Did Serena Williams Stiff Her Server?

According to the New York Daily News, tennis superstar/wonder woman/all-around-bad-ass-bitch Serena Williams went to eat at a New York City restaurant and did not leave a tip after having her whole meal comped. She also didn’t say thank you. The story goes that she ate at Ricardo Steak House in East Harlem with some friends and the restaurant comped her $400 bill. Why do rich people always get comped? Umm, they can afford it, restaurant owners. Stop giving free food to the rich and famous people and start giving it to the not rich, barely known bloggers, alright?

All of the information comes from “a spy” so who knows if it’s true or not? But since Serena has not come out and denied it yet makes me think there may be some truth to the matter. A representative for the restaurant said “I can neither confirm or deny the incident” and then went on to ask that the newspaper didn’t write about it. New York Daily News was all, “yeah, we’ll write about whatever the fuck we want to write about” and went right ahead and wrote about it.

I don’t want this to be true, so I’m gonna reach out to Serena and give her some advice:

Girl, look. You are rich as fuck. If they comped your meal, you need to get on the 6 train, take your ass right back up to 110th Street station, walk two blocks east to the restaurant and serve up some amazing tip realness. Admit you double faulted and lob some serious cash at those servers. I have taken the liberty of writing your statement that you can release to the press. You’re welcome for this:

In my excitement at being so graciously comped for this amazing meal at Ricardo, I forgot to leave a tip for the wonderful waitstaff. I also forgot to say thank you which I deeply regret. I will return to Ricardo Steakhouse and personally thank every employee there and give each one of them $1000. In addition to that, I will be taking them all to Disneyland on my private jet and on the flight there, I will personally serve each and every one of them Veuve Clicquot mimosas. The people who work in restaurants are the finest people the world has ever known and I hope they will forgive me for my mistake. I may be one of the best athletes that walks this earth, but that means nothing to me if people think that I would intentionally stiff a server. I am deeply, deeply sorry.

I hope this is not true because I like Serena Williams. If any more information about this very important news story comes up, I will be sure to share it with you.I And if we share this story enough, maybe it will reach Serena herself and she can tweet out to me her thanks for writing her press release.

I wait tables and bitch about it on my blog, The Bitchy Waiter.

13 thoughts on “Did Serena Williams Stiff Her Server?

  1. Jason Kidd did the same thing to a server at a restaurant I was managing. Comped meal, no tip. Phil Mickelson once gave me a $28 tip on his $72 takeout order. I read once David Beckham left $900 on a $100 tab.

  2. Is she the one that lives in Europe most of the time? One of the Williams sisters does, I’m just not sure which one. Maybe it’s possible she was confused because I don’t believe that customers are expected to tip in Europe, are they?

  3. When we have tables comped, or if they used a gift certificate, we can still print out what the bill showing what the total WAS before the comp or cert. This was they know what they SHOULD have paid. It often doesn’t make a difference, but is worth it for the considerate few customers!

  4. Not saying Serena is an idiot or anything, but it has happened plenty of times to me that people do $80 cash and $20 card on a $100 bill and tip like, 4 bucks. People just “forget” that their bill was obviously not $20 and $4 obviously is a horrible tip. So in this case, Serena probably just “forgot” to tip because there wasn’t a check in front of her I guess.

    1. Yeah maybe giving them more credit than they deserve, but maybe, MAYBE, they think the owner who comped is doing the tip too. Once waited at a place where the owner did do this. Once. But of course that’s ridiculous thinking.

  5. I want to know why people (black people in particular, not all but the 90%) either do not tip or only tip 5$ when the bill is over 100$? I’m not racist, I live in new Orleans and let’s face it, we are a chocolate city with vanilla flavor. It throws me every time. I wish I could tip shame the hell out of people! Some of the rednecks are just as bad!
    If you can’t afford to tip at least 18%, do us all a favor and go to burger king!

    1. This is racist. You can’t say you’re not racist and then make a very racist comment. I am white and I have served many people of all different ethnicities and have received good tips (and some bad tips) from every one of them. You cannot bunch millions of people into a stereotype like this. The best tipping regulars I’ve ever served in my life happened to be black, so this is disproving your racist and rude assumption.

      1. I completely agree, Abbey. In this industry there is so much racial profiling when it comes to tipping. PLENTY of white folks have left us shitty tips and we don’t extend that stereotype to the entire white race.

      2. Calm down PC boy. It is racist but its a fact. I am a Black waiter and i can tell you this : bad tippers come in all shades and genders but no way in hell am i taking those two Black chicks that came in at 945 15 minutes before closing if they’re not over 40. Young Black chicks dont tip and thats the fact Jack. It aint racist so much (it is ) but its fucking true
        You can ask any Black chick 30 years old, quiz them and ask how they would tip on this or that amount and if the wuestion is asked properly so they smdont know what you’re up to, you will get a smattering of 5$ on 40, 60 even 70

  6. Been working while the Williams sisters and dad have come in. Rude to server and %12 tip. That was early 2000’s so not suprised…..

  7. Meh, recently what gets me ticked off is not just some people not tipping but also not bringing enough money to pay for their damn meal. What kind of person are you to not realize how much money you have and how much you are spending? Happened to me twice this month and I just got extremely lucky that the person next to them , another table, decided to pay the difference for them. The second time that happened was just yesterday. The moment they heard that the other person was paying they took back a twenty they had when I wasn’t looking and just left. Human trash.

    Hi I’m your server I work for tips it is not my responsibility to pay for your bill or anybody else’s you waste of time and seat space……..yeah I just needed to let that out. Sorry for going off topic.

  8. Cello Green-shit head tipper
    Christina Aguilara-good
    Carl Lewis-shit head
    George Bush-good
    Mark Cuban-good
    Troy Aikmen-good
    Emmit Smith-meh
    Eric Dickerson-good
    In the end, the rich and famous are just like regular folks, a mixed bag.

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