Non-tipping Couple Accuses Waitress of Forgery!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 11.12.51 AMA waitress at a Wilmington, North Carolina restaurant has been accused of adding her own tip and then forging a signature on a credit card receipt. Not good, people. Not good at all. This week, Gerald Lester and his wife Chloe Jordan strapped on their feeding bags and headed over to Blue Asia restaurant to inhale some buffet. When Gerald paid for his $67 meal with a credit card, he intentionally left the tip line blank because he planned on leaving a cash tip. At this point, his wife and mother-in-law said, “I don’t think she deserves a tip, we don’t need to give her a tip, take it back.” Gerald, being the agreeable husband that he has been strong-armed to become, suddenly decided the service was bad and put the tip back into his pocket. No word on what that tip was going to be, but my guess it was a crisp five dollar bill.

The next morning, Gerald “felt like something was fishy about it, like she was going to do something-she just gave me that vibe.” He also said that as he left the restaurant the night before, something didn’t sit right with him. So he checked his bank statement and saw that the payment had been finalized at $80 meaning someone had added a $13 tip. Gerald apparently has a sixth sense about these things since he basically knew something was going to happen before it had even happened. Call Dionne Warwick, because we just found a her a new Psychic Friend. Either that or he knew they had done something that a pissed off waitress may feel warrants retaliation, like, I dunno, had perfectly fine service and then stiffed the waitress anyway. He and his wife did a power walk back to the restaurant where they asked to see the receipt and declared it was a forgery! The owner of the restaurant said that something like this has never happened before and the police were called.

But here’s where it starts to smell even more fishy, and I’m not talking about the day old sushi that was at the far end of the buffet table. Why wasn’t the waitress arrested? If she did in fact add a tip and then sign a credit card receipt, that’s a major no-no. Did Gerald and Chloe decide to not press charges and simply be satisfied with their two minutes of fame on the local news? Did Gerald actually leave a $13 tip but when his wife found out that he tipped a waitress he created this whole story to cover up the fact that he did the right thing? (I have never seen a finalized payment in my bank account the next morning after I eat out. It’s usually pending for a day or so.) Did he think his souvenir t-shirt from the Bahamas was the best thing to wear for his television debut? And how did this story make it to the news anyway?

The couple said that because of this experience, they will not be eating out for a while. This is joyous news to all the servers in Wilmington who know now that they don’t tip. But back to the waitress: If you get stiffed, for whatever reason, you cannot take matters into your own hands and add your own gratuity. You have to suck it up in much the same way that Gerald and Chloe sucked up four bowls of egg drop soup, three orders of crab rangoon, two dumplings and a gallon of Diet Coke. Do not commit credit card fraud for a tip, it is not worth it. Two wrongs do not make a right and it’s only going to get you into hot water.

And speaking of hot water, in the video the couple is shown boiling a crab. But, there is not enough water in the pot to to do it correctly and the water is not boiling. That crab is in there dying a slow death because they didn’t Google how to boil a fucking crab. You drop the crab directly into boiling water so it dies immediately. You don’t let it toss and turn in four inches of lukewarm water. They boil crabs just as poorly as they tip. Figure that shit out., Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Weather

29 thoughts on “Non-tipping Couple Accuses Waitress of Forgery!!

  1. Lapsed Altruist

    I like that. You wrote ‘to not’ rather than ‘not to’. Well done. Proper feckin’ grammar. That’s an oddity in merrica nowadays.

  2. Mike d

    If you can’t afford to tip then don’t go out. Cheap ass people like this probably on welfare or some government give away. These people are pathetic !

  3. William Harris

    The Bottom Line. The waitress was wrong to add the tip. HOWEVER, anyone in a country that tips service people as a general rule and who’s compensation laws do not allow for full compensation for service rendered without tip, should either tip or keep their cheap fat asses at home. Furthermore, people who don’t tip should not use race, religion, creed, sexuality, or any other fact as an excuse that they didn’t receive great service. You most likely received more of everything than you deserved or paid. Nobody wants to be the slave of a non-tipper, and no cheapskate should expect to be treated like a sultan.

  4. Ashlie

    First off there is no way that one crab would feed the two of them, they better go back and get the rest of the bushel. And to be honest I don’t even think that pot was even on, they did that for drama bc that crab wasn’t the tiniest bit loopy/weak/stiff from heat related injuries. He grabbed those tongs and skittered around in the pot like he would regularly. Secondly, if you are going to complain about every waiter when you go out to eat, why don’t you just stay home and run the “restaurant” your own way, you can wait on, bus, cook for and clean up after yourselves and hey, you won’t have to tip anyone! Lastly, I find it funny they only let her talk for like a second, “excuse me ma’am, that level of drama is too much for the common person.” XD

  5. simplyanna

    them staying home would do all restaurants and servers a favor.. please stay out of every restaurant in the U.S.. greatly appreciated

  6. Spearchucker

    More attention for a big black. Attention is all they want, night and day, they think they are the star and center of wherever they are. No matter what the waitress did for her, it would never be enough because blacks are always entitled. He must be gay because all the big blacks I see around town with white guys are with toothpicks, not chubs like this guy.

  7. don prada

    TOTAL BULLSHIT — QUEEN KONG And her sissy ass husband are fucking disgusting — and a few salads would not hurt them !

  8. Erika

    Gotta love how so many people outraged by the inconsideration of those not tipping are somehow perfectly okay with being racist shitbags.

  9. Alan

    He needed to step up and be a man. Chloe was obviously fishing for a reason not to tip the waitress as some black women like to do. Looks like he tipped the waitress anyway, Chloe found out about it, and decided to attempt to get the waitress fired and get on TV at the same time.

    As Tommy Sotomayor (look him up on Youtube) says, the American black woman is all about the DNA; Dick N’ Attention

      1. Amanda

        I love when dudes like this use f’ed up situations to parade their ignorance in the guise of justice. Like, “oh these people are total assholes so I can totally use slurs because I’m on the side of right!”

        People like that…sigh. Lost causes.

    1. Amanda

      Soooo…you’re springing to the defense of the working class by being a racist AND a sexist? Sit down and shut up, we don’t want or need you.

      1. Alan

        Chihuahuas are nipping at my heels…

        I suppose telling the truth instead of being politically correct is an act of defiance, if not outright subversion.

        Sorry for my delayed response, but I wanted to wait until the flames died down.

        Racist? Sexist? Hey, you forgot homophobe, Islamophobe, ad nauseum. Why not throw more lobs at me while you’re at it? Be more like Trigglypuff!

        Hey, I’ve worked with black waiters before, and I have yet to meet one that wants to wait on a party of black women. How do you explain that?

        And how do you explain these? Some of Mr. Sotomayor’s greatest hits! Some of you SJWs will dismiss him as an “Uncle Tom,” but why not judge for yourself?

        Warning: NSFW!

  10. Nereida

    Hmmm!! He talks soooo gay. Hope he never comes out of the closet poor of our community if he does.

  11. Tracy

    Not only was that man bullied in to “not leaving a tip”, but it also appears he was bullied in to marrying that woman and her bossy relatives. He probably tried to tell her he was gay and she told him ” no you aren’t, we are in love”…. Maybe someday he will get a bad vibe about his wife and her family, or “something will be fishy” (lol) and he can find his one true love!

  12. Betsy

    Why didn’t he sign the receipt himself? We make sure all our credit cards receipts have signatures. He said he put a zero in the tip field but the 13.00 looks like the same handwriting. This is a bunch of crap. Stupid people. Tortured crab, shame on them.

  13. Renee

    I think he left the tip on the credit card receipt because they were pushing him not to leave a tip at all and he didn’t feel it was right. He probably thought he could get away with it that way but his wife saw the transaction on the bank statement and had a fit. So just to keep peace at home he said it was a forgery. Sorry to say but stereotypes exist for a reason….(referring to the wife)

  14. Nichole

    Warn other’s of what? Not to tip at all? Kill a crab with a slow and painful death? No wonder they eat out all the time. They can’t cook. Maybe someone can teach them both on how to make a salad or take a daily power walk.
    What is really “fishy” is that tips don’t show up on your online banking the very next day, just the original cost. Adjustment for the tip takes another day to show up in the total of the purchase. RIP Mr.Crab.

    1. wally Smith

      I disagree about bills not showing up on line for a few days. If I eat someplace the whole tip is on my account the next day. The only time it does nor show up is when the diner does not send it through.

  15. Pascale Giroux

    OMG………………The ”crab” ………….What kind of ass”’es cook to it’s death an animal like that? THEY should be reported, not the waitress………………….

    1. Pascale Giroux

      And the reporter who tought it would make a good tv moment to show the Lester’s cooking crab …………….WTF???

      1. Sharon

        I know! Gahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
        The whole thing is just vile.
        1. The couple, who look like an advert for that skit on Saturday Night Live, “Lowered Expectations”. Especially him… he is a thumb with eyes.
        2. Then the fact that they are ignorant enough to think that saying, they stiffed a waitress for a tip would get people on their side.
        3. Add in the cooking segment that makes me want to slap both of them and that sorry mother in law.
        P.S. Someone from the government in the Bahamas needs to go get that t-shirt back and burn it.


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