Wait, Did Family Feud Just Encourage Violence Against Waiters??

Family Feud done pissed me off. When I first saw this video, I thought it was a joke. After all, would someone at a major production company producing an iconic TV game show think this was an appropriate poll?

Name something you might throw at a waiter if you couldn’t get his attention.


Ummm, excuse me? Did they just survey 100 fucking people to see what they thought would be good to THROW at their server because they couldn’t get his attention? Yes. Yes, they did. The only correct answer to that poll didn’t even make it to the top eight answers. (The correct answer: NOTHING, because that’s rude as fuck.) But sure enough, there was Steve Fucking Harvey asking the question to the Holt family and the Bailey family and Kenny and Kelsey were ready with some answers. Apparently, they didn’t have to think too hard about it which makes me hope neither one of them ever shows up in my section. Kenny got the number one answer: a napkin!Kenny Holt thinks it’s fine to throw a napkins at his waiter.

Then we learn that Patrick Holt thinks it’s alright to throw a fork, Brian Holt thinks it’s okay to throw food and Dwayne Holt thinks it’s suitable to throw a cup. Really, Holt family? Where the fuck do you eat? Mike Holt earns them their first strike by suggesting he throws his shoe at the waiter. Yep, Mike wants to reach down, pull off one of his size 10 Hush Puppies and throw it at his waiter. Kenny gets the second strike when he wants to throw ice and they get their final strike when Patrick decides he’d just throw up his middle finger. Rude, but I’d rather someone shoot me the finger than hit me up against the side of my head with some ice or a shoe.

Now the Bailey family gets their chance to steal and they decide that the most logical item to throw at their waiter would be a salt or pepper shaker, because, why not? I mean, if it’s alright to throw a fork or a cup, why not the salt shaker? Surprisingly, that answer is not on the board, so the Holt family wins that round and boy are they excited.

We then learn that it is also okay to throw the menu, money, curse words or a stink eye. If I had to choose one of those, I guess it would be the stink eye because it won’t leave a bruise.

I hope that Family Feud does a new survey with the top seven things that a server can throw at a customer when they aren’t paying attention to us. (The top seven answers: sever pad, pen, coffee pot, bread basket, wine key, an open palm, and a fucking high chair.)

C’mon, Family Feud. Have some respect for us servers. You might think it’s a silly harmless question on a family TV game show, but for those of us who work in restaurants, it’s rude, disrespectful and it might even encourage some assholes to follow through on some of these piss poor suggestions. I’m really disappointed in you. I grew up watching this game show and my family even had the board game. Richard Dawson is rolling over in his grave right now with your lack of class and civility.

I urge you to go to the Facebook page of Family Feud and tell them how you feel about this segment that encourages violence against servers. Click here. Tell them Bitchy Waiter sent you.

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10 thoughts on “Wait, Did Family Feud Just Encourage Violence Against Waiters??

  1. Jaime

    I have had napkins, pepper grinders and glasses thrown at me. But I’m the “uneducated bitch” (I have a degree in meteorology) because people can’t read that there’s onions on the salad.

    1. Bryony

      I actually prefer to be called a waiter or server “waitress” is an arbitration that implies I do a different job because I’m a woman same as how Actor is applied to men and women alike now.

  2. JoeyWaitron

    I had a regular Fat Bernie throw bacon at me at me because ” it wasn’t cremated ” ( what a fucking great way to refer to your food btw ) . Marie Callenders many yrs ago . I’m still sad how I felt that day . I had to keep taking their table after . Had no choice . My male co-worker approached them ONCE (his section) and was interrupted mid-sentence with ” Men don’t wait on me ” . So I had to go . And hear about the fucking cremated bacon every time . Piece of fat shit . I beat they had to load him in a grand piano box to creamate him . And to these ” Do Your Job” comentators – I did & the kitchen homies did too -bacon WAS perfect – crispy , not burned , not the kind that turns into ash in your mouth . I still see his hand scooping it up & throwing it in my stomach ( he was trying for the face , but his girth was in the way ) . Year or so later he saw me at another restaurant – I was a guest at our mgr GoodBye party . He tried to join us . I said – no , fuck off Bernie , we don’t have your crispy bacon here . The party approved .

  3. CincyDrunk

    I feel bad because I’m watching Family Feud as I type. They have some silly questions like “If you were a cannibal what countries have the tastiest people?” Bit this is crap! Servers are HUMAN BEINGS! Treat us as such!!

  4. Carlienu

    Throw something at me an my fellow servers , you have an assault charge agains you coming fast or an ass whopping, Steve Harvey and the family feud are a disgrace no wonder people treat hospitality industry employees like slaves were treated in the past. Get educated is never ok to touch yell or mistreat your server I don’t care who you are.


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