I have a business to run at the end of the day. And a family.

The employee replied:

I’m not expecting you to cover my shift, I simply asked if someone was allowed to host. I am a college student that shows up on time for my shifts, so taking this job seriously isn’t questionable. I’m looking for a cover before calling out. It doesn’t get more responsible than that. Letting someone go because of a death is unethical.

Now, this would be a good moment for the Katie to acknowledge that the employee is in fact being very responsible instead of just calling out and leaving the restaurant in a pinch, but Katie doubles down on the bitchiness:

I’m not playing this game. If you can’t work and there is no one to cover the shift in order for the restaurant to operate I have to let you go. Sorry. I don’t feel bad for you so don’t pull the college student unethical card. It’s not the first time. Go to the viewing. Let me know your decision so I know what my plans are for this weekend.

And just like that, Katie went down in history as one of the most unfeeling and unsympathetic restaurant owners in the whole entire world. Of course once the screenshots of the conversation started to make the rounds on the Internet, Cafe 72 got trashed on their Facebook page so they deleted it. Their reviews on Yelp are also in a free fall not unlike me after three too many margaritas. The restaurant did try to do some damage control by posting an apology on their website and donating $1000 to the GoFundMe account for Michael Sot.

In their statement, they say the employee was not fired and that her last shifts happened to be this weekend before leaving for a holiday break. That also say that the texts were taken out of context, but c’mon. The context doesn’t matter when you’re a straight up cold-hearted bitch with no emotion. “I don’t feel bad for you” sounds pretty bitchy no matter what the context is, and I know a thing or two about being bitchy. They also have asked that people STOP with the hate emails, bad reviews and annoying phone calls. Sorry, Katie, you made your bed, now lie in it.

Here’s the bottom line: if you’re a restaurant owner or manager and you expect your employees to give a shit about their job, then you need to give a shit about your employees. Try being human and treating your staff with respect. When you give respect, you get respect. This employee was being as respectful as possible by trying to work with the owner to solve an issue. Rather than cooperating with the employee all that happened was a “my way or the highway” attitude that created this social media shit storm. In your own words, Katie: I don’t feel bad for you.

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25 thoughts on “A$$hole Manager of the Week: Katie

  1. I worked retail. My great grandmother passed away on Christmas one year. My manager refused to give me time off for the funeral. My mom(who is an abusive bitch of epic proportions) made attending the funeral a mandatory family event. She bitched my manager out and I got to go to the funeral anyway. One of the few times I remember mom actually defending me.usually she sides with the other person even if they’re wrong…I have two narcissists for parents and a narcissistic younger sister

  2. I’m a bit late but might I offer condolences to the worker in the article and the others here who have lost someone? People have made comments about my manager being rude but she and the other employees were nothing but helpful when my husband’s dad died. I hate that you all have to deal with nasty people like that…but hopefully this student is on to bigger and better things…

  3. I’m absolutely shocked at the story and the experiences of those commenting. I worked in the industry many many moons ago, my manager was a bitch for sure, in fact she was a super mega bitch, of all the bitches in the land but there is no way that even she would behave in this fashion – holy hell have things deteriorated that badly in the industry (or any work environment for that matter) that there is no compassion at all?
    What is happening to humanity?

  4. Looks like their Facebook is back up, the apology has disappeared from their website, and the assclowns at Yelp are monitoring their reviews. So it will all go away and Kate will be back to being a raging bitch. Funny that one of the Yelp reviews mentions the owner (I’m guessing Ben) complaining that they can’t keep good help about a month or so ago. Wonder why, Ben, if your sperm-catcher treats all employees this way?

  5. P.F. Chang’s has this unfair manager in the name of Darnella. Early in November, after training as a Hostess at the Torrance store, a girl named Maria released her shift and messaged me if I can come into work at 4:30p, Tuesday night, November 13, to cover for her. I responded that I picked up the shift and all I have to do is let management know that I am coming in at 4:30p in place of Maria.

    It is 3:00p in the afternoon, I was walking over to the bus stop. I called P.F. Chang’s in Torrance to let them know that I am coming in as a cover. Darnella got a hold of the phone and was aware of me picking up Maria’s shift. However, she has to deny me and anyone else who tried to pick up for Maria, stating that she’s having her come in.

    The following shift, me and another hostess named Cynthia were disappointed that neither of us got to pick up Maria’s night shift as Hostess. The worst part is that Maria was the one who wanted to take time off, but she has to work.

  6. This is absolutely inhumane. There’s a small part of my already tiny brain that wants to think this is one of those hoax type things, but clearly it is not. Between this, and the kid who had to show up to his shift even though his house was on fire, it seems like these little tyrants are getting worse and worse. Believe it or not, if given the explanation, some of us out here would understand why you’re short a person this shift. And send condolences too.

  7. This reminds me of a quote taken from my previous employer: “Carl, you’re not actually thinking about going to your dad’s funeral, are you? Do you know what that’ll do to my schedule?!”

    My dad passed away in Tennessee, and I would’ve had to fly out of NYC. I couldn’t get 4 days off. I did, however, refuse to come in on the day of his service.

  8. A friend killed themselves a couple of years ago, and the funeral landed on a day where I had a double.

    His family was Catholic, so the funeral would inevitably be long. I asked everyone if they could help and cover for me, but everyone said they were busy. I went to my manager, asked if I could go to the funeral and he said “you’ve got an hour. Come in at noon, not 11.”

    Showed up to work, still in funeral clothes, I brought my uniform with me. I was pretty distraught and cried for a good portion of the shift. It was a super slow day, and all my coworkers would do was whine about how they “just wanna go home, I don’t wanna work today”.
    Went to management? Sure, it’s slow, you can leave.
    I went to management? “You showed up late today, why would you get to leave early?”
    Because I was at a funeral didn’t even cut it.

  9. How awful! I am kinda in the same situation.. I got let go for calling in twice! One was my son was sick then I got sick and the second time my grandfather passed away so I was gone all week planning funeral and the works.. then Tuesday I got a text that all my shifts were covored for now on and I don’t need to come in anymore.. couple weeks before Xmas!! Thanks Lunchbox BBQ Cafe in minburn Iowa! Unprofessional assholes!

    1. Sorry but I didn’t get to attend the funeral for ANY of my grandparents. You had to miss a week of work to plan a funeral for a grandparent? Were you the only living relative and/or full-time caretaker? I call bs!

      1. Missy, my grandparents were my ‘parents’. Yes, I took the week off when they passed away. Would you take just one day off for a parent? Get back in your lane. –

      2. Wow! Maybe you weren’t raised to be close to your grandparents. You chose not to go their funerals and that is fine for you. Their are many of us who cherished our grandparents and the lessons they taught us. Family before work any Day!

  10. I have a friend who lost a friend to suicide and when they tried to get the day off for the funeral, she was told she needed to “Plan better” to get time off.

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