Say Hello to 2016’s First Horrible Customer

It didn’t take long for 2016 to burp up its first horrible customer of the year, did it? On a Facebook page for a restaurant called Kilroy’s Downtown Indy in Indianapolis, Indiana, a woman named Holly Jones left a passionate message for the staff. (Here is their Facebook page if you want to pop over and say hello.) She was upset when the restaurant paid more attention to a woman having a heart attack than to her. Can you imagine? How rude of that woman to up and have a heart attack when Holly and her friends were trying to ring in the new year while only thinking of happy, positive thoughts. Clearly, the woman having the heart attack is the most selfish person in all of Indiana, right?

After Holly posted her complaint, someone at the restaurant named Chris responded. It looks like Chris ran out of fucks in 2015 and went after Holly to expose her hateful ways. His response makes me so happy. The post has since been removed, but say a little prayer for screenshots, because I got ‘em!

Thank you, Chris, for standing up for your staff and for publicly shaming Holly. I am happy to help. I would also like to thank Holly for living 716.10 miles away from my restaurant so I don’t have to deal with people like you. Enjoy the screen shots and be sure to share them so the whole world can know the true colors of Holly. (Full disclosure: her colors are harvest gold and avocado green.)

Happy new year!

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204 thoughts on “Say Hello to 2016’s First Horrible Customer


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  5. Akiranar

    Pete Moss, if anyone here is wasting their time and being insulting and childish. It’s you. Take your own advice and grow up.

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  7. mary

    Perhaps Heartless Holly should stop dining out, save her money and consider spending it on grammar and punctuation lessons. (Shakes head. Throws up hands.)

  8. Thomas K.

    I was at Kilroy’s enjoying dinner and a drink earlier this eve. I happened to have seen this story on the news, and got to talking to my server about the ordeal. Ironically she was the same server who had been serving Ms. Jones and her party that eve. She did confirm that the woman in the picture of this article was indeed the woman she had waited on “Ms. Jones”. We didn’t get into specifics on what transpired, but she said the article was pretty accurate. I just can’t believe the audacity and self entitled attitude some people have these days. Thank you Kilroy’s for the great food and service!

  9. stephanie


  10. Anon

    We had a similar situation at my place of business. It isn’t a restaurant, it is the type of business that has many windows with cashiers working them, such as a bank. We had a customer pass out at the window and due to her laying on the floor and a few minutes later the paramedics being in that area, we had to close a few windows and the line moved a little more slowly. There was a lady in line fuming and complaining loudly to everyone around her that she didn’t understand why the manager was attending to the lady who passed out instead of to the customers in line and also complaining that the windows where the woman was laying on the floor, then on the stretcher, were closed. Being the Assistant Manager, I started working the line, asking people if they had any questions and directing the traffic. When I heard her complaining I said nearly the same thing as the man in the post, that a woman’s life was more important than moving the line quickly. Honestly I don’t know what goes through these people’s minds. Talk about self centered.


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  13. Jessica

    Her shitty attitude aside, what I find extremely disturbing is the number of people harassing other Holly Jones’ over Facebook. If you’re too stupid to look at the Holly Jones’ profile picture int he screen grab and then go insult someone with the same name that is so clearly not her.. Esh, remove yourself from the internet.

  14. Ali Quaid

    Poor Holly, no one pay sympathy to her 2016 start . Bitch you’ll be hiding your face now from everyone. What you are going to tell your family, friends and co-workers? The famous Cold Heart New Year Bitch. One thing is for sure….you are not going to Kilroys ever again as you mentioned but you are not going anywhere on any new year party from now onwards, your FAT ASS will be glued in your own living all alone.
    Bravo Chris. I am from the service industry too and values my customers but not bitches and asshole’s.

  15. Alex M

    The customer was incredibly insensitive, and quite possibly wrote her diatribe whilst the worse for some intake of liquid conviviality, but the manager’s response was unprofessional. His job is to represent the best standards of the restaurant, not to adopt the same cheap rhetoric as that customer. He made all the right points, and had he done so in a more professional manner, would only have highlighted further the shameful discourtesy of the customer, whilst preserving the public image of Kilroy’s. That is almost certainly why his response was later pulled. I suspect the customer is now cringing with embarrassment.

    1. Mick G

      His response was not “pulled”. It was posted as a reply to Holly’s FB post and when Holly de-activated herself from FB, both posts thus disappear.

  16. NicoleM

    Wow. Every third Thursday of the month we have a large party that meets up for lunch(their way of keeping in touch after being retired from a shared job at the airport). I remember the day one of the gentlemen had a heart attack. EMTs responded quickly, and the customers were thankfully wonderful about EMTs coming in with equipment, trying to assist the man and wheeling him out on a stretcher. As the hostess/cashier, I personally took two little girls from the party table and had them “help” me work up front so they wouldn’t have to see it so close, as it frightened them. I wish I could say I can’t conceive of someone being so cold-hearted; but you know..internet. Great response from Chris!

  17. Braden Stuart Franklin

    I feel sorry for Holly Jones – in my life I have noticed that if you do not learn life’s lessons on your own (like compassion, fairness, unselfishness) – God will teach you and his methodologies are not as ‘neat and orderly’ as figuring it out yourself.

    1. Heather


      YES! Exactly!! God had probably tried to be “subtle” before (I don’t believe He gives you the big THWACK right out of the gate) but she probably wasn’t getting it. I think He has her attention now! Maybe she had been rude before to someone and this is just a big pile of Karmic doo doo being dumped on her. Either way, I would NOT want to be Holly Jones (her or any OTHER Holly Jones!) this month!!

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  20. Kelly

    Anyone else notice holly’s place of employment (or former, I hope….LMAO) Donated $500 to the Gofundme page? — I hope they fired Holly and left donation because of her despicable actions!!!!!!!

    1. Heather

      Yes and the GoFundMe page now has 588 donations and has raised over 17k of 5k requested. Most of the comments from the donation page have to do with this story. God works in mysterious ways, y’all!

  21. Seriously?

    Wow! Holly, let me introduce you to something called humanity, oh, and compassion. You might find you will see beyond the end of your own nose, which believe me, would be a massive improvement and MUCH needed trait to help your charming personality grow and mature. Did you never stop to think about what was happening to someone who was clearly in a bad way? It didn’t prick at you, not knowing what was behind the situation that had people rushing around and trying to actively do something in order to deal with what was obviously serious? You, I can imagine, are a nightmare for other diners when you are present as they try to enjoy themselves and relax. An habitual complainer perhaps? Always finding reasons to call a waiter or manager over to berate publicly? Do you have a smug air about you when the waiting staff address you?

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  23. G. B. Miller

    Ahhhh, the joys of dealing with millennials. It does a body good to see such self-centered individuals to practice their people skills, thus giving everyone further confirmation that the quality of leadership coming soon to a theater near you is sorely lacking.

  24. wulfdreamwalker

    sounds like Holly was the crack head IMO and I feel glad the staff at the restraut will not have to deal with her anymore Maybe she should stay home to celebrate so no other heart attack victim will interrupt her night.

  25. Holly is a see u next tuesday

    How much you want to bet Holly is one of those hideous Teabaggers? This is their mindset; that everyone is beneath them because they pay taxes. People who have problems are all just “druggies” and “lazy” people who don’t deserve any consideration.

  26. Mack

    This is her employer. Well, for the time being anyways…

    And here is what they have to say about their “star” employee:
    “Serenity Salon is aware of the most recent negative publicity surrounding one of our Booth Rent Stylist. The posting to Kilroy’s Facebook page, allegedly by one of our Booth Rent Stylist, in no way represents the views of Serenity Salon or any of our staff.

    We are saddened by the events that took place that evening and will continue to pray for the women who suffered a heart attack at this establishment on New Year’s Eve. This was not a company event and no other persons from Serenity Salon were present. This was the actions of one person and again do not reflect our views at Serenity Salon. We take our reputation seriously and this does not align with our code of conduct or the expectations we have for our Staff, Booth renters or any members of our team.

    Serenity Salon will deal with this matter internally and take whatever actions deemed necessary. We appreciate all the comments both positive and negative in this matter. Serenity respectfully request that you keep your reviews and post about our customer service and service’s that you have received in our Salon.

    Thank you for all your understanding in this matter.”

  27. Linds

    As a server at a restaurant that stays crazy busy, I have had my fair share of awful patrons …there are people who do look for/create reasons to bitch and get free food. I can’t tell you how many people have asked to have their meal comped if it started raining when they asked to sit outside. People suck, you guys. I only wish I had a manager that had our backs like this, that would actually tell shitty people that their behavior is appalling and put them in their place, but no….they’d rather give these assholes free food in the hopes that they come back and don’t tell everyone on social media about their so called awful experience they’ve made up. It’s as they say-a person has a good experience and they may tell a friend, but they have a bad one and they’re going to tell everyone they know and blast it all over social media. So my manager would rather these awful scum of the earth people treat their employees like absolute shit and reward them with free booze and food. I’m not delusional, no one is perfect and there are times when things have gone wrong and people are completely entitled to act a way when things go awry, but there are other times when I seriously have to scratch my head as I watch some bitch get $200 worth of free food and a huge ass kissing from my manager after causing a scene over nothing. Please, continue to reward these people. They know if they can find something to cause a stink about, they’ll make out like bandits. So yeah, maybe some people think Chris could’ve handled the situation better, and maybe he could’ve. I for one can only wish my managers would go to bat like this for us.

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  30. Sydney Forger

    While this woman was most definitely in the wrong, I’m sure she was doing it for attention (of which she has now received plenty). Not to mention, I’m sure there are now multiple wrong Holly Jones receiving all kinds of hate slander and threats. The way Chris responded was fair and most definitely deserved on her part. People responding to this woman with mean, hateful, immoral language and ideas of what should happen to this woman are no better than her. And if you’re going to run a story a story like this, perhaps consider giving people the idea to NOT go hate on and judge every Holly Jones in Indiana.

  31. Steve Emblamski

    The response was almost as snarky as the complaint. It’s how people roll in Indianapolis pretty much every day of the year. One more reason why Indy is one of America’s shittiest places to live.

  32. Roxxi

    I’m glad the RM responded accordingly to ensure he got the point accross to that crass idiot.
    She seems like an egomaniac who needs a swift kick in the pants to knock her brain from her ass back into her head.

  33. Mike

    I was in a restaurant one morning and the lady at the next table had a stroke. Nobody freaked out. A friend of mine picked her up and took her to the hospital where she died later that day. Nobody demanded free food or got mad. Must have something to do with where you live.

  34. Sally Rhodes

    Actually, I kind of think both of them are in the wrong on this one. If you run a “bar” it is expected to have to deal with “drunks” who behave like this customer. Being told by a “manager” that someone had “died” and then seeing that person wheeled out would be traumatic, and probably not fully understood with the effects of alcohol in ones system. The “assumption” of it being an overdose would be one that MANY people would make in this day & age. While I understand the response she received from the business owner – well, that owner wasn’t there (per his own admission) to know if his waitress cursed at the customer or not and the waitress could’ve very well been over-stressed having worked on a busy night with someone “dying” and dealing with drunk customers. We’ve all been in situations like this (or have witnessed them) so it’s good to keep in mind that there are 3 sides to every story; what she said, what he said, & what actually happened. Sounds to me like this was mostly a gross misunderstanding from people going out to party & get drunk, hence the bar. Comments on this thread have already changed what happened to the lady who was wheeled out – seizure or heart attack, who knows at this point.
    Regardless, for people to continually bash on the drunken customer on this thread while congratulating the owner is just as bad as her drunken behavior that night. I don’t know any of these people, nor have I ever heard of this establishment, but I see things like this all the time – it’s cyber bullying and the bullying back & forth needs to stop on all accounts.
    I hope the customer, the employees and the owner can all have a better 2016 than the way it began.

    1. C.M.

      Sally Rhodes, I don’t know where you live but where I am, when a fellow patron is taken out of an establishment that we’re both in on a gurney , my first thought isn’t “well look, a junkie got in and ODd.”
      You’re also overlooking the fact that the original post was done using social media as a way to impact someone’s livelihood by trying to convince others to stop patronizing the business. The owner’s response is thus not cyber bullying, it is defending their livelihood by clarifying the circumstances.

      If one is going to be active on social media, then one must accept that what is put out [intentionally] for others to see, will be judged. If one doesn’t want to risk that judgement, do not post.

    2. Troy

      Alcohol is not the issue as I assume her FB post was in a sober moment. She’s guilty drunk or not of being the same type of person everyone is blasting her for. Your post does not hold any water. Try again.

  35. Alison

    Good on you, Chris!

    I was at a restaurant and one of the waiters, who the manager later said was on his first shift, had a grand mal seizure in the middle of seating a table. The guy he was seating knew how to handle it, and the manager and those customers were very good about keeping the man comfortable until the paramedics got there. When it came time to pay, the manager had already comped several items as an apology. I thought that was so strange, because it wasn’t their fault at all, but after reading this, I guess they must be used to customers making a stink about things that they shouldn’t. I just don’t understand people.

  36. Lisa

    BRAVO SIR!!!!! Chris you are a hero! Thank you for putting that !#$%^&*() in her place, with such a perfect response!!! Holly, REALLY, WTF???? You and your friends should be ashamed of yourselves! This poor woman is lying on the floor having a heart attack, and you have the nerve to act like a complete C**T!!! I’m surprised someone didn’t punch you in the mouth. I HOPE your night was completely ruined, because you certainly ruined everyone else’s. I feel so sorry for the Server that had to wait on you and your friends. At least the gratuity added to the bill, although I’m sure it wasn’t nearly enough. I hope in the future, that every restaurant you attempt to go to, recognizes you, refuses to serve you, and tells you to GTFO!!! You are a selfish, arrogant, rude, and completely worthless human being Holly. Thank you, Bitchy Waiter for posting this story. Chris did an amazing job handling the situation. Very well done!!!

  37. joann

    Holly Jones, I guess your life is more important than the fellow man. Regardless of the medical emergency, it was a medical emergency. I am from Indiana and you just made people else where think less of those in Indiana. So sorry 2016 didn’t start the easy you wanted it to. I hope nothing of an emergency happens to you this year and that if it does that wherever you are at that you do not experience some idiot like yourself.

  38. Paul

    WTG, Chris! As for you, Holly, I respectfully submit that a good spanking is in order, you stupid twit! Now, I suggest that you do all of us in Central Indiana a great favor; MOVE!

  39. Chris Putt

    Know what’s brilliant? This chick’s gonna see this, and it’s gonna float through each ear hole, and the empty space that resides between the two. The lessons that should be learned will be lost on her. Instead, all the staff, management, and customers will be considered “assholes”, as will all of us, commenting around the globe.

    But honey…here’s the rub. You’re a hideous wretch of a human being. Whether natural causes, one’s own stupidity, or the result of another’s negligence…your issues, are moot and trivial, when a life is LITERALLY on the line.

    Someone who entered that establishment, with the same rights and desires as yourself. A paying customer, such as yourself. In your own ideology….you’re fuckin’ equals. But yet, in your ever-so-lovely snub at the establishment, no…you’re not.

    Basically, everyone in that place was beneath you. And I’m safe in assuming you feel this way in most facets of your life.

    Best advice I can give…ironically, knowing it’ll be wasted, I’ll still offer it….is; the sooner you get over your entitled self, the more fulfilling your experience on this planet will be. Keep going at the rate you are, and odds are you’ll be the one on the floor in dyer need of help, and those around you’ll scoff you’re negatively impacting their night out. Trust me, life’s got a funny way of turning the tables. And impatient brats such as yourself usually get to wait it out til it sprinkles it’s little ironies all about your business. Usually, sad, alone, and empty when it does.

    Consider this the tipping point. Where you’re given a choice to either embrace that reality, or do your best to further yourself from it. Either way, I’m sure this is just the first among many instances of this behavior….so really, life’s gonna drop a 10 ton bag of shit at your heels. Guess the question is will it be one lump or two? Choice is yours!

  40. Liz

    I love this post but your screen shot contains the name Nacole Swenson. She is receiving threats from people bc they are stupid and think she is the one who wrote kilroys. Fix your screen shot to remove her name, if you will/can, please! Pretty please.

    1. Nacole

      I have had several only 1 appolgy.. Carolina Elizabeth Johnson decided not to apologize.. Let’s make her name go viral… See how she likes it….

  41. Bull Maxwell

    To anybody who wonders, Chris Burton is the owner of this establishment and also a very good guy to work for.

  42. Melissa

    My daughter was one of the emts that responded to this call. I tell her everyday to “go save a life”. luckily this night, they did. Even though Holly has shown her true colors, I’m positive the Emts and Paramedics will treat her the same way they treated this woman. They will fight like hell to get her heart pumping again regardless of what kind of person she is. I only hope others will show more compassion than Holly has.

  43. Lynn

    Lexie, maybe you should learn how to write before you post something. We should never judge anyone because none of us are perfect.

  44. Lexie

    First off all u ass hole who don’t even m ow holly think u can talk shot about someone e who I can guarantee Is a much better person then most of u will ever be someone who is kind hearted and is always the first to help others. He FB was hacked by a jeliouse little bitch who’s name I will not mention Bec we can be more adult then her. Let’s look at it this was if holly was in fact there on New Years haha which she wasn’t she would have been worried about this person and second holly does not have that kind of money are u kidding me right now this whole thing is insane and needs to stop its literally ruining a persons life and her job and ability to take care of her child ur all horrible ppl to talk shog about a person you know nothing about I guess this is how Americans act though and childish kids jumping on to something new and always fuiling a fire. Time to grow up children is this really how all of u want to start the new year ruining a single persons livelihood. All of u were so quick to judge her and in boxing a person u don’t even know she had to delet Her FB and she lost all her clients god I hate ppl like all of u. What does God think right now? About each and everyone of u Bec I’ll let him be the judge from here

    1. D

      Obviously, this is Holly, as “than” was misspelled as “then”; just as on the on the fb page. What a lame claim, someone hacked her fb page! Really? To relate in detail something that really happened? This illiterate post was a disgrace, as well. It has also been reported that a member of Holly’s party called the restaurant and apologized for her behavior.

      1. Medicmama

        Bahahaaa D. Another “aka” Holly backpedaling for being an asshat. What she should do is make a public apology on Facebook then personally apologize to the lady and her family…

    2. Aeryn

      Lexie, you would make a better argument if you could spell and write English. Please step away from the keyboard, return to school and take English language and comprehension classes. However, taking your response on face value, Holly has a *stellar* group of “friends.” It’s the old adage: like attracts like. Goodbye, Lexie. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    3. Heather

      It sure is strange that the word “then” is used instead of “than” (proper word), just like the rant on her FB page!!

      Holly, it is never a good idea to make up MORE LIES to cover previous lies…that just gets you in deeper sh**. The best way to handle this is to take responsibility for your actions, apologize for your behavior, (don’t blame it on the alcohol) and MOVE ON. If you become as famous over this as say, Monica Lewinsky did for HER bad judgement, hire a publicist and hold a press conference. Then make lots of money writing a book advising other people how to be self absorbed asshats. Oh, wait, I forgot, you can’t spell, so the book is out.

      You apparently have a child to take care of. Instead of obsessing about this and reading all these posts and thinking your life is ruined, learn from your mistake, get a better attitude and get out there and find a new job with your new attitude. Get some therapy to address your issues, both personal and public as you obviously have BOTH. Take some college courses in English if you can. You are obviously in need of some spelling guidance. And from your last post which was a complete MESS, as well as reports from people who SAW you in the restaurant that night and the manager who talked to his employee who remembered you were obscenely drunk, you obviously need come alcohol counseling or AA meetings. Get yourself together girl! Stop making up names and posting here. We ALL know it is you! You just look even worse and even MORE immature. This is what people do in high school. Don’t you have to graduate high school to work in a salon? Maybe your next job will be in a restaurant. Wouldn’t THAT be interesting. Maybe you can learn some new vocabulary as well if you worked in a restaurant, because most people who work in the restaurant industry are pretty well educated and can spell.

  45. Maria

    Good job Chris! Some people are just so selfish, I feel bad for that Holly girl. (I pity the fool that doesn’t know any better). I especially feel really sorry for the dude, if she even has a dude lol. Having to put up with that witch!

  46. Parvati

    Disgusted…and more and more disgusted over time with the public and self entitled nasty little douchebags like Holly. Holly you are a HORRIBLE person. You need a serious mind wipe and soul cleaning. Chris, thank you. Thank you for being real and having your employee’s backs. Thank you to you and your staff for handling the situation in a safe and correct manner. I wish all of you a Happy New 2016 filled with pleasant customers who tip your employees $$$$!! Thank you Bitchy Waiter for sharing this and being quick with the screenshot skills!

  47. Michael K.

    I don’t even think Holly is for real. But the story has been corroborated so it must be. Right? Holly should be in solitary confinement for the remainder of her life as this is the only way to avoid another such instance.

    1. TexasGirl

      It’s on the Internet, so it must be real…. ha ha… I sure hope they vetted the story before publishing.

  48. Zrinka

    I worked as a waitress in a fine dining. I was clearing a table of 4 and had my arms full of dirty plates. I took a step back then my leg dropped through the heating vent all the way up to my knee. Everyone from that table jumped up to help me, and I didn’t even break or dropped one plate. The restaurant owner said “I told you not to step on that vent.” And one of the guests passed me his business card and said I saw everything and I’m a lawyer. I wasn’t gonna sue my employer, but if I injured my leg or he was more of an asshole I probably would. Or maybe I should’ve.

    1. Jessica

      Good to hear. I will add that attorneys aren’t allowed to solicit clients that way. It’s considered unethical by the bar association.

    1. M

      Do you think it’s some conspiracy to frame her or something? I don’t get it

      A lot of people can seem nice but act really ugly with other people, it’s not that farfetched

    2. Paul

      So the manager, servers, patrons, the client it happened to, the paramedics and not forgetting the police who were called to make her pay her bill are all liars. But Holly is not. Let me muse over that one for a bit. Maybe if she had apologised things might not be as bad, but no.

    3. BooHoo

      Holly is a monster inside. The real Holly came out that night; the Holly you know is an act. Like Casey Anthony – she seems nice and sweet on the outside, but deep down there’s something mentally wrong with her. I’d stay away from people who can wear the mask that well and that long. You never know what they’re really thinking or if anything they say is true. She fooled you good. Psychopaths are really good at endearing themselves to people and pretending to be normal.

    4. Tina

      Seriously she would not do this? She obviously did do this. Okay I will grant it that it was the booze that may have made her so damn heartless, had she just apologized when the drunk wore off it would be a completely different story. What did she do though, she claimed her account was hacked!!! By who? She was there, she was rude to staff that were trying to save a life, a cop had to come to make sure she paid her bill, but it wasn’t her, ya okay.

    5. Heather

      I confess. I was the “drunk imposter” pretending to be Holly that night at Kilroy’s. I said all those things and did all those things because I hate Holly. She is just too goody goody and so nice of a person to everyone it makes me ill. The day after that, I hired a computer hacker to hack me into her FB account where I posted a rant in her name complaining about the “dead lady” n the crudest way I could muster. I even posted a few big lies in there for good measure, like the drug addict part and the waitress swearing, just so Holly would sound like a self absorbed bitch instead of the truly nice, caring, adorable, fun, generous and giving person she is. So, yeah, Holly…errrrr…I mean “Lauren,” you caught me.

  49. Marcie

    Way to go Chris!!! Joe you should hook up with Holly because you are just as stupid as she is!! I’m sure Nathan can give you her number!

  50. rock fernandez

    what an asshole,she wanted to be treated first rather than responding to an emergency situation,she should have her brain checked if all the screws is in the right place still,LOL

  51. Sharon, Bri

    I am a nurse and live, value and practice the life saving mesures taken by the paramedics to save this woman. My daughter was waiting outside Kilroy’s to get in when this horrible incident occurred. She was complimentary of the staff and everyone involved in trying to save this woman’s life. I have not been to Kilroy’s but would definitely be proud to patronize the establishment knowing the management support their staff like this. Chris I applaud you and your response to this stupid, selfish, ignorant, petty, self-absorbed pitiful example of a human being. God bless you, your family and staff in the New Year. Best remember Karma is a bitch.

  52. Shauna

    Holly Jones you should be completely ashamed of yourself. It doesn’t matter if this person was a junkie or this poor elderly lady that thankfully was revived. This was a human being, a person’s life… How would you or your family feel if you were that dying person and someone wrote this about you?
    1.You chose to go out on New Year’s knowing no matter where you went in a public place it was going to be packed! 2. You happened to choose Kilroy’s on New Year’s to Celebrate as you have for years per your post so you knew they were going to be very busy and service would be the best it could possibly be but with it being New Year’s you took a chance knowing something could possibly go wrong but obviously didn’t expect a death.
    3. You obviously thought highly of Kilroy’s or you would not of chose to go there to Celebrate New Year’s again his year Right? So, why when an unexpected death occurred (very thankful this lady was revived BTW) did you all of a sudden assume it was a junkie?
    4. You say your bill was messed up? How many times have you gone somewhere and this has happened? This has happened to me personally many times. Do I get upset? Yes! Have I gotten upset with the server or bartender? A few times. But I have also tried to make it right by over tipping the already overworked, stressed out, just trying to make a living server or bartender and apologizing, putting in a good word with the manager or writing a letter and sending it in complimenting them.
    I have worked as a server and it is a very fast paced, stressful job. Sometimes you may bend over backwards and not even get a tip. It is part of it. Other times there is generous customers that take care of there servers and bartenders well!
    But you took it to a whole new level by writing what you did about Kilroy’s, your server and service. Honestly you did NOTHING but make yourself look like an complete IDIOT.
    – Have you ever been a server?
    – a bartender?
    – a manager?
    – worked in a restaurant or bar?
    Obviously not or you would not have made the accusations that you did. I hope you have a Happy New You. People like you need Prayers and I will be Praying for you!!!!!

    -To the Elderly Lady my heart goes out to you and I am so glad you are still with us! Thoughts and prayers to you and your family!

    – Server, Bartenders, Managers and all employees at Kilroy’s I am very sorry this situation happened but I honestly believe you handled this very well. Happy New Year!!!!!

    Big Props for the way you replied to her!!!!

  53. Joe Schmo

    Well, I think this whole thing has been rather misrepresented. When I read the summary, I got the impression that Holly Jones was actively telling the wait staff that she didn’t care about the person having a heart attack. What I saw was a person who had a concern about her bill and asked the wait staff about it, and that the wait staff didn’t care about her concern because of the customer. From what Holly wrote, it sounded like they didn’t think they had to address her concern because something else was going on. Now, does every single wait person need to attend to the person having a heart attack? I wouldn’t think so. But just because there is an emergency doesn’t mean that any concern should be ignored. Was it not possible to say, “Look, we have an emergency situation here and we’ll address your concern shortly”? Maybe not. Personally, I think Chris’s response is grotesque. You can provide a response that is full of class, but, instead, Chris thought that being a jerk was the appropriate response. Come on. Really? You all want to praise someone who thinks that the way to response to a jerk is to be a jerk? Give me a break. I’m so glad that I stay in for New Years Eve so that I don’t have to be exposed to this kind of behavior. I think Chris has completely misrepresented what Holly was expressing.

    1. Tired of Stupid People

      @Joe Schmo…please tell me you are joking. Please re-read Holly’s comments. She said her meal was ruined by watching a dead person being wheeled out. This narcissistic, self-entitled, self-absorbed less than a human deserved the well crafted response Chris left and more. I don’t give 2 sh*ts who you are…yes, a person dying is more important than you and your inability to perform simple math – regardless of how many hundreds of dollars you spend.

    2. Halle

      Lol… I’m guessing your one of “those” customers like her if you honestly believe her response was legit!! And FYI she was informed on the situation and just did not give a shit!!

    3. Jodi

      Really! You sound as pathetic as Holly!!! She was rude, obviously drunk and extremely selfish to think the world revolves around her!! A drunk person cannot understand fully what is going on around them as Holly(aka you) demonstrated when she said it was a junkie overdosing!! How can you sit there and tell us what the staff should or shouldn’t have been doing?? Stupidity obviously breeds stupidity!!! Great response Chris and may God bless you!

    4. Dan


      I highly doubt a person who refers to a 70 year old heart patient as a drug OD can be honestly be taken at face value for anything else she claims a junkie took importance over her and friends. She’s a confirmed liar. So anything else she typed was disregarded as the mentally ill ramblings it probably was.

      No, I couldn’t disagree with anymore, Holly was callous and literally everything that’s wrong with the world. May her selfishness haunt her in life and continue to make her the miserable creature she must be to act so low.

    5. melissa

      no not everyone is needed but when something so drastic is going on trying to figure out a problem with a bill may be a bit difficult so waiting and not being a bitch is appreciated a 700 dollar bill means they obviously drank alot and I’m sure the staff tried being polite to begin with and it is likely that the bill was not even missed up they were to drunk to understand that fact so the reg. man. response to this was probable do to those facts that we are not privy to since we were not there so dont condemn him for his response to her posting lies about a woman who had a heart attack calling her a druggy on a public sight for the world to see and trust me with an attitude like yours us in the serving industry are glad YOU stay in for New Years as well thank you

    6. Matthew

      Are you serious? Are you twelve years old? A bill, a complaint, over a 70’s year old, a person life? What if that was your friend, a family member? Doubt unless you a cold hearted SOB, you would write the same thing. People like you are what are wrong with the world.

    7. Brian

      Wake up and smell the coffee not your ass when a person is having a medical emergency that is the concern not some flipping drinks or fixing a tab at that moment. You are just as obnoxious if this is your beliefs.

    8. ED RN

      I have worked as a server/bartender and I am now currently a nurse in the Emergency Department. My question to everyone who wants to emphasize with Holly would be: Have you ever been involved with the rescue efforts of a human life? Have u ever been affected by the death of someone? Let me tell you, it is overwhelming no matter what position you’re in! No matter the age, race, background, or situation of the victim THAT IS A HUMAN LIFE!! It is disgusting that anyone would justify Holly’s post. There is no excuse for that kind of selfish behavior. Alcohol is a drug! A drug that you can die from during withdrawal. Just because alcohol is socially acceptable doesn’t make it ok to disregard another person’s addiction. Did Holly drink responsibly? Did she have a sober driver? Probably not! She probably endangered more lives on her way home that night. I agree with 99% of the population when I say Holly is selfish, cold-hearted, and disgusting! Kudos to Chris for the response and to the people who responded quickly to the elderly woman’s situation that SAVED HER LIFE!

    9. Harry Caray

      Joe, I think you hit the nail on the head. Holly was over the top, yet the response from Chris was bad. Chris took an opportunity to grandstand.

    10. Redeyejack

      Wow. Another self absorbed, spoiled “customer” that didn’t
      read the part of the response that said Holly’s group was drunk, and didn’t “understand” their bill. Holly makes no claims that she was wrongly charged, over charged or that there was actually anything really wrong… Just that their concerns were not addressed the way she demanded they be… On New Years Eve… While someone was having a heart attack. Boo fucking hoo, she was inconvenienced and had no real issue. Nice that you agree with her, and think Chris was wrong… Enjoy the cooks spitting in your food, because folks with attitudes like yours tend to be the butt of kitchen and wait staff jokes.

    11. Eh...

      I kinda got the same impression. But still, she was very rude and had no concern for a greater problem. I’m sure she was drunk and her party was obnoxious, but I think there was fault on both sides. More so on hers, but still you’re right. They could have been more clear about the situation and that they had to pay it attention first but would hastily get back to their service of this party.



    1. Shawn

      So is an unborn child..something tells me a lack of respect for the unborn child leads, ultimately, to those in a society having no respect for life unless that life in sinige way benefits them.

      1. Ashley

        That’s dumb. You’re dumb. Even those in the medical field know that you put the mother’s life first. If you value the unborn fetus’s life over that of the mother, you’re the one with the lack of value for human life. Your ethics are truly twisted, and your comment does not belong here. Shame on you for using someone’s misfortune to further your pro-birth agenda.

  55. anna

    FUCK her salty ass all her friend’s thirsty asses and their fucking dumb ass check!! There should be an asshole upcharge for dealing with narsasitic asshats such as these.. I would neber wish any loss on anyone, not even this dumb Bitch.. but if that were her grandma, she’d be whistling a whole different tune. Sounds like she’s never even experienced the loss of a pet. We should send assholes like this to Iraq where they can get to appreciate what their kept pampered asses have. DOUCHE!!!

  56. Leigh Hennig

    I just retired as a career paramedic in a large city. From my perspective, I wish I could tell you this is a rare occurrence, but sadly it’s not. I’ve responded to more restaurants and bars for medical emergencies than I care to remember, and more often than not, some patron complains to us when we ask them to move aside, make way for the stretcher, or to give us room to work. Apparently having to slide their table over to give us room to move somebody off the floor who is having a heart attack or stroke is more of an inconvenience to them than it is to the person experiencing the medical problem, and we are the assholes when a patient’s condition requires immediate treatment and we won’t delay it by spending several minutes to move the patient so the offended customer doesn’t have to have their dinner ruined by having to see it.

    1. RoElJo

      I suggest you not use the word, “retarded” to describe the person who did this. It’s an insult to all individuals with intellectual disabilities.

      1. carlos

        Calling her a snakes asshole is an insult to snakes, please don’t use the word retarded as an insult…… even if she was.

      2. SapientPhil

        People with intellectual disabilities are people with intellectual disabilities. Holly here, is a retarded buffoon. She has the outward appearance of someone capable of drinking unaccompanied in public, but the regressed self awareness of a two year old. And since she hasn’t been diagnosed with any form of ASD(that we know of), I think she fits the definition of retarded.

        1. Kenny Ray

          Absolutely right. When did the word Retarded become a lightning rod for PC police officers to decide what people with intellectual disabilities tink is insulting? Mind your own business. that word never meant anything more than a fun insult to call a best friend and now all you Pussies have Ruined that by getting on your PC high horse. Oh, i hoped i haven’t offended anyone with a pussy…..

    2. C.S.

      Going to be quick here .My son has Down Syndrome. That word is the same as using the “N” word to a person of color. Please refrain and be an example to other people to inform them of how insulting it is.

      Thank You

      1. Am_heretocomment

        That analogy would only work if he was saying “retarded” to/about someone mentally disabled. Saying it about someone who is cognitively “normal” would be like a white person calling another white person the n word. And as a black person, I can tell you, I don’t really care about/ mind that.

    3. PETE MOSS

      None of us believe for one minute that she is your ex based on your vapid, inane and emotionally-devoid comment. Time to grow up Nathan and stop messing around on the Internet. Go to school and learn something…make your parents proud for once in your life.

    4. PETE MOSS

      None of us believe for one minute that the woman in question is your ex. You can’t get a girlfriend, much less have an ex, even if you tried so stop trying to throw your lies around like rock salt.

  57. Dave

    Chris, mad props to you for writing a calm, well worded response to the inconsiderate, self centeres, cold hearted bitch. I probably would have mother f@$ked her 10 ways from sunday, except I probably would have done it in front of her friends, to help making her feel like a piece of shit even better.

    1. PETE MOSS

      That’s because you are a man-child who is clearly not in control of his emotions or situational reactions therefore lacking the maturity, insight and experience to render or predict outcomes to most (if not all) events. Hopefully one day, with enough intervention and therapy, you will be almost as smart as us…normal, regular adults…so you can lead a productive and fulfilling life. Best of luck to you and remember…it’s not your fault.

  58. Jan Gallo

    We have had our share of self-serving, entitled twits at our club in Baton Rouge . Favorite was a young woman flummoxed by not being able to get to her car ( for her makeup bag) because the EMS was blocking her car while they tended to a patron having a seizure. Her response was, “…those people should have to wear tags … why are AFFLICTED people – her words – allowed with regular people”. Wanted to slap her but figured Karma would do it for me …

    1. linz

      Wow! That is horrible… I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself from tripping her or something lol how can people be so disgusting!?

  59. Donna Haithcoat

    Well, We happened to be there, The very night that this happened, Bringing in 2016, With other festive guests around us!! Christ, I applaud you for your message you sent her in return, AMAZING JOB!!! How this woman thinks that SHE is more important than someone laying out on the floor, Having a true MEDICAL EMERGENCY!!

    And if you are READING THIS, And YOU ARE the WOMAN, Shame on you!! And then to call the lady a “DRUG ADDICT”, When you know absolutely NOTHING ABOUT HER, But yet the words are just streaming out of your mouth!!

    I am just ever so THANKFUL that: #1Chris responded to her comments the way he did, #2 The Amazing staff that night, That tried to keep people calmed down, And away from the patient and EMT’s and Fire Dept.personnel working on her, #3 That the patient was revived at the hosppital, THANK GOD!! #4 To the lady that wrote the HORRIBLE COMMENTS, I hope and pray that you NEVER EVER need MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, And if you DO, YOU DON’T have others making the horrible remarks that YOU DID about the Kilroys Staff!! I think that the staff was absolutely amazing for as crowded as it was!! Thanks again Chris, It’s always nice to know as the Regional Manager, You have your employees backs!! Great job guys and gals!! AND….Maybe the Druggie that she was referring to was HERSELF, Because HOW she figures she is MORE IMPORTANT, Than a lady 70+ Years old, Laying on the floor??? All I can say, Is “LADY, YOUR PPRIORITIES ARE SERIOUSLY MESSED UP!!!

    1. Katerina

      Agreed all around. And actually, (and I know she wasn’t) but even if the person in need of medical attention had been an addict of some kind a medical emergency is still a medical emergency! I had someone very close to me almost die from an overdose and guess what, addicts are ppl too. I don’t even understand how ppl do that to themselves but their lives still aren’t less important than someone’s check you know? I’m glad Chris stood up for his staff.

  60. Liz Moore

    I was working 3rd shift at Denny’s one night. There were two customers: a grouchy old d-bag, and a paramedic. I had just gotten my EMT at the time, so I was chatting with the medic. Dbag was getting all he needed.
    Long story short, a major car accident happened right outside the store. The paramedic and I were able to stabilize the nearly decapitated driver whose car was driven almost under a tractor trailer.
    I held c-spine until ambulances arrived. Dude was airlifted out, and by the grace of God, survived.
    D-bag complained that his hot tea refill arrived too slowly.

    1. Terri D.

      I worked years ago at TGIFridays inPitt. Int. Airport. I broke coffee pots while serving, got burned & fell in puddle of glass & coffee, man looks over at me after I managed to get up & says ” where’s my bagel?” Airports are among the worst places to serve.

      1. claudia

        Try being locked into a tin can with them for 7 hours and shot across the sky on a flight where you are the flight attendant and there is a delay or a medical emergency and we have to land unexpectedly and 150 passengers all start ringing their call buttons at the same time and screaming that “they are going to miss their connection.” People also get MORE rude when they have already PAID for a service. They like to say things like “I paid a full $250 for this round trip ticket to Paris and you’re not gong to feed me?” We used to tell them “You don’t walk into a restaurant and pay for a meal and demand an airplane ride do you? So why would you pay for an airline ticket and demand a meal?” I have worked in restaurants for 10 years and as a flight attendant for 20 and I can tell you, you are RIGHT, people in airports are RUDE. But as worse as they re on the airplane, I would take that over Olive Garden ANY day of the week!

  61. Barreleh

    God bless Chris !!

    One place I worked would have comped Holly out the ying-yang. Even the most horrendous guest was their slave. So glad I don’t work there anymore.

    1. Robbie McKenzie

      Hahaha! I’m always mortified when I post something, then read it after already posted and see an error like that!!

    2. PETE MOSS

      All right, enough groveling and reassuring us that you’re smart….your insecurity is showing again. You misspelled a word…it’s not the end of the world so stop over-compensating by having to actually tell us you’re smart. Remember the Chinese Proverb: “He who feels he must say what he is, usually isn’t”.

  62. Kelsi

    Chris is my new hero. I had someone have a heart attack in my section 10 years ago, I was only 15 but thank God the cook new cpr (and was clearly a saint, under pressure). The whole restaurant was understanding. I can’t imagine dealing with someone like Holly. My guy lived too! Happy New Year Bitchy waiter and Chris!

  63. Callie Y

    Different setting, but at the hardware store I worked at Holly’s patronage would have been the “sale better off not made.” What a selfish twit.

      1. Mr. Methane

        > You meant twat not twit right?

        “Twat” is SOO british.

        She’s a “cunt”, not a “twat”.

        Get it right!

  64. Robert Schneider

    I had a similar situation happen to me in Florida. A guest in his eightirs fainted while walking and struck his head on the edge of a wooden table. He bled profusely, and my staff jumped right in to assist. They pushed guests and tables aside, brought out towels and compressed the wound, called 911. Some assisted guests in clearing the area. EMTs were on scene in a heartbeat, like 5 minutes. I was so very proud of my staff. I gave no directions, as they had the situation well in hand. Real heroes.
    Then the fun began as some guests demanded that they get the meal comped because, you know, blood.
    I accommodated these folks by announcing that the last register would be open to process the comps and would they please stand in a line to have the checks comped. I put my slowest cashier on the drawer, and thanked every guest who wanted free food due to someone misfortune.
    Three parties got free food. Ten parties asked for free food.
    The gentleman’s daughter called from the ER to say her dad was OK and had gotten stitches.

    1. Colleen W

      Thanks to the staff and emergency professionals for saving this lady <3… Holly, you are disgusting!!! How dare you even post this garbage. You need to keep your a$$ home. I am in the service industry and despise customers like YOU! Chris you are awesome for having your employee's back and not giving in to this selfish *****! Happy New Year to ALL!!

      1. Michelle

        Holly you are the most selfish, arrogant ,little spoliled bitch I’ve ever had the pleasure of addressing…I hope for your sale NOTHING happens to one of your family members; & you have to encounter A SNOBBY BITCH AS YOURSELF!karmas a bitch honey& you’ll get yours for sure!! Oh& fyi $700 is not ALOT
        Ofspending considering you had several people with you!! Tuuuuhhh…you must work off minimum wage to think that’s alarge Bill.Ctfu # hilarious

      2. jeannette hughes

        How rude of that woman to have a heart attack!! Come on how could you be so self-centered, ignorant& heartless! I wouldn’t want a penny of your money! You should be ashamed of yourself. I can’t believe you really are angry with that woman. Now we all know what kind of values you have! None,!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!

      1. Bill Hogan

        Holly’s pretty clearly an asshole, but so are your for posting this. You don’t know the story, you don’t know for sure it’s the right person, you don’t know the business, and whatever happened has zero to do with your life.

        Internet vigilantes seem to think they’re some kind of heroes because they can post and harass anonymously.
        You are pure scum.

          1. Mr. Methane

            > you are the asshole…and douche.

            What you mean to say is “You are an enema. A filthy, turd-covered, feces-filled enema not even worth wiping.”

            Or maybe I’m just full-o-sheet.

        1. Angela

          Actually it is the correct person and the correct location, and this is pretty common knowledge as this has gone viral. The salon posted a response on their Facebook and have pledged support for the lady that is in critical care. They are “dealing with the situation internally.”

      2. Chris

        I don’t care who you are or what you think of someone else… but regardless of what Holly said or did, it is not in either your or her best interest to publicly put her place of employment online and tell people to contact them. Her employer has nothing to do with what Holly did and I am sure that they don’t need POS’s like you making life difficult for them.

        1. Blurgle

          Because there could only be one Holly Jones in New York City, and not , say, a few hundred whose lives are being turned over because you need to be a little shit.

          For fuck’s sake, people.

          1. Virginia Lady

            Who cares how many people named Holly Jones live in New York City? This took place in Indianapolis, Indiana. Do I need to point out to you that this is a different city in a different state?

            Reading comprehension is your friend. And possibly a map of the United States…

        2. Michael K.

          The ethics of online behavior are still being ironed out. I choose only to post anonymously and am one of those persons permanently opting out of FB and the likes. Holly POSTED this, and as this is so, I refuse to feel sorry for her. All of you social media addicts should let this be a lesson.

        3. Mr. Methane

          Virginia Lady ==> “Reading comprehension is your friend. And possibly a map of the United States…”

          Virgina shoots, Virgina SCORES!

          TWO SNARKS!

      3. Eyeswideopen123

        Wow, you don’t have any problems of your own? Have to police the world by ruining anyone’s life that you dislike? Amazing the lengths you are going to, to attempt to ruin this woman’s life. In my eyes your just as disgusting as she is. Let me guess liberal? Feel like the world needs your comments and posts or well be lost? Guess what this lady screwed up, let me follow you and your family around and I am willing to could find something to outrage the world with and get you fired. It is not hard nowadays with social media, everyone feels they must be offended about everything. She screwed up so now everyone feels it is their right to correct it, it is not. Your a nobody who has made mistakes their self. She may be disgusting, but you disgust me even more.

        1. Mr. Methane

          Eyeswideopen123 ==> “She may be disgusting, but you disgust me even more.”

          Your disgust amuses me.

          I chortle in your general direction.

          Eyeswideopen123 ==> “Have to police the world by ruining anyone’s life that you dislike?”


          Disgracing and destroying righties, fundies, and one-percenters is my moral obligation to sentient beings everywhere.

          > Feel like the world needs your comments and posts or well be lost?

          Thank YOU, “Admiral Obvious!”

          Your thoughts, too, are ESSENTIAL to galactic peace and harmony.

          Otherwise, TERRORISTS WIN!

          And liberty!

          And America!

          And Liberty!

      4. claudia

        From the lwebsite: “Serenity Salon currently has employment opportunities available.” LOL! Maybe just ONE employee needed!

    2. Katerina

      And on a side note…nobody is talking about this part but it’s pretty funny that she definitely inadvertently helped the lady who had the heart attack bc now the daughter’s GoFundMe page will get all this publicity spun off of Holly’s ridiculous behavior 🙂 anyone else notice that?

      1. PETE MOSS

        No, you are the only person on the face of the Earth to remotely even think about that, much less actually realize it…wow, you are one smart cookie! In fact, this revelation (by connecting some VERY complicated dots, by the way) makes you hands down the smartest person in the world. Don’t let it go to your though…but you must be so freakin’ proud !!!

          1. Mr. Methane

            Cardionema ==> “No need to act like an asshole, Petey.”

            1. Peter’s being SNARKY, not ASSHOLE-ISH.

            2. Good manners REQUIRE continual asshole-ery and snark.

            3. Think of the children! The precious, innocent children!

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