This Guy Almost Got Arrested For Ordering a Kids Meal

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.46.38 AMBy now, many of you have probably seen the video of a guy who calls himself a “Surveillance Camera Artist” who is determined to order a children’s meal at a restaurant in an effort to save money. Even though his waitress, the manager and everyone else he talks to says he is not allowed to do it, he insists and eventually gets his way.  When they inform him he will still have to pay for the beverage that he had with it, he reminds them that a beverage is included in the child’s meal. The restaurant wants him to pay the $2.25 for the drink and he refuses. Finally, the police are called, since I’m sure they had nothing better to do like protecting citizens or fighting crime, and they tell they guy he must pay for what he ate and drank and if he doesn’t like it, he can sue the restaurant.

Edit again: HE REPOSTED IT!


The video is 12 minutes of awkward as he and his girlfriend try to be as cheap as possible all for the sake of a YouTube video. For me, the most surprising thing about the video is that the guy has a girlfriend. I tip my hat to the manager for always keeping cool and I’m pretty much in love with the cashier who is the snarkiest bitch in the video without ever being too obviously snarky. That’s a skill. Even though the “surveillance artist” seems eager for the attention and he’s probably getting a big ol 4” boner right now just seeing his video get more hits, I cannot not respond to this. However, since he also seems like the type who will do anything just to prove a simple point, I am not going to say anything specifically bad about him in case he wants to sue me. Therefore, I will resort to Mad Libs in my description of him so that I am not really saying anything bad about him at all. (Well, except for that comment about his 4” boner…).

This guy is a complete and utter (noun) who is wasting the time of the restaurant manager and police force. His haircut looks like a reject from the barber of (1950’s Rock and Roll Singer) and his girlfriend must be as smart as a box of (noun) to think it’s a good idea to be with him. His continuous use of “please” and thank you” does not detract from the fact that he is a (adjective) (noun). His voice is as annoying as the sound of two (animals) trying to (verb) while gargling with a glass of (liquid). I don’t understand why someone would want to record themself being such a (name for the male anatomy), but I guess to each his own. Hopefully, this video will spread all over the country so people can see his (adjective) face and recognize him the next time he comes into a restaurant. As for his alleged 4” boner that he is getting from all of this attention, I hope his (adjective) girlfriend can manage to find it underneath the pile of (fast food restaurant) wrappers that probably fell into his underwear the last time he (verb, past tense) with the free (condiment) packet he got from the drive-thru. I hope this (something poops comes out of) is happy with his newfound fame and I also hope karma finds him very soon.

Here are the words I would use IF I was playing Mad Libs:

noun: piece of shit
1950’s Rock and Roll Singer: Elvis Presely
noun: hair
adjective: huge
noun: munt, or man cunt
animals: goats
verb: fuck
liquid: Gatorade
name for the male anatomy: dick
adjective: pancake-like
adjective: pathetic
fast food restaurant: Taco Bell
verb, past tense: masturbated
condiment: mayonnaise
something poop comes out of: asshole

I wait tables and bitch about it on my blog, The Bitchy Waiter.

30 thoughts on “This Guy Almost Got Arrested For Ordering a Kids Meal

  1. Sure, this Joel dude could be an ass wipe…(as customers go, a request to order from the kids menu is not that uncommon, I didn’t realize people are so passionate about governing the 10 and under rule) …but honestly this manager (grownup) guy made the deal, from my experience of running my own restaurant…the manager really fucked this up…he ultimately said ‘yes’ to ordering off the childrens menu…and if there was an additional charge for a drink that applied to seniors when they ordered off the children’s menu, it should have been said up front : “fine, you may order off the kids meal, there is a $2 additional drink fee that applies when Seniors order…” so simple. It doesn’t seem that this is even written on the menu, the manager couldn’t even get a menu and point out the extra fee charged , my senior clients would not pay either if it was not mentioned before ordering or even written on the menu. I deal with very odd customers all the time, and I want them in and out of my establishment to keep my staff and customers happy and the environment positive…As the manager I would have worked along side the wait staff assigned to that table, and become a hawk to it, like water to fire…instead this guy left it to a new waitress …and he dicked off cause his ego got bruised for giving in and then he completely got walked over, I guess in an act of saving face he makes this $2 a huge deal, instead of just dropping it to get rid of the customer. Joel threw the bate, the manager ate it hook, line and sinker…and speaking from my gay side, most people assume Joel would be a sissy bottom….hell no …he would be a total top!

  2. So…I know this dude. I was staying over at a friend’s house when he came over as well. My friend caught him sniffing my underwear and asked him to leave. There’s something off about this guy for sure. He’s even allegedly kidnapped his own girlfriend before. That said, please be kind to her. From what I understand she is autistic and may not know better.

  3. As someone who knows them personally, I can attest to the fact that: no. He did not merely “wake up and decide to be a prick that day.” That’s just who he is. Constantly. He thinks that because he speaks politely he can get away with anything. He’s a demeaning self centered prick who could give two shits about anyone or anything but himself. It’s sad. His girlfriend is a sweatheart. I absolutely adore her. Unfortunately, she’s not allowed to go anywhere without him. He does whatever he wants no matter what she or anyone else says about it. Like when he decided to whip out his dick in the middle of my living room after being told by both her and I not to repetitively, and then had the audacity to get mad at me when I yelled at him about being a childish disrespectful prick. (Btw, 4in is probably being generous) I wish for nothing more than this poor girl to pull her head out of her ass and get away from him. Because she is going to lose all of her friends over this asshole. I know that I for one will never being inviting her over again because I want that asshole nowhere near my home or children.
    Oh. FYI: only reason I even found this is because both he and her shared a link to it on their fbs. The fact that either of them find this humorous is honestly quite sad to me.

    1. I am Amber mother and I am so embarrassed by this. I am going copy the pictures and take them to all the restaurant around to make sure they don’t order from the children menu again

  4. What a disgrace this moron is to the human population..with all the serious issues going on in the world he chooses to cause conflict and trouble just to satisfy his sick and demented need for attention.Post his picture make it viral so that he is not allowed in any more restaurants

  5. I’m embarrassed… The girl in the video is my second cousin… And I’m not close with her but we used to be somewhat close as children. I can’t even begin to describe my rage and disgust for this human pretending to be a man… My cousin had some issues not going into details but he’s totally taking advantage of someone who is easily persuaded and manipulated. It’s ppl like him that make good ppl lose their shit! I wouldn’t have been so nice I would’ve been like I’ll pay for your meal you seem like you need the money to get some professional help for the narcissistic soiciopathic personality disorder you display. I’m shaking. Gross. He’s suchhhhhh an ass hole!!!!!!!

    1. That girl isn’t special needs, is she? Honestly, she acts mildly intellectually-delayed, what with all those weirdly unflattering tongue faces she keeps making at the camera and her questionable taste in boyfriend material. I definitely think he’s on the spectrum, so now I’m wondering if they possibly hooked up in their high school Lifeskills classroom or something.

    2. What a disgrace this moron is to the human population..with all the serious issues going on in the world he chooses to cause conflict and trouble just to satisfy his sick and demented need for attention.Post his picture make it viral so that he is not allowed in any more restaurants,he clearly is a sick person getting high off causing trouble and belittling others ..low life !

  6. Wow, wow wow wow. I went to high school with this twat. He has not changed one fucking bit. He would consistently make about 10 Facebook pages- I have all 10 blocked still.

  7. OK, so I’m usually the one to kick off pissing in someone’s Cheerios (figuratively) but this is an odd situation. Clearly Joel Gavin Glazer is an asshole, but the restaurant should’ve either stuck to their guns and then called the cops once JGG didn’t back down, or eliminate the rule about kids meals for 12 years and under only. My logic is, if this is an appropriately priced (for food & overhead costs) meal, then it should be fine for them to do (except it leaves the server with a shitty tip, but who would honestly expect any sort of tip from a cheap bastard like JGG). If it’s under-priced (presumably to entice parents to eat at the restaurant at full price), then they should either stick to the rule they’ve set or raise the kids menu prices. Waiting to call the cops until disputing the soda costs is not a good look.

    What I wish would’ve happened was for them to immediately say “OK, as long as we can make an exception to our normal payment procedures”, make him pay before he eats and provide him no service beyond dropping off his food.

  8. Obviously the guy’s a complete was. No one even needs to say it. It should have been nipped in the bud by the management in the first place and said no it clearly states it’s for under 12 only. Secondly considering what a cheap bastard he was, right out of the gate and you already gave into him once. You probably should know already he’s going to be equally ridiculous about paying for the drink because it clearly says on the menu it comes with a drink right next to probably where it says it’s for under 12 only so it should have just been left at no. But once we get to that point where it has been allowed then you have to at some point question the professionalism of the management. You’re arguing over $0.27 worth of product maximum to the point where the police were called causing a scene in the restaurant and disrupting other patrons. I’ve been a server for 25 years at least. You take the filter off the bill you tell him to pay his Tab and you ask him to please not come back here again or you tell him in the future the kids menu is for people under 12 which would have been the easier thing to do in the first place. Calling the cops over a f****** fountain soda is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life you just tell the guy to get the f*** out

  9. What a CHEAP disgusting asshole! Repeating himself until he gets his way is clearly how he operates. The manager should never have allowed him to order off of the kids menu…. No good deed goes unpunished I guess. Kudos to the manager for not punching this ungrateful loser in his smug face!

  10. The entire time I was watching this I thought to myself “What a F’n Douche!” And for him to pay with $100 bill was a gigantic dick-slap in the manager’s face. The manager gets high praises for not losing his cool with this guy. The cop was trying to keep his calm as well. It would have been impossible for me to remain this collected with a person of this level of arrogance. WOW!!!

  11. Dishonest twat! It was a scam and he knew it. The only thing the restaurant did wrong was giving in to his kiddy meal request in the first place and inviting him to find a cheaper meal elsewhere. This guy and his tacky girlfriend must make their parents proud.

  12. I know this restaurant and the staff and owner are wonderful people. They always go out of their way for the customers. That guy is a jackass plain and simple. I hope he gets punched in the face.

  13. I think he just woke up that morning and said to himself ” I’m gonna be the biggest total dick I can be today.” Probably should have checked if that hundred was real with his cheap ass.

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