The Latest 1-Star Review for a Stupid Reason

On June 28th, someone left a one-star review for Milio’s Sandwiches in Madison, Wisconsin because- are you ready for this? Because the parking lot was flooded and the employee didn’t help him and his children dry off. (I am assuming the reviewer is a man since the name is Soccer D. which I take to stand for Soccer Dad, Soccer Douche, or Soccer Dick, all of which would be a dude.) He was also upset that he was not given an apology or any compensation for the “horrible experience” he had while trying to park.

Are restaurant workers now expected to hand you a warm fucking towel upon your arrival? Do you want us to meet you at your car with an umbrella and escort you in? Or maybe we should just send God a text message and let Him know that you are arriving to pick up a freakin’ sandwich and if he could just turn off the rain for a few minutes, that’d be great.

I did a little research of the weather on and around June 28th for the Madison, Wisconsin area and it turns out they were having some issues that day:

Storms moved through our area on Wednesday evening.  Some produced strong, damaging straight line winds while others were able to rotate.  A tornado watch was issued and we now have confirmation of two tornadoes in Green County.

For those of you not in the know, Green County borders Dane County, which is where Milio’s Sandwiches is located so it is not out of the realm of possibility that Dane County had some shit weather too. And here is a photo of a flooded North Blair Street in Madison which is only 1.8 miles from the place where this dear precious customer was trying to park his car.

What we can ascertain (with the emphasis on “ass”) is that Soccer D. was driving around in a major thunderstorm with tornado warnings and flash flooding and suddenly had a craving for a ham and cheese on rye. Rather than suppress this desire and drive his children to a safe space here they could ride out the storm, he instead went to Milio’s. There, he got all pissed off that the employee was soaking wet and didn’t dry off him and his children. Hey, Soccer Dick, did you ever stop to consider that if the employee had a towel for drying off he would have used it on himself? And maybe he was wet because, oh, I dunno, there was a freaking tornado down the street and maybe he got caught in the same flood you did.

C’mon. Save your 1-star review for a legitimate reason. A wet employee who was stuck in the same thunderstorm you are complaining about making your parking difficult does not deserve to be given a bad review. Suck it up, Soccer D. If you were a good dad, you would have had some towels in your car to dry off your own damn kids. Or better yet, a good father probably wouldn’t have thought, “Hmmm, there’s a major storm warning in affect for our area. I think I’ll put my kids in the car and go get a sandwich.”

Read Soccer D.‘s review of Milio’s Sandwiches on Yelp


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