This 1-Star Yep Review Gets Shredded By Restaurant Owner

13511033_10153497162751829_8896354742842310327_nCan we just stop for a second and bow down to the the man who wrote a brilliant response to a Yelp review? The man’s name is Ari Domnitz and he is the owner/operator of Karma Bar and Grill in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When Anthony C. gave the place a 1-star review, Ari quickly went to dry storage, found a can of whoop-ass, opened it up, dumped it into a bowl of I don’t give a fucks and served it up steaming hot. When I read something like this, I tremble with excitement and quake with envy. It’s a little long, but you will savor every, single word of this masterful take down.

Thank you, Ari. You are a god among men. Behold:

9 thoughts on “This 1-Star Yep Review Gets Shredded By Restaurant Owner

  1. Customer

    Ari and people like him need to understand that public figures or peoples art, music, film, articles, books, food, restaurants, businesses etc. that are put out there publicly, commercially, to gain attention and or business etc. are suppose to allow for and expect and appreciate criticism and distinctly separate those criticisms from personal attacks and criticisms of private people who haven’t in any shape or form put out any product or business publicly. Ari who has put himself out there publicly by using his business noteriety and seemingly the local news team to bully a private person on a personal level is pathetic. You opened your Restaurant to criticism, yourself and all things related to it when you opened your doors for business Ari. You put yourself out there even more now for personal attacks when you allow yourself to be used for sensationalism and media hype to win your petty battle. Ari you are a royal jerk. Get some class.

    1. Reginald van der Slythe III

      You wouldn’t know class if it bit you on the ass, Anthony. Also, thanks for doing your part to make the word “bully” meaningless.

  2. jp

    Not only is Anthony C an idiot, he is also a pampered little snob–note his disdain for the “panhandlers” and his weird complaint that the one restaurant…would be better if the clientele were more dressed up. I hope that on his next venture to a restaurant, Anthony is served one big bag of salted dicks.


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