Comedian Makes Waiter Cry, But in a Good Way

Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comedian* who just landed on my radar because of what he does at every single one of his shows. At the end of the performance, he asks the audience to donate money that he uses for a raffle for the wait staff at the club. Having served in a stand-up comedy venue, I can speak from experience that this would be a blessing to whichever server wins it. (Read: some of the people who go see stand-up are some shitty tippers…)

This particular video from February of this year is extra awesome because the audience digs deep into their pockets and the money flows stronger than tequila on Margarita Monday. The lucky recipient is a single dad named Greg who has a daughter with a birthday coming up. Once the audience hears that, the get even more generous and basically start throwing money at the stage. The whole thing is pretty touching and when Greg gets a little bit teary-eyed, even my cold dead heart warms up a teeny tiny bit.

Thank you to Burt Kreischer for always remembering the wait staff at the comedy venues around the country. It’s a great gesture and it makes me want to see one of your shows even though watching stand-up comedy gives me flashbacks to the six months that I thought I could be a stand-up comedian. (I failed…)

* I do not know why he is not wearing a shirt. I think it’s his thing..



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