Man Eats Half His Steak and Wants His Money Back. Manager: Nope


Don’t eat half your steak and then complain that it’s bad to try to get your money back. At least, don’t try it with this manager because he ain’t having that.

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14 thoughts on “Man Eats Half His Steak and Wants His Money Back. Manager: Nope

  1. Stan Sher

    So I live in a development across the street from this dinner. It is Omega Diner in North Brunswick, NJ. I have eaten there 100s of times. This manager is a super great guy and I love how he handled these scumbags. Without being or sounding racist…in this area we have an overly large population of people from a certain background. These people are usually people that in retail you would despise doing business with. You can also figure it out by hearing their accents.

    Anyway I stand by this restaurant 1000% as they have always been legit and delicious. When I saw this post I got angry. I when people act so scummy. I went in there tonight ordered same food, treated them with respect and tipped the waiter 100% of the bill. I did this because someone has to do the right thing.

    Here is my video that I documented from this visit.

  2. Saul Castro

    I want to see those customer’s face instead of the manager ,,, my favorite part is when the manager stated ,, you ate the soup , the salad and the bread (lol ) I am loving this manager!! Awesome !

  3. Martina

    I have been a bartender and server for a long time! If you don’t or haven’t worked in the industry….. You would be surprised at the scams and stuff some people throw to get free food. Kudos to the manager! If you didn’t like the steak.. why did you eat half? Also don’t pull the “Never send the food back” If it was bad and you don’t want to send it back… Don’t eat it and they will take it off the bill! The waitress didn’t make the food. A good portion of the time we know when your trying to pull a fast one.

  4. Brian

    He probably ate some, then ate the salad and breadsticks and let the steak get cold chit chattin too much. A steak that big 14oz is probably $$$ so possibly buyer’s remorse turning into feeling justified because his meat got cold.

  5. Christy H.

    Where is this place? If anything, this video made me want to eat there! That steak looked good! Thank you to the jerk off who posted this. You have given this man a whole bunch of new business!

  6. Bruce Miles

    Cheap is cheap. Not to leave a tip for something that wasn’t the servers fault just shows how cheap he is. Jackass.

  7. Laurie

    The assholes also said that they were not leaving a tip!! Even if the food was bad which it clearly wasn’t the waitress deserves her tip! Jerkoffs!

  8. Admiral

    Customer ate half of thr steak, then boxed up to take home. Guess what…you pay for it.
    If dislike, have server pull the plate and re-order or re-cook. If you keep it, you pay for it.
    Manager is correct here. Good bye shadey guests.


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