Another 1-Star Review To Shred

Forgive me for doing another post about a stupid 1-star review, but they give me such joy that I simply could not let this review from Ashley pass me by. It appears she gave one star to a seemingly popular and well-liked Mexican restaurant in Sacramento called El Novillero. She did not like their “petty policy” of not allowing outside food and beverages into the restaurant. Ashley, who claims she comes from a restaurant and hospitality background, has never experienced such a “ridiculous policy.”

Sorry, girl. That’s pretty standard. Typically, restaurants are not going to want you to carry in your own food and drinks. If you have never heard of that before, I question where you go eat. Wait, are you one of those people who take your kids to restaurants and then pull a fucking Happy Meal out of your purse? Yeah, we hate you.

Long story short: The restaurant didn’t want Ashley to come in with her Venti Passion Black Tea Lemonade. She had been sick for a week and it was the first time she had her “normal daily tea” in days, which is the “best part” of her day. (Life hack: if the best part of your day is a freaking tea from Starbucks, aim higher.) Adding insult to injury, the tea was made by her favorite barista and it was given to her for free! And then El Novillero had to come along and dump all over her by letting her know that they don’t allow outside food and beverages.

Needless to say, Ashley is never going back. Not only was she upset by not being allowed to drink the most hipster beverage I have ever heard of, she also disliked the salsa, comparing it to Pace, like that’s a bad thing.

The final straw that broke this insufferable camel’s back was that the tortilla chips were not warm! To Ashley, this tells her that they were not made fresh. Does she think that Mexican restaurants pull chips from the fryer seconds before going to the table? That’s not how it works. I have worked in a Mexican restaurant and the chips were made early in the morning before opening. Otherwise, the fryer would be full of tortilla chips all day and there would never be a chance to make anything else. Them not being warm does not mean they aren’t fresh, Ashley. It more than likely means they were not in a warmer.

Looking at Ashley’s profile, she loves to review on Yelp. In fact, she has 90 of them! You know she is dreaming of the day she becomes a member of Yelp Elite so she can have business cards made stating how very important she is. I also notice that out of the 90 reviews, 26 of them are 5-star while 27 of them are 1-star. This tells me that Ashley may be the problem more often than the establishment itself.

Sadly for El Novillero, they won’t be getting any “word of mouths” from Ashley and with her being a “huge foodie,” that could potentially be devastating to their future business. At least that’s what Ashley thinks. Anyone with half of a brain will read her review and have this response:

Read Ashley G.‘s review of El Novillero on Yelp

74 thoughts on “Another 1-Star Review To Shred

  1. Ashley's Stripclub Boss (yeah THAT STRIPCLUB)!

    The classy AF one where our strippers ain’t ugly, no saggy titties or bad butt jobs, and great DJ’s!! And of course, all our girls get served free teas in their honor from the Starbucks in the back. Come by anytime for our seafood specials featuring the plumpest oysters and juiciest crab cakes in town: nothin but the best for my fine ladies, unlike those trashy hos served up at City Limits.

  2. Brad (yeah THAT BRAD)!

    But how’s the ranch? Something tells me extra ranch in her to-go box would make everything all the better for our suburban princess Ashley. Ranch makes everything better.

    Coincidentally the best part of my day so far was crop dusting a party of 8 on my way out of the brunch shift. So there’s that.

  3. Ashley's Unpaid Taxes

    How much for a lap dance from Ashley? I’d Yelp the shit out of that. Extra dollars in her g-string if she includes the poodle.

  4. KarenL

    No, I do not know her. I was one of the first comments above above criticizing her. If you read the last few posts, it sounds like people now want to burn her at the stake. She is now accusing her of committing welfare fraud and not paying taxes with zero evidence!?? You don’t think that is going too far here?

    1. PayYourTaxesAshley

      Just now made it back to the post , because you know, i’ve been busy working and paying my taxes…Better late than never, so here we go…
      The factual basis for my accusation that Ashley is committing “welfare fraud” (as you put it) are:
      1) I live in the state of California and know that an individual must earn less than $36,738 per year, GROSS, in order to qualify for Medi-Cal.
      2) I actually read Ashley’s other Yelp reviews
      3) I live in the same county as Ashley, which means I know the rental price in her neighborhood, which was easily discernible by her reviews. (As I previously stated, her reviews reveal more about her than the restaurants.) Ashley’s reviews reveal that she lives alone in a 2-bedroom 2-bathroom apartment, which in Folsom would run at least $1800+/month (at the very minimum)…which in turn would equal more than half her monthly gross income if she’s truly earning less than $37k per year. Ashley would literally not be able to qualify for her apartment if she legitimately qualified for Medi-Cal.
      4) I know that someone who **legitimately** qualifies for Medi-Cal would not be able to afford the nail, “grooming”, hair, housekeeping, auto-body services …(the list goes on and on), that Ashley ritualistically purchases…let alone the daily Starbucks tea, and frequent trips to Mikuni and other so-called “upscale” restaurants,in addition to her car payment, “mirrored furniture”, etc. Nor would someone who legitimately qualifies for Medi-Cal have the assets and resources to purchase a purebred teacup poodle.
      5) I know people who are on Medi-Cal, and they are at the upper max of the program’s allowable qualifying income, but there is no way they could afford Ashley’s lifestyle. Someone like Ashley, without a doubt, could more than afford to pay $100-$200 per month for health insurance through Covered California (under the ACA aka “Obamacare”), given that 99% of people who earn less than Ashley’s TRUE income pay at least that much for their medical insurance premiums. People who can afford the same luxuries as Ashley pay significantly more for their medical insurance ($300/mo+).
      If Ashley claimed and reported all her cash income she would not qualify for Medi-Cal. Period. Done. No question. Ashley is defrauding our state and gaming a system designed for people who truly need it. There is no shame in actually needing government subsidized (or free) benefits–if you truly need them. People like Ashley who are committing fraud and stealing from state programs designed for the poor and less fortunate should ABSOLUTELY be shamed, called out, and exposed. Every. Single. Day.

      It’s slightly reassuring that Ashley lives in Sacramento County…the seat of our state government, where somebody always knows somebody… and Ashley isn’t too hard to identify. And maybe, just maybe, someone at Medi-Cal benefits administration will be forwarded this link…stranger things have happened.

  5. KarenL

    This is getting downright mean! And all these assumptions about her life are being made based on her Yelp reviews? And who cares that she is on public assistance? That is so rude to point out! And just because she works it is ridiculous to assume she doesn’t pay taxes, even people who get assistance are allowed to have a certain amount of earned income. This all started cause she brought an iced tea to a restaurant and now she is being ripped to shreds? There are much worse people who deserve such vitriol.

    1. Ashley's Wet Oyster Shits

      Awwwww, that’s so sweet. Did your friend Ashley tearfully beg you to come here and white night for her? Way to defend her honor, KarenL: make all the basic bitches proud! Maybe you two can celebrate tonight with some Starbucks teas you snuck into Morton’s. Yay!

  6. Would you like some ranch with that

    Okay I lurked and read her other Yelp reviews
    (because whyyyy not, right?)
    She gave Morton’s Steakhouse 4 stars but when you actually read the review, you really get a glimpse of how much of turbulent customer Ms. Ashley is

    First off she calls for a NYE reservation the day of – albeit magically obtains one (I live in Los Angeles, had she lived here, she’d get laughed at for such comical expectations)

    She makes it a point to call out that the bartender is in the stock room, not busy, drinking an energy drink, . essentially not tending to his bar – oh gosh, sorry Ashley. Sorry that the bartender who is working a fucking NYE shift has to tend to people like you who come in to dine at 10pm instead of being out at a bar like everyone else isn’t here promptly to greet you as you settle at the bar, put your bottom on a stool and take your jacket off.

    She mentions the awkward interaction with the first server but later mentions he IS IN TRAINING.
    However there is no mercy in Ms. Ashley’s world. It’s her world, you’re just living in it.

    Free crab cake “in honor” of first visit. LOLZ
    Yeah right, those waiters probably smelled the demanding customer theatrics she so highly covets and sent her a free crab cake so she could chill the heck out.

    Oysters are small, the portion and breed aren’t good enough for her
    but suddenly, her story turns and the oysters aren’t good… and they took too long (of course they did)
    so she sends those back.
    Also blames the bad oysters on the trainee server.

    Spinach dip is bland, so she feels entitled to send it back too. That’s 2 items on a 2-top at a steakhouse.
    No shame.

    And of course free desert – because her poor server knew she was in the shit house with this table.
    They “said no” but got a cake nevertheless.

    In total that’s 4 items Ashley has had on Morton’s (well Laundry’s) dime.
    How many other servers do you bully into getting free stuff?

    Also “Daylene RUSHED to make her an espresso before 12 am” really? are you honestly that much of an attention whore?
    Daylene didn’t give a hoot about your “tired” friend, Daylene cared about not becoming a B or C server or be reprimanded by her underpaid shitty corporate manager because she upset some asshole customer on NYE.

    Women like you are exactly what gives us a bad name.Entitled, spoiled and overtly judgmental bitches who think they should be given anything they want because they said so.
    If you uphold yourself to such high class and demand such impeccable service Ashley, you probably should resharpen your customer skills because you’re a pain in the fucking ass.


    “Sad that people such as yourself have nothing better to do than try to tear down others for their opinions.”

    Poor human.

  8. PayYourTaxesAshley

    Oh Ashley…why must you be such a cliché? Your yelp reviews say so much more about you, and your character (or lack thereof), than the businesses you’ve reviewed. 
    A suburban basic b*tch that refers to herself as a “princess”…and lives in Folsom, which she considers to be “upscale”. She is obsessed with attempting to convey status and wealth—like mentioning how many times she’s been to Morton’s (because she keeps count), and for some strange reason representing herself as some type of oyster connoisseur. It’s like Ashley’s trying to overcompensate for something…Money can buy you nice things but it cannot buy you class, which is more than evident, from her self-reported behavior, that she does not possess.

    I couldn’t help but wonder what Ashley does for a living, given her so-called “upscale” tastes and expensive, high-maintenance, personal grooming habits, some of which she has documented on yelp. You certainly can’t type with nails like that, and they’re definitely not corporate-office appropriate. But Ashley wants us to know she has a taste for, and can afford, the finer things in life…including a house-keeper she relishes in mistreating. Ashley could make Cinderella’s step-mother look kind.
    And yet…Ashley in on Medi-Cal. For those readers not in California, “Medi-Cal is a state program that offers free or low-cost health coverage for children and adults with limited income and resources.” [See her review on 12/3/2016 of Advanced Practice Primary Care “The office stopped accepting Medi-cal…I’m already having issues with the new Doctor I was assigned to and I’m sad.”] In order to qualify for Medi-Cal that means Ashley must work in a primarily cash-based industry where she doesn’t have to report all of her income…the kind of gig where your “employer” doesn’t report your income because you’re an independent contractor and get paid in cash tips… Hmmm… I’ve got some suspicions…and then there it was…on 8/22/2015 in her review of The Exotic Body. Ashley is a “dancer”, the kind that works on a pole rather than a barre.

    Ashley is a horrible person, and not because of what she chooses to do for a living. I respect sex work as a valid right for anyone who willingly chooses to engage in it. Ashley is a horrible person for the way that she treats, and mistreats, people who are forced to interact with her in the course of their work. Nail salons have asked her to not come back. I don’t doubt that more than one restaurant has done the same. Ashley is a horrible person for her extreme and overarching attitude of entitlement. Ashley is a horrible person for defrauding our State government by falsifying her income to obtain free medical care, instead of paying for medical insurance under Covered California (“Obamacare”) like the rest of us. Ashley is a horrible person because she gets her medical care covered by the tax dollars paid by the hard working people she insults and abuses every chance she gets. People like Ashley are the reason businesses have signs that say they “have the right to refuse service to anyone”. People like Ashley are the reason for so many things…

    If only there were a yelp for strippers, Ashley’s attitude and horrible character might earn her a few one-star reviews of her own. In the meantime, let us not forget this gem of a review that Ashley posted on 12/15/2014.

    “City Limits – Showgirls: If you want a bad lap dance by an ugly bitch with a fucked up ass job and saggy tits then this is the place to go! All of the classy girls have been ran out by money hungry, prostitution encouraging management. Guess you lose all standards and loyalty when you know your doors are closing. Great DJs though!”

    Well, that she *would* know…

  9. Amira

    I read all of her 1-3 star Yelp reviews and I have to say this bitch is probably seen as a joke wherever she goes. Also Ashley, you’re white. Just like I’m half Egyptian and I am definitely an Arab, I look white I act white I am white. You are not Puerto Rican and Mexican. You might be PART, but there’s white in your entitled ass. You act like a white girl, you write like you talk like a white girl. You are a bitchy, self absorbed, selfish, nasty, rude, judgemental, inconsiderate, and annoying WHITE GIRL. BYE FELICIA.

  10. A

    Just saying…. if this was her first time out of the house due to her being ill. She probably shouldn’t have been drinking alcohol….

  11. Jay

    “I’ve never had an establishment on MY upper scale side of town say such a thing to me because they know how people feel about their Starbucks drinks.”

    They. Know.

    This is my favorite line ever.

    1. HDC

      I work at Starbucks…. we basically all hate people like her…. her “favorite barista” probably hates her too and probably gives her decaf 🙄

  12. TD

    Wow!!! This is so crazy. I ended up reading all of her posts and it was pure comedy.

    Ashley’s 17 top most ridiculous complaints/reasons for leaving 1-2 stars on Yelp.

    ” the straws are too short for the cups. ”

    ” There was a table of 4 20 something girls who were sitting in the center of the place who were very clearly over-served. ”

    ” I didn’t like the wasabi under the fish on my nigiri”

    “Limited menu just after 10pm on a Thursday night? Come on!”

    “Hosts need to stop trying to sit all the tables right at the entrance.”

    “Soy sauce on the table was only 20% full”

    “Female cashier with the light brown hair and the colored contacts is so rude. She didn’t ask me what kind of beans I wanted in my burrito.”

    “I told her my upstairs guest bath had been cleaned and hadn’t been used and did NOT need cleaning. She cleaned it anyway. ”

    “They lost a star because there was a small fly hovering over our food that was very persistent and had to be squashed”

    “The busser became a pest in her visits to the table asking if everything was ok.”

    “Although the veggies were fresh and the rare steak portions in my pho were generous, my meal was ruined by a crazy transient who reeked of vodka whom was allowed into the restaurant ”

    “I have an allergy to having citrus with chocolate.”

    “The parking lot is weird. ”

    “We were brought water with slices of lime and straws without having to ask for them. I appreciated the straws but lemon slices are standard for most places. ”

    ” I asked for chili oil (it isn’t already on the table like in most places. A small amount was brought out in a ramekin. Had we ordered large sized pho the amount wouldn’t have been enough”

    “The lunch rush hadn’t started yet. And it’s common sense that it takes more than one server and a “helper” to tend to a lunch rush.”

    “The weather was a lot colder than the forecast said. “

    1. mel

      This girl needs a whole series done on her stupid reviews. At the same time, I feel like she would enjoy the attention so….

  13. Brain Cramp

    I consider myself pretty aware of these things but people make mistakes. I took my son to brunch one day (love you mimosas!) and I walked in with my water from home. This was a place we frequent and the lovely hostess polietly told me not outside drink due to healthcodes. Now this is where this rude bitch and I differ. I quickly apologized for forgetting this basic knowledge and had my son run out and place my drink in the car. And this restaurant is still the BEST brunch in town.

  14. To Clarify

    Made her a star of Yelp and this blog. . . 😂😂😂

    There’s a difference between being famous and notorious, just like there’s a difference between being a foodie and being an entitled, self-centered douchebag.

  15. Jay

    Dear Ashley..
    Since somehow Yelp wont let me comment on your entitled behavior…
    Not that you care…
    1. Outside food and drink is a health code violation in many cities…. possible allergens and cross contamination..
    2. Also often against the ABC rules for alcohol… We’d still be responsible for your actions had you snuck in alcohol in that cup or exited the establishment with said cup of alcohol.. even though we did not serve it.
    3. Your animal is also a health code violation… and saying its a service dog when it clearly is not you can also be cited and fined… Pets should be left at home…. where they belong… not in a place serving food..
    4. Your far from being a true critic and are a pretentious twat who thinks the world should revolve around them… Suck it up buttercup…. I prefer my restraunts to stay in buisness and not lose licensing and be fined into bankrupcy due to arrogant fucks such as yourself….

    Have a nice day..
    Id throw you out and ask you not to return.. your high maintence is not worth the hassle or little profit your entail..


  16. Suzanne

    Ashley, who cares if you are from the Bay Area with a Mexican background. Anyone who drags their Starbucks into a restaurant is not a foody. You are just a gal with no manners. This is a Mexican family owned restaurant that started as a taco stand 47 yrs ago. The same family owns it today. The food is great, the carnitas is delicious and the staff is courteous.
    And FYI, keep your poodle at home when you go out to eat, again, use some manners.

  17. Lemon

    As a fellow Bay Area Native, I’m appalled by the stupidity of my neighbor Ashley. Only a fucking idiot brings outside food or drink into a restaurant.

    Nobody gives a fuck about how you feel about your stupid Starbucks drink.

  18. Alan

    Just plain rude to do so! I would never bring food or drink from another restaurant to another. If I don’t want to eat at the original restaurant, I’ll take the food home, find a picnic table in the park, etc..

  19. Alan Sheridan

    I’ve been eating at El Novillero for decades. The food is always excellent, and the service is always speedy, even when they’re slammed. Carnitas are freaking amazing, they have their own smokehouse on the premises. My grandparents discovered it and took the rest of us there. The outside food and drink policy has been the same since at least the 90s.

  20. MH

    Passion and black tea are two different things and the passion tea is not caffeinated. This girl is stupid. Plus, Michelada isn’t even a thing.

    1. Ashley (yeah THAT ASHLEY)!

      That’s why my drink has passion AND black tea in it dumbass! And a Michelada is a Mexican version of a Bloody Mary made with beer! Now who’s the stupid one?

      1. sara

        The simple fact Ashley is that you are not allowed to bring you cup of who cares what it was in to a restaurant. Period.

      1. The Bitchy Waiter Post author

        I love when people are all “peace out” and then they come back to leave just one more comment. Seriously, thanks for being a good sport, Ashley.

  21. Ashley (yeah THAT ASHLEY)!

    Sad that people such as yourself have nothing better to do than try to tear down others for their opinions.

    If I want to finish my tea on my way inside a restaurant then that’s my prerogative. Most restaurants wouldn’t bat an eye at my behavior because they know you are there to spend money. That’s my mistake for letting a white girl tell me where she gets such “bomb Mexican food” from. Because flour tortilla chips aren’t authentic and should have been freshly made since they are a specialty item listed on the menu. I’m Mexican and Puerto Rican and I know how it works. I’m from the Bay Area and grew up going to the taquerias on the Mission.

    Clearly this establishment needs to enforce their policy because they’re located in the ghetto. I’ve never had an establishment on MY upper scale side of town say such a thing to me because they know how people feel about their Starbucks drinks. And I’m no hipster! I’m a Bay Area native not that you’d understand anything about that. So you can take your “bitchy”, pathetic self and say what you’d like but at the end of the day all you’ve done is flatter me for making me a star of not only Yelp but of your blog. Princess out! ✌🏽

    1. Cracking me up

      … Except that’s not your prerogative. It’s decided by the establishment. And it has nothing to do with being located “in the ghetto” but rather the fact that it violates all sorts of codes. So there’s that. Your lack of comprehensive reading skills astounds me.

    2. Dee Kay

      Then be a twat to your white girl friend who took you there! How narcissistic are you to think that your reviews will make or break a place? Just by reading your other reviews shows that you’re nothing but a dramatic, never satisfied twunt who should only eat in a basement alone in front of a mirror to save the world from having to deal with your insufferable ass

    3. Jen

      Ahsley, you need to stop replying. You have made an absolute ass of yourself. Laws are laws. Stay home of STFU!!!!!

    4. Melissa

      People like Ashley are my FAVORITE kind of people.
      Ashely, no one cares that you are from the Bay Area. The Bay Area is my second home and San Francisco is a literal hell hole. It doesn’t make you some high class bitch or a “foodie” for that matter so let’s just relax, okay? Also, NOBODY (and I mean literally nobody) cares that you have been sick or that you haven’t been able to have your daily tea drink. That honestly sounds like a personal problem to me. Now that we’ve established that I’m curious as to what being in the “ghetto” has to do with enforcing policies? I’m a server in a really nice area, we have the same exact policy and if you’ve ever actually been in this industry like you claim you have then you should know better. It’s a health code violation. Shame on you for thinking that an establishment should change their policies for YOU. How hard is it to just say “oops, sorry!” and throw it away or take it back to your car? Here’s my advice to you in the future: finish that ⅓ over priced boujee tea in the car next time. Problem solved. I honestly hope you were one of those customers that caused a scene or complained so everyone could get a good laugh about how over the top you were.

    5. Lisa Barron

      So you’re a racist, saying that white people couldn’t possibly know if the cuisine at this restaurant is good or not, but you’re an expert given your background. Ashley, you are a HUGE C U Next Tuesday. You are a moron.

    6. Ashely may be the biggest loser on the planet

      Everything that you have said makes you sound like a pretentious. Fucking. Idiot. Why don’t YOU get a fucking life and stop putting reviews on yelp. As you can see everyone just laughs at your opinion. So, if I were you I’d keep my shitty ass reviews to myself. Also, stop referring to yourself as a foodie 🙄. Thaaat is likkke sooo five years ago.

    7. J

      I’ve worked in a restaurant for 3 years, the alcohal and food code specifically states no outside food or drinks allowed. If your a food critique shouldn’t you know this. Honestly working on the restaurant field is extremely difficult I don’t think many people realize this. And then comes a miserable nasty customer like you, that we all dread. Your just a stupid nasty bitch that is un happy with your self. STAY HOME AND MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN FOOD

    8. Rombo

      Once again, you are bitching about somethiing that is against health code regulation. My god, people like you are so exhausting, with your selfish, self-entightled behavior. You should just stuff a sock in that big, stupid mouth of yours.

  22. Jacqueline

    omg, she gave a Shell gas station a 1 star review! It’s a gas station for crying out loud! Another mentionable 1 star review goes out to a strip club (“If you want a bad lap dance by an ugly bitch with a fucked up ass job and saggy tits then this is the place to go!”),

    She needs a better hobby!

    1. Ashley (yeah THAT ASHLEY)!

      I can say the same for you commenting on this blog. Just because someone works at a gas station doesn’t mean they shouldn’t provide some level of decent customer service since THAT IS their job. The guy who worked there was a rude, dick. Is that not what Yelp is for? Reviewing businesses!

      1. David

        It is, and this is where we are able to out tyrannical people who think the world revolves around them and their dog…news flash…it doesn’t.

  23. Erica

    What I find strange is that not many people understand why this is a rule. It is not so much because the restaurant is afraid of losing a couple dollars but because of the liability issues. You say it’s tea but it could be alcohol. You might be underage. You might be a rampant asshoke after a cocktail and that causes several issues for a restaurant. Then there’s also this thing called the health department. They will knock off points even if an employee brings in their own snacks/meal/ etc. and since I am very much someone with a restaurant background… I know these things and I’ve never seen a restaurant without this policy in over 14 years of experience

  24. Deanna

    This is from another of Ashley’s reviews LOL.

    “Update: I was discriminated against for being a responsible pet owner and not leaving my toy poodle in the car in 88 degree weather yesterday afternoon. I was given dirty looks, asked if I was picking up an order, then told “Let me hurry up and get your order in bc you’re not supposed to have pets in here.” Then I was talked about among employees and asked to wait on the patio bc the owners son is severely allergic. News flash! All of this without knowing or considering that my dog could be a service animal. Don’t be surprised when you get hit with a lawsuit!!!”

  25. KarenL

    The strangest thing to me is that she wrote that she comes from a “restaurant and hospitality background” WTF, how could she therefore not know that you can’t bring in your own food and drink! And everyone is suppose to know and care about her bad week? Poor Princess!

      1. freewhitebaby7.0

        Or the school cafeteria. People there can bring in vente lemonade tea jizz smoothies, or wtf ever she was drinking, along with their boloney sammiches.

  26. Just A Poor Server

    I have a feeling that if they didn’t tell her no outside food or drink, the food would have been great and the service awesome because her gf loved it so much, but because of one TEENY TINY thing, it ruined her whole experience and she felt the need to 1-star it and bitch. They don’t want your stupid ass in their restaurant anyway. Common decency, even if there is no stated rule, is that you don’t bring outside food or drink into a FRICKEN RESTAURANT! That’s like me bringing in Burger King to Applebees. If I’m going to Applebees, I’m eating Applebees! Like gtfo

      1. Reality Check...

        So, Ashley, yeah THAT Ashley, if you’d worked in a restaurant before, then you’d know that in most states it’s against Health Code to bring in outside food & drinks. But, since you’re soooo experienced, I guess you forgot that major detail. You weren’t unfairly treated, you however are the absolute villain in this scenario, & I’m super pleased to see that The Bitchy Waiter keeps tabs on over dramatic, ridiculous people like you. Yeah, I said it!

        1. Ingrid

          I work at a nice restaurant and we do mostly weddings
          Every weekend people try to bring there own outside drinks into restaurant
          We have the strict rule
          ” if you want to have this drink you are drinking it not here “

      2. David

        I wish Bitchy would review the one where you were the responsible dog owner, and brought your dog in with you, instead of being a respectful customer and leaving it at home…

      3. Denise

        You do realize that state health code dictates no outside food or drinks. Its not the restaurants fault it’s for your own safety and the liability of the establishment. If you came from a Hospitality background it’s basic knowledge in most States. If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie you should educate yourself on basic rules and regulations

  27. Elvira

    Best day of my life: Working in a BBQ joint in south Florida. We had this one big booth we called the Mafia
    Table – seated 9-12. Party comes in = 2 couples with about 8 kids under 10. We give them Mafia table. They immediately produce 8 happy meals from the burger place 2 blocks away. Owner walks over and says these glorious words: “If the kids are eating McDonalds, then ya’ll are ALL eating McDonalds!!, you’re out!”


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