Why Is This Bank Opposed to a 37% Tip?

Banks need to mind their own damn business when it comes to how much of a tip people want to leave. A reader sent this image of a text alert that was sent by his bank taking note of the generous tip that he left at a restaurant. The person who sent the image told me that he stayed at the restaurant for a rather long time and wanted to make sure he left a tip that reflected how long he had kept the table from being turned; $20 on a $53.97 check, which is about 37%. It was very nice and I’m sure the server truly appreciated the generosity.

Fast forward two days and his bank sends him a text message making sure he wanted to leave such a nice tip, like it’s any of the bank’s fucking business.

We noticed you gave an extra generous tip on April 27, 2017, for your service at ______ Restaurant. We hope you left this tip because your service was exceptional. So, if it’s not a mistake- or if you’ve already addressed it- there’s nothing you need to do.

Have concerns about the tip? Just sign in to look at the charge in more detail.

You can also contact _______ Restaurant directly if you need to. Here’s how to contact them:

And then they give their phone number and website to make it even easier to dispute the nice tip.

Bank bitch, please. I get that you want to make sure there’s no credit card fraud and all that, but if someone wants to leave a 37% tip to their server, let them do it without you getting all up in their business about it. And why wait two full days before you send the text alert? That gives the server plenty of time to already spend that 37% tip and you’re giving the customer the opportunity to take it back? Maybe the customer had too many Kettle One martinis, straight up with twists that night and when it came time to leave the tip, they were feeling extra giving. That happens sometimes. It’s like when you get a good buzz going on with your friends and suddenly you’re all “oh, my god, I love you guys so much, you know that, right? I’m serious, you’re my best friends and I love you with all my heart. Group hug! And this is not just the alcohol talking either, I mean it.” Maybe it’s not the alcohol talking, but it’s certainly the alcohol that’s letting them feel so free with their emotions which can leak right on over to the tip. When they are sober, it’s not like they want to take back the expression of love to their friends and they should not want to take back the 37% tip either. Let’s not give people any reason to rethink a generous tip, Bank Bitch.

You already charge us for every single transaction, including taking our own fucking money from an ATM. You don’t give us free toasters anymore when we open a new checking account. Savings accounts don’t pay hardly any interest, You even put chains on your pens! Won’t you at least let us have the nice tip every once in a while without you trying to convince the customer to take it back? Fuckin’ Bank Bitches…


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