Clawing My Way To the Top (With Your Help)

vote for me, please

vote for me, please

Who would have thought that when I started this silly little blog six years ago that it would grow into what it has become today: a silly slightly larger blog. The reason I became a server back in the late 1800‘s was because the flexible schedule and decent income allowed me to pursue my acting career. When I moved to New York City, waiting tables was the only job I could find that would let me trade shifts to go to auditions or maybe even leave for a few weeks if I was cast in a show. Fast forward 150 years, and I finally decided to write and produce my own show called The Bitchy Waiter Show. It was a live 90-minute performance of storytelling, comedy and singing and it happened over the summer of 2014. Lo and behold, people came to see it! And then lower and beholder, the show was nominated for Best Show by a Male for a BroadwayWorld Cabaret Award. No, it’s not a Tony Award or an Oscar or even a People’s Choice, but I’m excited about it, but I need your help to win. And by “help” I mean “votes.”

The award committee sent me email that said, “please encourage those who saw your show to vote for you, not 10,000 people who never saw it but read your blog. I think you understand.” I take that as a challenge. The thing is, I know a lot of you did see the show live. And even more of you saw it when I posted it online. There are clips of the show still available for viewing (see below) so I don’t feel bad asking you to vote for me. We live in a democracy where people vote for who they want to win and they base their vote on whatever they choose to base it on and let’s face it: name recognition and fan base is more than half the battle. I mean, do we think California voters chose Arnold Schwarzenegger as their governor because of his political ideology or because they saw him in Terminator? I don’t feel like I should be punished for having a larger fan base than some of the other nominees and I am not doing anything different than they are by asking Facebook followers and website readers to vote. So, will you vote for me?

You can click this link to do it. It will take about five minutes to vote, but the site will ask for an email and for you to create a user name. (This is that perfect opportunity to use that extra email address that we all have for just this purpose!) You will find me under the category of Best Show, Male, but please click a nominee in every category. (Jaime Hartman in Debut Category is amazingly talented and also waits tables with me while Lorinda and Ted in the Best Duo Show are more than deserving and Lorinda also waited tables with me for years!)

Again, I know it’s asking a lot of you to do this, but I would appreciate it very much. When I first conceived this show a couple of years ago, I never thought it would be so well-received and to get a nomination for Best Show is thrilling. But now want I more: I want to win. Right now I am in second place, but with your help, that can change.

Click here to vote for me and let’s see what the awards committee has to say about that.


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