Complaining For the Sake of Complaining

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.53.13 AMGod bless Facebook. It provides us with the opportunity to connect with friends from around the world and it gives us amazing cat videos too. And as if that wasn’t enough, it also provides a safe haven for customers to complain about all kinds of wrongs that happened while they were dining out and that, in turn, creates a wonderful educational tool for me. I want to teach something now.

A man named Michael went to a Buffalo Wild Wings in Tennessee this week and had a less than perfect time. We know about this, because he complained about it on Facebook. He was also at the same restaurant three years before and is still harboring bad feelings about that experience because it resurfaced in his present day complaint. You see, Michael wanted his appetizer to come before the mac and cheese that he was having for lunch. No word on what he had as an app, but since he was having mac and cheese for lunch, my guess is that healthy eating is not a concern for Michael and he ordered mini corn dogs. Well, two things went very wrong this day at BWW’s: everything came out at once AND the mac and cheese was way too small for $8.99. I dunno, maybe they brought him a side instead of the meal. Of course he asked to speak to a manager even though three years ago a manager was too busy to talk to him.

I was in your Murfreesboro,TN.,BWW today…3 yrs ago had bad experience, tried to talk to MGR who told us he was too…

Posted by Michael Colacicco on Sunday, March 13, 2016

The manager told him that she was trying to get her staff in shape and offered to get him the correct order and also offered to comp the meal. When he was finally ready to eat his appetizer, it was already cold. Cue the dramatic music and the overreaction, because Michael could not take it!

If he had he not spent ten minutes whining about his food coming out too soon, his fucking mini corn dogs would probably still be hot. The manager already told him she was going to comp everything, but that wasn’t enough for Micheal. He still felt the need to go to the Facebook page and air put his grievances in much the same way he will need to air out his underwear after having a lunch of corn dogs and macaroni and cheese. “Even free, it was not worth it!” he says. (“Ummm, I’ll take the cold, free food,” said every homeless person in Tennessee.) He left the restaurant and went to Toots instead because, as everyone knows, if you want some good food and a real need to air out your underwear, you go to a restaurant called Toots.

And now the lesson I want to impart: do not complain if you don’t want someone to rectify the problem, otherwise, you’re just being a pain in the ass. If you complain about something at a restaurant and the manager is willing to fix the problem and give you the food for free, what else do you fucking want, a hug? Your Facebook page complaint makes you look foolish since you essentially said that the manager fixed the problem and you still aren’t happy. Complain with reason. Accept the apology and the solution. Say thank you. Eat your free fucking food and move on with your day.

21 thoughts on “Complaining For the Sake of Complaining

  1. Jeri Velgreen

    Bitching about a mediocre experience at a crappy wing joint is a little like expecting corporate chain restaurant “chef’s” to be something other than systems managers.


    My typical interaction when talking to a brick wall:
    “I didn’t like my meal”
    “You ate it”
    “But it wasn’t very good”
    “You ate it”
    “It wasn’t cooked right”

  3. Noxy

    Lol… I’ve been to that B Dub’s.

    My “hometown” is like 20 minutes north of Murfreesboro,bit closer to Nashville. I live in NYC currently, tho.

    My guess is it’s a broke college student complaining. The Boro is a big college town.

  4. Steven

    This story is bullshit… I work at the Murfreesboro store and 1. We only have one female manager (the GM who is def not new) 2. Yes he did get the wrong thing if he ordered the Buffalo mac which is a very simple fix and could have been an honest mistake by the server in the first place 3. I’ve been at this store for over 3 yrs now and I’ve never known a manager to tell a guest they were too busy to talk to them especially if their food is wrong

  5. Bob

    Personally I appreciate his post. If that is what you get at BWW for $8.99 it saved both me and them the agony of another experience just like this! Bet that was the correct meal…serve it and give them a little more if they complain. Sounds about right to me.

    1. Annoynomous

      That mac n cheese is a side, not the Buffalo Mac n Cheese that he ordered. The side he was given costs $3.99. The buffalo mac n cheese comes with diced bonless wings on it, with any BWW sauce, and is baked.

    2. Christy

      I work for the same company. That picture was a side, not the Buffalo Mac. The Buffalo Mac is delicious and a lot bigger. It’s got boneless wings and everything. The server probably just didn’t hear correctly, or there’s a chance the guest didn’t order correctly. The latter happened with one of my tables last week, but he was nice and admitted his mistake. Things happen. No use in getting upset about minor mistakes.

    3. Sam

      I work at bwws, that is not the right size, that is the small side. The buffalo mac and cheese is on a large plate with boneless wings on top. Its really good. Probably a new server put on the floor by herself too early.

  6. funkypuppy

    This is why some businesses refuse to comp for needless complainers. They’re gonna go online and leave a 1 star review anyway, may as well make them pay for their meal and not be out the money.

  7. SlumSlut

    Best. Crisis. Video. Evar.

    If you notice that your “The Food Is Cold” YouTube video happens to be getting lots of hits, that would probably be my fault.

  8. Jayme

    Toots is sort of like hooters. The food is decently priced and pretty good! If you’re ever in Murfreesboro, TN or bowling green, ky I reccomend it. (My husband os from Nashville and it’s one of his favorite places)

    1. Noxy

      I -love- Toots. Esp their fried frog legs omg <3

      I'm a Nashville native as well (Antioch area), but currently in NYC.

      I also miss Hot Chicken something awful. ;_; It's the 1 thing I look forward to most when we head down South. Hahaha

  9. Colleen

    Three years later? How petty are you? I don’t even remember half of what happened three years ago. Big, petty baby…


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