This 1-Star Yep Review Gets Shredded By Restaurant Owner

13511033_10153497162751829_8896354742842310327_nCan we just stop for a second and bow down to the the man who wrote a brilliant response to a Yelp review? The man’s name is Ari Domnitz and he is the owner/operator of Karma Bar and Grill in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When Anthony C. gave the place a 1-star review, Ari quickly went to dry storage, found a can of whoop-ass, opened it up, dumped it into a bowl of I don’t give a fucks and served it up steaming hot. When I read something like this, I tremble with excitement and quake with envy. It’s a little long, but you will savor every, single word of this masterful take down.

Thank you, Ari. You are a god among men. Behold:


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