The Most Epic Yelp Response Ever!

There’s a big story out there on the Internet and it involves Yelp, a restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri called Voltaire and a disgruntled customer by the name of Sonal. Sonal got a huge bug up her ass when the restaurant wouldn’t do take-out for her even though it says right there on their Yelp page that the restaurant does do not do take-out. She threatened to write a bad review about them on Yelp and she did indeed did that.

What happened next is epic: the restaurant owner, William G., responded to the review and it is brilliant. Below, you can see the whole thing. I can add nothing else to the story except that William G. is a hero.

Here is Voltaire’s Facebook Page. Go give them some love and tell them the Bitchy Waiter sent you.






I wait tables and bitch about it on my blog, The Bitchy Waiter.

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  1. I realize I’m late to the party, but the “law practice” analogy is not on point. It would have made more sense if, for example, the original Yelper asked for a type of meal that the restaurant doesn’t provide – which doesn’t appear to be the case. It is also unclear why the restaurant went out of its way to emphasize, in a public forum, the “presentation” of its food; that’s like a car company loudly advertising all the colors its cars come in. Maybe they don’t have much competition and won’t be affected; as a NYC resident I don’t come across this issue. Perhaps they should consider adapting. See (For what it’s worth I used to wait tables.)

  2. Sonal has not passed her Bar exams & her student loan of 200k $ is still unpaid . Her brothers Sahil Bhatia & Saurabh Bhatia along with her husband EE are posting under various niks to defend Sonal Keenan Bhatia.

  3. I hope they sue her… You know, now and days, if someone posts a bad review about a business, and it has costs that business money (Loss of guests) then they can sue. I wrote a much longer comment under Jennifer’s nasty comment. But I wanted to also enrage people and let them know that when they post something bad about somewhere on the internet, YES it can go to court (: I doubt they will do that, but I could only hope that this snobby bitch gets what is coming to her!

  4. My boyfriend and I own a restaurant. We are a small fine dining establishment. I side with the arguments for artistry, ambience and owners rights. We don’t do take out either as the Chef (my boyfriend) works very hard at his craft and would find that terriblely insulting.From a chef’s point of view it’s like saying “Hey I like your food just not enough to go inside there and eat it.” We also don’t offer take out for another very practical reason; the restaurant gets too busy for the us to cook take-out food. The are only 3 guys cooking back there and we usually have a full dining room of guests to cater to. I noticed the business owner has had some other negative reviews. They were impartial and seemed genuinely honest. The business owner never attacked any of those other people; Only when he was unjustly extorted did he stand up for himself.
    With a forum like yelp people can just tear you down at their discretion. And many times those people don’t possess the forsight to understand that people’s livelihood suffers (not just the owners, employees as well). And all the while vindictive people like Sonal get to vent and walk away with no consequences, having the mind set “I showed then”, while small business owners have to pick up the pieces. Was he supposed to just allow that to happen? Granted it got meessy in the end. If someone messed with my livelihood like that, I’d probably snap too. It’s very hard not to take it personally when you funnel you hopes and dreams into something.

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  6. Full disclosure: I am a lawyer.

    I hate when fellow attorneys throw around the lawyer card. It is just embarrassing.

    I do remember an experience once at a high end restaurant that showed what true hospitality is about, long before the internet. (Not that I have a problem with this restaurant or its response.)

    It was 4 pm, New Year’s Eve. My mother called various higher end restaurants asking if they had scallops on the menu that night. One did. She asked if she could order a take out dinner, and they said they didn’t do take out for those reasons of temperature and presentation. My mother explained that her mother was in the hospital on New Year’s Eve and was recovering from having her leg amputated and was severely sad. She hoped to bring her a special meal to perk her up. Scallops were her favorite.

    The person on the phone asked her to hold. That person asked the chef who said he would gladly do it and it would be available for pick up at whatever time she wanted. She told the chef to pick at his convenience and she would be there. He said 6 pm.

    When she arrived to pick it up, she waited 5 minutes. It was beautifully plated and wrapped in tons of foil. My mother asked how much. They said on the house per the owner. She gave them $200 and said, “Happy New Year and thank you.” The dinner brought a smile to my grandmother’s face. It was the first full meal she ate all week.

    This is how both parties are supposed to behave… with kindness and gratitude towards each other.

  7. I’ve been reading all the reviews. Some make very good points, and then again, some do not. I am a restaurant owner. I have 7 locations nationwide. Some high end and a couple in the middle.
    Let me just say this. This is my business. If I chose not to serve you for any reason, that is my prerogative. I am there to serve you, not to cater to your every whim.
    You try to walk into my establishment without a jacket, you don’t walk in. If I don’t serve take out (which I don’t) Then you won’t get take out.
    It doesn’t matter if you went to college or pre-K. I don’t care if you’re a lawyer or a homemaker. It’s not necessary to be rude. My business, my rules.
    Thank you

  8. I bought some Cheerios and milk at Schnuck’s yesterday. When I sat down to eat it, the manager came over, said I was blocking the aisle, and told me I had to leave. I didn’t even have my banana cut up yet! What am supposed to do, eat in my car?!! I told him that I saw people eating grapes in produce and there was no reason I could not eat my Cheerios. He said it “looked bad.” Who’s the customer? I am a very busy paralegal, and I don’t have time for this kind of abuse. So thanks, BOB — I guess I’ll just STARVE!

  9. I believe I have read all of your comments, and perhaps you are correct, E.K. Perhaps both reactions are somewhat inappropriate. The problem, in truth, is the complete free-wheeling nature of Yelp. I believe that everyone has the right to report on their experiences, but I think it’s no coincidence that’s also the sound a dog makes when you step on its tail. Instead of being a completely honest forum for reviews of peoples’ experiences, it has too frequently become a sounding board for the overly entitled/overly sensitive/overly emotional to lash out and, in some cases, cause grievous financial injury to businesses.

    In this case, for example, by her own admission, the writer didn’t even go into the restaurant – didn’t even eat the food – didn’t even experience any of the ambiance, yet she was free to write a review of the restaurant. What experience did this reviewer actually have to evaluate this restaurant? “Yep. I called, and they actually don’t do take-out.”

    Certainly, there was the interaction with the manager and hostess, but it’s really closer to calling a place that’s closed, and then telling them to open or you’ll write a bad review – then writing the review about how they were actually closed when they said would be, and defaming their hospitality in the process.

    My real question is this: at what point is ANY business allowed to actually defend themselves from the semi-defamatory attacks of the self indulgent? How long does a business have to sit idly by on its professionalism? Until bankruptcy?

    I believe this, if you want to review me negatively, then do so factually – based on my business – not based on what my business isn’t. And if you fail to do that, then you shouldn’t be surprised if my professionalism becomes too uncomfortable to sit on. I have put endless hours, and personal time, and personal relationships into building this business. I certainly shouldn’t be expected to sit quietly while any self-important individual tries to tear it all down.

    As a final note, how appropriate would anyone have thought it to be for the owner to post an equally scathing review of the Keenan Law Firm based on the unprofessional behavior of their office manager? How surprised would anyone have been to see an aggressive response from the law firm?

    1. Fair points, and well written. While I feel bad for her I do agree with most of what you said. So much better than some of the irrelevant, unintelligent responses posted on this issue.

      1. You feel bad for HER? As in SONAL, the, see-you-next-Tuesday who proven herself to be an entitled bully? That is funny. Please explain.

        1. Dee,

          Simple explanation: We all fuck up at one time or another. We all deserve to be forgiven. Are you a perfect person who never does wrong? Highly unlikely. Now go fuck yourself. See what I did there? I did something wrong. Will you forgive me?

  10. I actually feel a little sympathy for her. Not for her behavior and petty and bitchy attitude, because that is pretty unforgivable. I feel badly for her because I know she probably did not anticipate the reaction she received and all the negative publicity. Granted, there’s a bit of kharma at work here, but man, how crappy she must feel right now and concerned that she may not even have a job before this blows over. She tried to get all social media on her and it backfired.

  11. This is great! If these people were really starving and wanted “to-go” food, they could have ordered from an establishment that delivers and provides “to-go” food: chinese restaurants, pizza places, some Italian restaurants. Bottom line is they planned a meeting, it dragged on longer than possible, they couldn’t be bothered to look up anything online that would deliver and fit their needs. They wanted to only have the place across the street do it and that is a restaurant that doesn’t do take-out orders. It’s not that difficult to understand. Lots of restaurants do not offer take-out options. Everyone has this sense of entitlement about them that everyone should just cater to them and offer things they don’t offer because someone wants it. I feel sorry for the children of these people because we’re going to be dealing with entitled children forever now because of these kinds of attitudes. Good for the restaurant. And btw, whenever someone throws around a title (I’m a lawyer, etc) all it does is make you look like an idiot.

  12. Sonal Bhatia and Edward Keenan are pretentious little people. Dropping “I am a lawyer” at people when you want to get you way is absolutely disgusting. Restaurant doesn’t have to change their policy because you demand so and you have no right to threaten other people MR and MRS BHATIA KEENAN JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT YOUR WAY! Why would anyone want to do business with people like Sonal or Keenan? And how does one become an office manager – secretary if they have a law degree???? Sonal get of your high horse and go make some copies.

  13. Tried it. Several in my group weren’t impressed with service, selections,
    Or pricing. To each his own. This just wasn’t what we expected.

  14. Come on , Are we serious????? I do work in a deli where most of our food is for take-out but even eating in…I did work in many different enviroment in hospitality business from pizzeria to club,cocktail bar and michelin star restaurant….try to ask Gordon Ramsay starred restaurant or to Marco Pierre White,Carlo Cracco or any starred chef to make food to take out….as a chef I’m telling you that is a “no respect” for them job….the presentation,temperature and many other things are not right as the chef as made the plate to give you a fantastic taste experience and worked hard to arrive to do that….put it in a box would be a waste of all the passion and effort he put on it….Next time call the restaurant,order….I’m sure that to make you happy the restaurant will tell you in how long is gonna be on the table,just run in,quick lunch and in 10/15 mins you gonna be back in your meeting

  15. Jennifer, I’m going to stop you right there and say that it doesn’t matter that it is the hospitality industry. Your comments, while laughable, have made it clear that you have an unchecked sense of entitlement commonly found in people that dine at applebees on the regular. Privately operated businesses (that includes restaurants, wow!) generally set their own rules, whether it’s not seating partial parties, allowing children, or banning takeout orders. Usually the types of people who get so offended by this (i.e. you) are the kinds of people these owners wish to keep out. I am a college graduate, I paid my mortgage for years waiting tables, and now I’m out of the industry. Until you’ve been on the other side of the table, there’s really no reasoning with you. Go back to your corporate chain restaurants that accommodate every ridiculous request with an air of desperation, and leave the nice places to the rest of us.

  16. Here’s an idea.. Stick it to them by walking in, sitting down, ordering food, and as soon as it arrives inform them you have an important meeting to attend and need it boxed up to go 🙂

  17. I don’t know how the low is in USA but here in UK for a restaurant to offer “take away” food it must have a particular license. If a client take away food, store it badly, finishes it the day after and feel sick not because the food is bad but because he didn’t store it properly, what will happen?

  18. After re-reading the comments to this story I have to say, I think a lot of folks have really overreacted to this issue. I think it’s clear that Sonal acted pretty pretentious and has no doubt paid the price for it. How many of you are also ugly yelpers, meaning you get your feelings hurt and take it on out yelp? I know quite a few people who do that. The only reason we are even hearing about this story is because the reply from the Voltaire manager was “epic.” In all fairness he gave her a good zing back, but does that mean it provides us open season to ruin her life? I checked Sonal and E.E’s webiste yesterday and it had crashed. There are also people who indicate they have called her at her office. I just think enough is enough. She fucked up and learned her lesson. I’m willing to bet she will never post a negative review again unless it is warranted. I would encourage you all to go to youtube and look up (Prince Ea) and watch his video about LOVE. Let’s refocus our efforts toward love and not hate.

  19. i just called and left her a polite message on her office voice mail asking that she make an apology to the owner. hopefully she will do the right thing.

    sonal bahit

    1. I seriously CANNOT believe you just posted her number, and “politely asked her to apologize” to the restaurant!!!! AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! [that is my laugh when something is so absurd and crazy, I just have to laugh]. What a horrible thing to do. BOTH parties are at fault, and she is a HUMAN BEING!! Have you ever said something you regretted? (I don’t know if Sonal regrets what she said, but just go with it) How would you like it if someone posted your number on a public forum on the internet and said “Hey everybody, call this number and harass her! She should not have said what she did!”????? OVERBOARD, lady. OVERBOARD.

      1. E.K. You are so totally Sonal’s husband. I know I know, you are a female, named Elizabeth. Hi Elizabeth, I am Brad Pitt. Nice to meet you!

        1. B.P. – I am like, so, like totally NOT Sonal’s husband.(Thought you might understand that speak better) Like I’ve said multiple times to people like you on here, DON’T YOU THINK IF I WERE HER HUSBAND I WOULD HAVE DEFENDED HER?! Also, don’t you think I would CHANGE MY INITIALS?! Geez Louise, I’ll give you all some credit, because I am indeed getting tired of this.

          1. KE – aww, that’s sweet. Why do you care if I care so hard? I’m stubborn, and like to shut ignorant bullies down. I will defend my opinion and my comments, especially when people decide to berate me simply because I’m not the majority. Once again, just to be proactive incase the next person that comments “against” me, I feel I need to state: both sides handled it poorly immaturely.

          2. I am sorry; you have misunderstood my curiosity for caring. It’s ok, after all, it’s just the internet. You have exhibited far too much sensitivity for such a subject that has absolutely no involvement with yourself, therefore, in my opinion, I conclude the cyber realm is no place for you. <3

          3. KE – I’m sorry; you mistook my sarcastic comment and question for me actually caring if you care. Just because I defend myself, doesn’t mean I’m sensitive. That’s YOUR opinion. Maybe you are being too sensitive to my words? Hmmm. How about the fact that you yourself commented on a subject in which you have absolutely no involvement. And I ponder, if you don’t care, why comment? Yes, you said you were curious. And, why are you so curious about why I care, and not about any other person’s comments/posts on this article? Hmmm. <3

  20. Ha! Brilliant come back! Next time I’m in NYC, I’m eating at Voltaire… they seem like a good sort, according to this review! 😉

  21. I read this article and it made me remember something a professor always told me. That there are 3 sides to every story, mine, yours, and the truth. I believe that things might have been said by both sides that didn’t make it into their posts because it would make them look bad, neither handled it correctly. Now saying that i kinda support the owner in this because it’s his business his lively hood that he’s protecting. Did he handle it great no, but if he doesn’t respond he loses business and looks alot worse than just a jerk.

  22. I find this all quite interesting, mostly because Sonal is attempting to use her education credentials as clout in the argument. However, her entire post comes off as a rant from someone that could barely get through high school. I can’t stand how supposed professionals think they are better and entitled. All they did was learn to read and study for extended periods of time, took out massive law school loans, and found a way to pass. The level of effort is almost the same as any other person in the world. They aren’t anything special just for being lawyers and should not think they can boss people around this way.

    1. Maybe all those law school loans were a big waste of money. Notice that she isn’t legally allowed to call herself an attorney, even though she got the law degree.

      Why aren’t you a lawyer, Sonal? Couldn’t pass the bar exam, or some other reason?

  23. I have been in training for restaurant management before. During said training, we were encouraged to read the “one-minute manager” series of books. Within one of the books it said (paraphrase): you need to define the things you are willing to do, and put them in a frame, kinda like a window. If someone requests something outside that window, managers have to be able to tell a guest no, even if it means losing them as a customer. Consistency creates credibility.

    1. I used to practice this idea. I would say no to customer, get yelled at, hear the insistent demand for manager, go through explanation of situation (given by customer in their non-biased account) and get a stern look or comment from manager and go in the back. Afterward, my managers would always come back to me and say I’m sorry I had to say that to you, I know you did what was right per policy.

      Out of over 30 years of customer service, this only happened to me twice. Situations rarely had to escalate to a manager present as I was always aware of my limitations to what I could do for customer, but would let the think I’m taking care of them.

  24. Fairly simple psychology.

    Physically unattractive people like shirt guy and hair lip there tend to be impossible and obnoxious when they occupy what they themselves consider to be an elite social niche. You got the degree, built the practice, travel frequently to exotic locales such as exciting NYC, yet you know in your soul that no amount of caked on cosmetic, no amount of goofy shirt-layering, no subtle misdirection of any kind will ever overcome your simple and inescapable ugliness. This dilemma drives them crazy, so they usually just find themselves another ugly person and team up to crap on as much of the landscape as possible.

    It’s science.

  25. You know after these people demanded to have food put in to-go containers, they were going to then leave a 2-star review saying the food “wasn’t hot enough” or that the “presentation was bad”. Karma is a bitch, which you would think Sonal Bhatia should have known already. Now their website is getting negative publicity… it doesn’t feel good to have your business and livelihood smeared online does it?

    1. Karma is a bitch and so is Sonal!

      I really am going to end up giving myself away here, but has anyone asked why Sonal isn’t an attorney, as well? After all, she has a law degree and has “litigated.” So, why couldn’t she get her license to practice? Just not smart enough to pass the bar, or something else? Why is she just the office manager and paralegal?

      Inquiring minds want to know?

      1. Having read some of Sonal’s other yelp reviews before she closed her account it was clear she had a pattern of abusing people who did not cower to her demands. Sonal is reaping what she has sown for many years. I imagine there are many who know this woman and are cheering right now.

        1. You have no idea. As someone who has known her for some time now, she has manipulated and terrorized people who don’t cower to her demands.

          The funny thing is that people like this always find convoluted justifications for their actions (aka zero ability to be introspective) which is why she has alienated many of the people that were once closest to her.

      2. Sonal has not passed her Bar exams & her student loan of 200k $ is still unpaid . Her brothers Sahil Bhatia & Saurabh Bhatia along with her husband EE are posting under various niks to defend Sonal Keenan Bhatia.

  26. I work in a hotel and from time to time I get guests who say they will write a comment on social media if we dont give them what they want. People pay for cheap rooms and demand upgrades, free this and free that. Many of the comments that I have the opportunity to answer are related to things that are clearly explained on the website such as parking fee, Internet fee, rates and other services. It is unfair to penalize a hotel for the guest itself stupidity (not researching). If you want a hotel agent on your side, treat them with respect. It still amazes me that people still think think yelling will help getting them something.

  27. What do you expect from Liberal pro Union douchebags!???? These are the same idiots that would run and jump to assist Al Qaeda or ISIS in court.

    1. Sir, I must take SERIOUS OFFENSE to your IGNORANT post. Being a Union member, Pro-union or Pro-labor DOES NOT make one a douchebag, Making idiotic statements like yours DOES! Being a Union member does not make one a Liberal. Yes I am a Union member. No I am not a Liberal.

  28. Ah, yes, SO great to see one of these uppity jerk offs put in her place. I work at a fitness facility and although most clients are great, we have those few who think the rules don’t apply to them. I’m so sick of their sense of entitlement. There are a few who insist on working out past closing hours, then giving me their nasty attitude when I tell them we CLOSE at 10:00 p.m. Or, they’ll bring a friend to a class when the friend is not enrolled and when I tell them there is no space, again, I get screamed at. Ugh.

  29. The restaurant staff’s response to this customer strikes me a wrong on a number of levels….

    1) as a person with allergies and sensitivities, I treasure those restaurants whose employees have a clear understanding of the ingredients used in their meals and avoid those without clue,

    2) Having boxes for taking leftovers but not packing up a pre-eaten meal in those same boxes seems very imperious and pretentious to me.

    I would have been tempted to pull a Five Easy Pieces “hold the tuna” routine there. …. take one bite and take the “left-overs away with me!

    1. Len, their response was perfect. If you worked in a restaurant and had to deal with jerks like this woman, I’m sure you’d feel differently. Welcome to the world of “it’s not all about YOU”.

    2. 1.) As a person with allergies and “sensitivities” (mmhm, sure), why do you place the sole burden of your continued good health onto a worker who is being paid $2.13 an hour? It’s your body to deal with, afterall. I question why people place their health — up to their very lives — in a stranger’s hands instead of a.) opting out of restaurants entirely, or b.) at minimum practicing some due diligence and researching before they go. And with that stated, you can’t expect a host to know the menu any more than you can expect the janitor to; that’s not their job. Servers are rarely trained on every ingredient that comes in a dish; it’s something you learn over time, and memory is fallible, obviously. Why the flippancy in regards to your own health?

      2.) They’re allowed to be pretentious, though I don’t view it that way. Regardless, we make choices as consumers; if you don’t like places you deem pretentious, then this restaurant is not the place for you.

      Your last point is just some bizarre form of spite, but you’re still paying for the meal, so whatever makes you happy and flips the table faster, I guess.

    3. 3 I will put it….if that plate is bein made by a Chef he doesnt want to see his art in a box and has all the rights to chose to do take out food or not….is his business,his choice

  30. I don’t think the manager’s reply was “epic.” Both sound pretentious and high-handed, but the manager even more so. How hard it is to say if there’s meat in the risotto? Or put something in a box? The restaurant needs to get over itself. I’m also troubled that people are here stalking this woman for leaving a bad review. No one else has ever left a bad review? It’s creepy, people. Creepy.

    1. Finally. Some people with SANITY. The angry mob needs to chill out. And yeah, the manager was a complete jerk in the end. He didn’t have to provide take out, but the way he handled everything in the end made him look worse than the customer…

  31. Awesome! I have total respect for the restaurant wanting to present his dishes the way THEY want to. I do not have respect for the patron who felt he could push his weight around. PERHAPS just call somewhere else that offers take out or delivery?? We ALL have our standards….and the restaurant that doesn’t offer take out was keeping theirs!! BRAVO!

    1. I think it’s funny that you think I’d regret something I didn’t do. I don’t know her, I never defended her, and if you would have read anything I wrote, you would know that. Take your “Lolz” and you have yourself a nice day.

      1. Calm down. I mistyped, as I meant to say E.E. After reading so many comments I simply mistyped and wrote E.K. I trust you that you are not her husband since you already said you were a woman.

      2. E.K. even though i agree with you about the original point that you made regarding this post, you’ve kind of ruined it by endlessly posting rants defending yourself. You have every right to do so, but it is kind of pointless. If people weren’t reading your original post.. (whether because they are lazy, or the post was too long, or because you have so many responses that it would be time consuming to read each and every one).. then what makes you think they will read every rebuttal there after. Make your point and walk away, let others consider it or bash it. As long as your made your point is that good enough?

        Heres mine :

        The GM could definitely have handled the situation better. Guests at any restaurant deserve excellent treatment, however ; guests who call a restaurant and ask for a service that is not provided and then demonstrate poor character as a means to try and get what they want.. don’t deserve the any special treatment.

        It does look bad for the restaurant to have a response posted that is not entirely professional. So you couldn’t box up her food because that would take away from the product or the experience, but you could take the time to write a response that might make other people not want to visit also. Where Sonals review made her look pretty ignorant and self righteous, it would not personally deter me from eating at a place. Its not like she said the food was bad, or the environment was unpleasing.. she didn’t even go there. With out all the extra to do about all of this i probably would have read her review and dismissed it as irrelevant to my own decision making about this place.

        i have been serving for seven years and i currently still serve at a restaurant while finishing school. it sucks a lot of the time, but its decent pay when you know what you’re doing. i’ve had some pretty terrible customers but it comes with the job. and there are much worse jobs to be had.

      1. You can’t delete everything, Sonal! You can’t delete what other people write about you. Go on, try to have your lawyer husband fix it for you. Watch how quickly it spreads. The internet hates nothing more than people who try to censor their negative publicity.

        I’m sure you and hubby are reading, so, here is a hint, from a former associate… Just shut up and take it. If you want it to go away, call up Voltaire and apologize. Post public apologies on Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Facebook. And then shut up about it. In a few months, people will forget. Probably. And if it does come back up, your apology will be there in the public record to balance it out so that you won’t look like such a completely entitled toolbag.

  32. I see the manager’s point completely. I would say, however, that if the guy on the phone had been a little nicer (or walked his sorry butt down and across the street to do the transaction in person), he may have had different results.

    I was in the hospital after having my 2nd child and it was my birthday. Our favorite (fancy) restaurant was just down the street. My husband went in and said, “I know you don’t normally do take out, but here’s the situation- it’s my wife’s birthday and she’s in the hospital up the street. I was hoping to take her her favorite dish to help celebrate- can you help me out?”

    He came back and surprised me with my very favorite meal from the restaurant, complete with a cloth napkin (!) and real silverware. It was awesome!

    So if the OP had acted a bit less ‘entitled’, he just may have gotten what he wanted…

  33. I wonder as this story gets popular and other waiters see this lady in their restaurant, how many sneezers (waiters sneeze in the dish) she will be served. I am sure she is reading all this and wondering how this backfired on her.

    1. She does have a distinct look, and it’s not like there are THAT many vegetarian higher-end places to dine in the KC Metro area. I’m sure these classless cunts are already infamous, now moreso.

      Karma is a bitch; truly awful people ALWAYS get their just desserts.

    2. I’ve been out to eat with them, and I’m sure it has already happened. You can’t belittle people the way that they do and not have someone decide to get back at you.

      They also have fairly uncommon names. This is going to haunt them on Google forever.

      1. I’m sorry that had to happen to you 🙂 Was it a professional dinner or a social setting? Hopefully they aren’t acquaintances of any significance to you or your family.

  34. Maybe because I’m a foreigner but I am perplexed by the entitlement that many people are expressing. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to me that the restaurant said no. They were offered payment for a service that they didn’t provide and declined. Why should these people get so mad and complain about how they should be catered to and treated? They didn’t pay for something and not receive it. Pasta and risotto is delicious when al dente. Reheated it is not the same. It is not unreasonable to say no to providing food that you don’t think is to your standard.

  35. No matter how you slice and dice this exchange between customer and restaurant manager, it all comes down to one basic fact. The restaurant manager responded like a bitchy queen. I would bet anything that he is indeed a bitchy queen. That’s the way they respond.

  36. I can only imagine how well their marriage must be working out with the abundance of dissatisfaction going on between the both of them.

    1. Oh, never fear about their marriage. They get on fine. You see, they both think that they are better than everyone else, and so it is them together against the tawdry, inconvenient world.

      Who is to say that in another 5-10 years, when he has accrued enough wealth for it to be worth her while to leave him with half of it, that they won’t begin to find fault with one another.

      But for now, they have plenty of other targets to pick on. No one, but no one, can rise to their standards. They have eaten in NYC, after all. And he went to Haaaaahvaaahd. I’m surprised he stooped to marry a non-lawyer from Wash U.

  37. I have a question, If they do not provide take out, how do they expect their food to be boxed. They obviously do not have the appropriate “to go” containers. Maybe pour in their hands? Just curious…

    1. William G. addresses that in his response. Those to-go containers are for patrons who sat down to a meal and then did not finish. It’s an upscale place; they’re allowed to decide to commit their kitchen time to their sit-down customers.

  38. Pretentious restaurant, meet Whiny tramp.
    Whiny tramp, this is Pretentious restaurant.
    You’re both the rears of donkeys… True ass’s asses.

  39. I had a terrible experience with tripadvisor for my cabin rental business. I had a family who tried to pay with a business check when we clearly stated on our website and emails that we only accept deposits or cash. The family tried to ruin our reputation by making the title to the review “SCAM” and made untruthful claims about how dirty and terrible our place was, that when they arrived they did not have any sheets on the beds, the cabin hadn’t been painted in 10 years, and so on. All of this because we refused to give back the deposit and to accept a business check for the remaining amount. I was so upset that people felt like we are obligated to change our policy just for them. The truth is people who try to pay with checks in a hotel is obviously trying to scam the hotel, NOT vice versa. We are about to open a restaurant in the business, my boyfriend is a Chef and we have many years experience in the service industry. When I did my reply to the disgruntled costumer I was kind and respectful but made extremely clear that they had tried to pay with a check, when clearly states on our website that we only accept cash and deposits. When the costumer refused to pay in cash he took off with his family… very shortly after I had the man and his wife BOTH writing the same exact review with “SCAM” as the title… quite amusing I must say that a scammer who fails must try to point the finger on the victim. People need to understand that just because you are a customer and have paid money does not grant you the power to mistreat people or dictate how they should manage their business to accommodate their needs.

      1. If you look at the aforementioned company website,, you will see that “EK” are, in fact, lawyer husband’s initials. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt because she references “waitressing,” but lawyer husband, if that is you, you gotta know when to fold ’em, son.

        1. That IS pretty funny, but just a coincidence…also, I highly doubt that is her husband, because they have different last names. If you had read my posts or comments, you would know that I am a woman…and just for you, I’ll tell you my name – Elizabeth. E.K. are MY initials. Also, don’t you think that if I was her husband, I would’ve been DEFENDING her?! Which, I was not.

          1. Your opinion is yours. I’m not going to argue it. You have your right to freedom of speech. But on one note, not everyone will change their last name after marriage. I know plenty of married couples where they keep their surnames the same even after marriage. I am not saying that they are or are not married. But I just wanted to point that out. I am deeply sorry if I have come off as attacking you.

      2. EK you really need to walk away from this. You respond to every critical post here as though you are emotionally invested..yet claim to be the obscure random waitress from OH. You write long winded explanations as though you’re delivering a summation to a jury. Sonal B … EE… EK.. and your other troll names on this site – Let it go. Move on. You only make yourself look more pathetic. If you are going to attempt to convince us you (EK) are NOT either bitchy Sonal or Douchy EE… you are hurting those 2 with every post.

        1. JonInCa – I really DON’T need to walk away from this. I DON’T care if you think I’m writing long-winded explanations as if I’m delivering a summation to a jury…I take that as me being thorough. Before writing silly comments, immature insults, and baseless assumptions, YOU should try being thorough. Read what I actually wrote. And why am I some “obscure random waitress from Ohio?” I indeed used to wait tables(for 7 years), I AM a woman, I AM from Ohio…why is that so hard to believe? If I were, in fact, Sonal or E.E., wouldn’t I be defending them?! I sure would, and I sure have not. Not in the slightest. And who is this “us” you’re referring to? The “angry mob” who are too immature to stand against the majority when the majority are clearly wrong? Let’s also address the fact that you made no contribution to the ongoing conversation that is the subject of all of these comments, and chose to antagonize me…why? Because I’m 100% right? I think so.
          Also, I do not care if you think I am “hurting Sonal and E.E.” with every post. I am not here to defend them, but I will defend myself, my comments, my opinion, and my morals to “trolls”(as you would say) like you. Good day, and move along, brah.

          1. Perhaps you are correct, E.K. Perhaps both reactions are somewhat inappropriate. The problem, in truth, is the complete free-wheeling nature of Yelp. I believe that everyone has the right to report on their experiences, but I think it’s no coincidence that also the the sound a dog makes when step on its tail. Instead of being a completely honest forum for reviews of peoples’ experiences, it has too frequently become a sounding board for the overly entitled/overly sensitive/overly emotional to lash out and, in some cases, cause grievous financial injury to businesses.

            In this case, for example, by her own admission, the writer didn’t even go into the restaurant – didn’t even eat the food – didn’t even experience any of the ambiance, yet she was free to write a review of the restaurant. What experience did this reviewer actually have to evaluate this restaurant? “Yep. I called, and they actually don’t do take-out.”

            Certainly, there was the interaction with the manager and hostess, but it’s really closer to calling a place that’s closed, and then telling them to open or you’ll write a bad review – then writing the review about how they were actually closed when they said would be, and defaming their hospitality in the process.

            My real question is this: at what point is ANY business allowed to actually defend themselves from the semi-defamatory attacks of the self indulgent? How long does a business have to sit idly by on its professionalism? Until bankruptcy?

            I believe this, if you want to review me negatively, then do so factually – based on my business – not based on what my business isn’t. And if you fail to do that, then you shouldn’t be surprised if my professionalism becomes too uncomfortable to sit on. I have put endless hours, and personal time, and personal relationships into building this business. I certainly shouldn’t be expected to sit quietly while any self-important individual tries to tear it all down.

            As a final note, how appropriate would anyone have thought it to be for the owner to post an equally scathing review of the Keenan Law Firm based on the unprofessional behavior of their office manager? How surprised would anyone have been to see an aggressive response from the law firm?

  40. This is an example of how society has turned restaurants exceptions and hospitality into expectations and demands. It was handled wrong on both ends. But more than anything I can’t stand when people take Yelp; an informative social site, and try to use it as a weapon. Like a bad Yelp review will get you what you want. I’ve been a restaurant manager for 6 years and have compromised my beliefs to meet a guests impossible standards when they threaten Yelp more than once and every time I have the 1 or 2 star yelp review still comes through with not mention of my trying to remedy the situation by giving the guest exactly what they demand. Management should have handled it more professionally yes, but they are in no way shape or for obligated to give this woman any kind of compensation for a service they never offered to begin with. But her and her husband trying to basically blackmail and bully the restaurant in to doing what they want is sad when they call themselves lawyers

  41. Ive worked in the restaurant business and some people are just insane when it comes to someone else is making their food. I say if youre going to be that ass who doesnt tip, stay the hell home and dont tip yourself. I understand why the restaurant didnt want to offer take out, it might have been a fine dining kind of place. You dont want people in their pajamas walking in to pick up their takeout, or dirty mechanics, or construction workers covered in dust and paint coming in

  42. People like this lady are awful to deal with in any situation. I feel sorry for her hair dresser/ cab drivers/ mechanic/ plumber/ etc. She will never be pleased. All discussion of if the restaurant should have gone “above and beyond” to provide a service they font offer. She would have probably written a bad yelp review about her food being cold/ over cooked/ ugly if she had recieved it to go.

  43. That restaurant is entitled to refuse a certain customer service if they want. It’s a shame they don’t do take out, but if that’s their policy, why be a baby about it? Take your business elsewhere. Dine-in only is not unheard of. It may hurt your business to an extent, but they seem to want their customers to have a certain experience. What I got from the scenario is… we clearly stated we dont do what you’re requesting, so why are you still asking me to do it? Anyway, this made me laugh.

  44. Just because she wants it, doesn’t mean the restaurant is obligated to provide it. People need to quit feeling so entitled. It’s becoming ridiculous.
    You don’t go to McDonalds and ask for a medium rare steak served on fine china with a glass of bubbly served in a crystal champagne flute. Why? Because that’s not the service that McDonalds provide. So why would you go to an actual restaurant and expect them to change their policy to suit you?

  45. Sounds like a pretty pathetic exchange betwee two people, neither of which was capable of taking the high road. Sonal’s whining and threatening social media, instead of opening an Internet browser and finding one of the 100 other places in the area that make and deliver food, is bad. The manager’s response was more embarrassing. Going on and on about the woman’s immature reaction only to then make an inept comparison of practicing a type of law without training to putting food in a box, was more immature in itself.

    This was slightly funny, but really I feel sad for all involved.

      1. There is a real reason behind not doing to go. My husbands work will stop taking to go orders when there is a 2 hour wait. People will try to avoid waiting by getting food to go, which slows down the kitchen to provide optimal service to those dining in. I highly doubt it’s because the restaurant is pretentious and wanted to mess with a paying customer. It makes me laugh when people complain, I’m starving. Go to the grocery store, have an assistant take care of it, if your life is too important to make sure you eat. and any so called ex service industry people who take the side of the customer, stfu you weren’t really cut out for this business in the first place

  46. …CONTINUED from my post above.

    Dialogue, as it should have happened –

    Customer: “I’d like to order take-out, please.”
    Hostess: “I’m sorry, we do not offer take-out at this time.”
    Customer-probably went something like this: “What?! Who doesn’t offer take-out?! I’ve seen people leave your restaurant with take-out boxes!”
    Hostess: “I apologize, but it is part of our policy.”
    Customer: Then probably gets upset, and asks for a manager, but if not, hostess should know to get one.
    Hostess:”Yes, I will get you a manager right away. One moment, please.”

    Manager:”Hello, this is [insert name], how may I help you today?”
    Customer: “I want take out and your hostess is saying you won’t do it?”
    Manager: “Yes Ma’am/Miss/Sir/Name, I’m sorry, but that is our policy- we do not offer take-out at this time.”
    Customer: “What?! That is ridiculous, I’m a lawyer,I’m starving, I’ve seen take-out there, if you don’t, I’ll write a negative Yelp review!”(that was a summary, obviously)
    Manager: “I apologize for any inconvenience, and I understand your frustration. Because of our no-take-out policy, we are not even staffed or equipped to handle take-out orders on top of our dine-in business. It is your right to write a review of course, but I hate to leave a potential customer unsatisfied. I would like to offer you a [dessert/appetizer/cocktail/dinner/giftcard] on us the next time you come in, and I will take your information in case our policy ever changes. You might even consider writing/emailing [whoever handles customer comments/requests/complaints/PR], letting them know you’d frequent our restaurant more if we made take-out available – it’s good for them to hear directly from the customer.”
    Customer: Ideally, she would let it go at this point and accept your offer, that doesn’t always happen(and I know you can’t offer free goods to anyone who doesn’t like your policy, but you can at least be respectful, while not “sinking to their level”). If she is unwilling to stop(which, she said she was in a meeting, so I wouldn’t think she’d have time for continuing the conversation) then the manager could/should say something to this effect:
    Manager: “I’m really sorry we couldn’t resolve this today, however, I am needed in the [kitchen or dining room] and must go. I hope you change your mind and will take me up on my offer. Thank you, goodbye.” (and only hang up if she’s continued to rant and rave, especially if there’s use of profanity or physical threats(not just a negative review…).
    The first 3 or 4 paragraphs are fine – though ‘William G.’ should’ve added “I apologize for our GM’s comments, and we are handling that situation internally.” I also think it is especially bad that it was the General Manager was the one who made those remarks. NOT EVER in the business of hospitality/food service industry is it okay to insult the customer/guest!! No matter how irate that person becomes(if it really escalates, you hang up, or if it’s on site, you have them escorted out, maybe even by the police if it gets that bad. You become at fault at that point. If you can’t handle someone complaining about a no-take-out policy, then you are in the wrong industry my friend, and in way over your head. Some people/situations are way, way worse.
    Everything after the 3rd or 4th paragraph is dripping with sarcasm(obviously intended), completely immature, unnecessary, and unprofessional. That’s a conversation that you have with/tell your friends, NOT as a response to a negative review, NOT where others can witness your lack of professionalism, and your lack of ability to handle a negative review.
    I hope the restaurant disowns William G.’s response, and maybe does some damage control. If I were a restaurant owner, I would not want to be known for my catty response to a complaint on the internet.

    1. I don’t think a business should give free items rewarding a person for demanding services that are not provided. It doesn’t make sense. Sure, apologize and be polite, but giving your product and service away free is unnecessary.

      1. I agree, and mentioned that. I was just giving an example of what could’ve been done, that would have been more professional and resolving.

        1. No, you wrote out fully detailed scenarios about what should have happened… Clearly you’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about this. Of course there’s no real proof but the fact that Sonal’s boss’s (and possible husband?) initials are “E.K.” is very coincidental! Keep trying to defend arrogant, tacky behavior. Reasonable people disagree.

          1. If you find “Sonal Keenan Bhatia” on facebook, you would know that EK is her husband, but not sure if this EK on Yelp is same as that guy 🙂
            There should be some negative reviews about the law firm as well so they know that it can hurt a business, so don’t write undeserved negative reviews. I understand that people in service industry should be calm, patient and polite but bitches like these force them to be impolite. As fellow human beings we should be respectful to each other irrespective of the industry, and be ready to receive the same treatment as we give to others. I hope this EK guy agrees with me.

          2. jkjk – What are you saying “No” to? I indeed did write out scenarios in which a professional/hospitable employee in the restaurant should have done….which is the same as what I replied to “crystal”‘s comment. Also, I did not have to think hard/ a lot about this, I just spent a lot of time typing. If you had actually read what I wrote, you would know that I wasn’t defending Sonal AT ALL!!! I was pointing out the fact that, no matter how annoying/inappropriate/demanding/unreasonable you think your customer is, you cannot stoop to their level and actually GIVE them something to complain about! Which is actually what the manager on the phone, and “William G.” did!
            Also, what kind of people stalk people like that on the internet?! Leave her alone, so she made a “controversial” review…big deal! On the subject of customers or employees of and in the restaurant industry…there have been way, way worse situations, comments, reviews, etc. Come on now. That is quite a coincidence about the initials, and sorry to disappoint, but I am not a man, nor am I a lawyer. I don’t even live in Missouri.

          3. Harh Pareek….stalking her on Facebook now?? COME ON PEOPLE. Have some decency! Neither Sonal, nor the manager or William G. did, but that doesn’t give you the ‘go-ahead’ to start name-calling, stalking, and harassing! She’s not even a murderer or anything of that nature(where I could see people having a harder time deciphering whether or not to send a harassing email to them personally because “the info was easy to find”), she’s just a person who clearly handled the situation the wrong way.

    2. I agree with E.K. completely. The manager’s response is just as childish and immature as the customer. The fact that he goes on to even insult the customer with his arrogant response does not help his case, nor does it do any good for his restaurant. I’ve had my fair share of bad customers, but I’ve never gone out of my way to publicly belittle them regardless of how much they “deserved” it. I understand the restaurant didn’t have a take out policy. That is totally fine and I wouldn’t expect the restaurant to make exceptions for everyone who wants them. The problem is the way the manager handled the complaint. It was completely unprofessional, immature and condescending. I don’t care how rude your customer is; always be respectful and don’t bring yourself to their level. Publicly belittling the customer no matter how funny or deserved you think it is, reflects poorly on you and your business.

      1. I thought the response was great and will go there next time I’m in KC. Just because your educated doesn’t mean you are required to be an entitled douchebag.

    3. Are you insane? I am not giving you SHIT free because you don’t like the way I run my business. Dig it or fuck off. Jesus. You tiresome entitled assholes really need to wake the fuck up.

      1. Oh, BlackSharpiePen. This story is full of overreactions. Including yours. Come back when you actually read what I wrote. Good day!

        1. Yes, the complaint at certain points could have been handled more professionally, but we are all human and there is a certain line that will tilt anyone no matter the circumstances. Constantly threatening and belittling a person and their business will do it. The fact that they are in the hospitality industry does not mean they will meet your every whim or be treated like dirt and just take it.

          I can easily imagine any high-end professional chef/owner/manager responding in the same fashion. I’ll throw this out as it’s the most extreme case, but if anyone did that to Chef Gordon Ramsay, he’d chew them out in front of everyone. I can imagine a bunch of renowned chefs/owners acting the same way. She obviously went out of her way to trash Voltaire as many ways possible, if they had not responded and put her in her place, no one would have and they would have been buried by her comment on yelp and whatever other posts she may have done.

          1. Le N. – Yes, it could have, should have been handled more professionally, THAT is my point. I wasn’t arguing the humanness of the response.
            -Also, I think writing one negative Yelp review about Voltaire is hardly “Constantly threatening and belittling their business.”
            My point is, and will remain, that: No matter how unreasonable/whiny/annoying/demanding a customer is, IF you respond with immaturity, insults, sarcasm, etc., you look JUST AS BAD as the said customer. Yes, William G.’s response would have been fine to tell friends or coworkers(in the right setting)…NOT as a typed, internet-posted response supposedly representing the restaurant. Unfortunately, in the food industry and business of hospitality, no matter how unreasonable/annoying/whiny/demanding a customer/guest may be, you still have to be professional and hospitable! That goes for MOST jobs! I did NOT say “meet their every whim,” and they cannot and should not do so…they DO need to know how to handle it better. I would’ve been off the phone before I insulted someone. Employees should be trained to handle people like this, and if one is trying to handle it, and feels the urge to retaliate verbally, that’s when you defer! You don’t insult the person on the phone(in this case), or write a catty response to a negative review, or YOU MAKE YOURSELF LOOK JUST AS BAD as her, like I’ve said over, and over.
            Yes, people do make mistakes – the manager made a bad one by insulting the person on the phone. But William G. responding what he did, is inexcusable, especially when he had time to think about how he responded. He obviously chose to go the unprofessional, immature route, instead of defending his business in a respectful manner. And that reflects poorly upon Voltaire. (I could easily come up with what would’ve been appropriate to say, but you can easily look up other negative Yelp reviews for a restaurant or business, and see how a professional responds.

            As for Chef Gordon Ramsey, he talks to/treats employees that way, not his customers(also…on/for t.v.). And, like I said, a professional on the phone with Sonal/her husband would basically say “I’m sorry we couldn’t help you, hope to see you dine with us soon, and have a nice day.” Then hang up.

          2. Le N. If you look at any restaurant’s profile on sites like Yelp, you will find some really ugly reviews that are clearly an overreaction. You will find people that say “this is the worst place in the world,” “the food is the worst I have ever had!,” “The customer service is the worst I have ever experienced” ETC….And some of these people will lie and write a mini novel about how terrible THEIR experience was. Big Deal. What Sonal did is really nothing new and even worthy of this much attention. People are smart enough to put two and two together and take the few negative reviews with a grain of salt when they see a whole bunch of good reviews… Her dumb review would have done NOTHING to ruin Voltaire’s reputation. All the manager had to do is do what any considerate professional would do and simply ignore it or refute it with a little bit of civility and respect. “I’m sorry your experience at Voltaire didn’t meet your expectations. Here at Voltaire we strive to provide a high quality dine-in experience for our customers and as such do not provide take out. Our Yelp page states this and our policy also reflects this…” ETC ETC…He could then go on and address her specific complaints and explain HIS side of the story… But with respect and a bit of professionalism. I mean there are a million other ways he could have reacted and he obviously chose to the arrogant, condescending route. It bothers me that he is the MANAGER and reacted this way. Anyway, this whole story doesn’t even deserve the attention it’s getting. It’s all really stupid: his response, her response, and all the over-reactive comments claiming she should be publicly humiliated, stalked and personally emailed about how “bitchy” she was. Come on people, get over it.

          3. JC ZZ – I again, agree with you 100%! That is also part of my annoyance with all of this – they both acted poorly, it wasn’t “epic”, and it isn’t worthy of all if the attention.
            Side-note: People have already said, and will again say to me: Then why do you respond so much? Because I will defend my stance/opinion and myself, especially to those who now “attack” me for it.

          4. E.K. At least a few people on here understand why this is so wrong and why we are so against the madness that is happening on here. (sadly, only a few, but oh well…) I mean, I get where people are coming from with having to deal with ridiculous customers. I myself would probably joke with my family and friends about the crazy, demanding customer. But that’s it. It was absolutely wrong for the MANAGER to publicly scoff at Sonal on his restaurant’s Yelp page.. Customers write negative reviews all the time. Refute it respectfully and move on. The manager’s response was just poor taste all around. He was childish and acted in the moment, without using good judgement. Period. He even states on his restaurant’s Facebook page that “he thinks he did the right thing” and now he has a whole gang of supporters who will take a pitchfork to her at a moments notice. Or just harass her and send her ridiculous phone calls and emails… Either way, people seem to think they are entitled to “punish” others when they don’t even know the whole story/the story doesn’t even concern them anyway.

  47. I think these costumes were more than right. The manager trying to compare boxing food. To law practice is ridiculous. I’ve whisked in food service for over 14 years including a place that offered a “plated to go” to other businesses in the same building meaning the customer got the same exact dish as if they were at the table. There’s no reason why any food service establishment can’t do take out. It’s bad for business. And for large orders YOU MAKE EXCEPTIONS. I used to work at a pizza place that went three miles out of our delivery area that already had a large delivery area because the customer ordered 12 pizzas. The restaurant lost not only the money for the large order, but any future business from anyone in that meeting and any yelpers reading that review. If I owned that place the hostess and the gm would be fired. Asking for your good to be boxed up is no more trouble then asking for a new fork because you dropped it on the floor. Simple request that could’ve easily been handled by saying “absolutely ma’am, when would you like that ready? Ok well have it ready for you, and thanks for choosing us” wow that sounds really difficult actually. I mean being polite and trying to increase revenue… tough job.

    1. Well it sounds like you’ve never worked in a restaurant before. And how do you know it was a large order? There could have been 3 or 4 people in the meeting. Besides the fact that they may not have lost the business of everyone in the meeting. If I was in a meeting with someone who acted the way they did I would feel sorry for the people at the restaurant. When they say they don’t do take out, the proper response is “Oh ok, thsnks, I’ll call somewhere that does” and order from someplace else.

    2. No they did not need to make an exception. And a pizza place that delivers is not the same as a restaurant that already states, they do not serve take out. Not the same thing.
      And probably the only reason this restaurant was chosen is because they were across the street. Less time to get the food, less to tip if not delivered.
      Was your 14 years of food service in pizza and fast food joints? And if you owned that place, wouldn’t you question why someone who posts a negative review of your service when you didn’t even serve them? I would’ve been ready to sue them for slander and libel. Not only is she posting a negative review but is also only giving her side of the story. I would not be surprised if after this review other places this woman and her lawyer husband frequent start defending themselves.

    1. That^^^ is a terrible thing to do. I don’t agree with Sonal’s complaints, other than the her concern about the manager’s rude, immature remarks(asking if her husband is a child). Sure, write her some hate mail because you don’t like her review! I’m no detective, but pretty sure that is some level of stalking.

      1. She put it out there. It was ridiculously easy to find. Look, I can’t say too much for fear of retaliation, but I knew this couple personally, and “dined” with them multiple times. They’re like this everywhere they go. They used to have an assistant/punching bag, but I think she had a psychotic break or something.

        1. Then my first assumption upon reading this post was correct: HUGE douchebags, BOTH of them!

          what, were there no chinese/pizza places nearby that deliver? let ’em starve!

        2. Just because you put your name on the internet, does not give people to be psycho stalkers and harass them. They wrote a bad review that some people disagree with…people can respond all they want, but emailing her personally is a whole new level. It’s just plain wrong. People have done way worse in this world…and THAT doesn’t even mean you should go harassing them.
          It does not matter the type of person she/they is/are! If they are truly that bad, then they are producing some bad karma.
          My stance will stand on this – no matter how bad someone complains, or just because they write a bad review, does not mean the restaurant taking criticism should react that way. They are then stooping to that person’s level, and taking away any credibility they(the restaurant) had in that situation. How they reacted wasn’t professional or hospitable, period(and this is supposed to be a high-end restaurant).

          Stalking/harassing = never acceptable…even if their info is on the internet, no matter how easy it is to find.

      2. Lol @ veiled legalese threats from a commenter posting as “E.K.” in Sonal’s defense. Subtle. I mean, I’m no detective, but the word you are clearly attempting to side-step is “lawyer.”

        I’m not about to send her an e-mail; that’s not my thing. That said, sending her a non-threatening e-mail in response to a public posting is a nuisance, not stalking. If someone saw a public advertisement for KC Labor Law, disagreed with it, searched for the business on Google & sent her a non-threatening e-mail expressing their disagreement, is that stalking? Hopefully, your answer to this is “no,” because any other answer is stupid. If you think that it might qualify as stalking, then under your misinterpretation, consider that Sonal herself a.) threatened the business (via the repeated mentioning of her husband’s career as a lawyer), b.) made repeated attempts to contact them, c.) sought them out via a search on the internet and d.) attempted to harm their reputation, and thereby their business, by publicly posting inflammatory claims against them. By your misinterpretation, she’s more guilty of ~some internet crime~ than anyone who attempted to contact her would be, yet nobody around here has been fool enough to accuse her of committing any crime worse than being a crotchety old whiner.

        She signed up for a Yelp account, added her name and picture, and publicly posted some whiny, entitled BS about a business for everyone to see. To ensure that they saw it, she even copied it and pasted it into Trip Adviser, again attached to her name, photo and location. She obviously wanted people to see what she had to say. What she didn’t want was for people to disagree with it, and certainly not to express their displeasure with her character en masse. Unfortunately for Sonal, she got the audience she sought.

        The world is not legally obligated to assuage her ego, and there is no governor on how many people may contact her at one time to express their disapproval. It does suck for her that so many are coming down on her at once. I’m never sure that the punishment fits the crime in that circumstance, but that is the nature of being a bitch publicly: 99 times out of 100, your comments will fade into the void, but that one time it doesn’t… Welp, you wanted an audience.

        1. Agree 100%

          I know this couple and they are ALWAYS like this. Very bitchy, very insistent on getting their way. Notice they refused to take no for an answer. They attempted to force another business to run in a way that the owner disagreed with, and then threatened reprisal when they didn’t get their way… then followed through on the threat. If Voltaire’s owner hadn’t stood up for his staff, they would have gotten away with bullying behavior. Instead, because he stood up to the bullies, they are getting a taste of their own medicine.

          Sonal and E.E. are very demanding, very high maintenance people who feel the need to throw their prestige around in order to make people respect them. They are the kind of smug, better-than-you vegetarians that make me keep eating meat just to be sure I don’t turn into one of them. He is so proud of being a lawyer, having gone to Harvard, that he has forgotten that it doesn’t actually make him better than anyone else or give him the right to push people around.

          Look at the law he practices. They specialize in union/labor relations law. Now, I don’t necessarily have anything against unions, but consider that their practice is based around pushing businesses to do things that the business doesn’t want to do. When you are talking about making a business be fair to its staff, that is just. But I think this couple gets confused and believes that anytime they force a business to operate in a way that it opposes, that is the same thing as winning one for the little guy.

          I wish I could tell you more about them without giving away who I am… Just let’s say they can’t imagine how many people they know who simply cannot bear them.

          1. Goober – if you really truly know them, and think they are such bad people, then tell them in person, to their face, that you don’t appreciate their behavior. Or, don’t associate yourself with them. Don’t just go anonymously bashing them on the internet. You’re now acting just as immature and ridiculous as Sonal’s demands/complaints, the restaurant manager’s insults, and William G.’s unprofessional response.

            Some life lessons to be learned here, people!

        2. Bunny…once again, as I’ve said to many peoples’ arrogant responses, read everything before you ramble on insignificantly. Although, I AM flattered that you think that I am a lawyer!
          By the way, don’t you think that if I were her husband, or whoever people are likening me to, that I would come up with any million-other names to go by on here?! Come on now.
          My answer to your question is, in fact, “no.” So, you continued on your soap box making assumptions that are irrelevant and untrue.
          And I agree with you, that if you throw an opinion/review out there, that people WILL respond, whether they agree or not…prime example right here. What YOU are doing that I disagree with, is you are making all these assumptions, and acting like I defended Sonal…I did NOT defend Sonal. Just because she acted poorly, doesn’t mean I agree with how the restaurant responded, both over the phone and in William G.’s response to the Yelp review. And just because I disagree with how the restaurant handled the situation(it was completely unprofessional and made them look bad), doesn’t mean that I agree with Sonal…I don’t! I would never complain about a restaurant not offering take-out. Once again, COME ON NOW!

          1. Thank you for being the voice of reason in this discussion, but I’m afraid we have an angry mob mentality and no amount of reasoning will dissuade the masses from getting vengeance on this [pretentious and unpleasant] woman and defending the restaurateur that they have never met nor heard of until this morning. Too bad people couldn’t get this worked up over the real injustices that we face in today’s society instead of a bit of dinner.

          2. I read some of your responses. Granted, I did not read them all, because you are responding to almost every single negative posting to tell people off for talking shit on Sonal, and it gets boring after awhile.

            Dumb people can be lawyers, too. Sonal and her husband are prime examples; law degrees require intense studying and preparation, but you don’t have to be intelligent to get through it, just persistent and motivated. This is also why I don’t take it for granted that Sonal’s husband might be fool enough to use his real initials, or take it as fact that your name is, “Elizabeth.” Shockingly, husbands and wives are also capable of disagreements, so your disagreement with how she handled things isn’t necessarily evidentiary, either. Your responses — their frequency, length and content (‘Say it to their faces, then; don’t hide behind the internet!’) — are what leads me to suspect personal involvement.

          3. Bunny – I’m thinking you just need to give it up with me.

            First of all, any-single-one of us COULD be Sonal’s husband…and you’ve chosen me. Why? Because I DIDN’T actually take the unnecessary and seemingly stalker-esque move to take to their webpage and find out who they are before I posted, and happen to have the same initials as the guy the majority of people on here think is her husband? YOU could be her husband!! Newsflash: I could have changed my initials with each new comment/post!! – Which leads me to my second point:
            You exaggerate, and are just plain wrong. I cannot stand people who exaggerate; it’s indicative of lying, of someone who doesn’t know well enough of what they’re speaking about to defend it, and of someone who is just hoping people will jump on their lazily-built bandwagon. But, I digress…back to the truth of the matter. More than 90% of these postings are negative towards Sonal and in support of the restaurant. I made TWO posts personally…TWO. I did defend against every negative comment or lie/assumption about me, that was on my thread, or if someone tried to call me out. I also commented on one particular stalker who put Sonal’s phone number on here…not because I was defending Sonal and her actions, but because I was defending a fellow HUMAN BEING. A HUMAN BEING who hardly warranted an internet backlash for her whiny complaint(that wasn’t even that bad!), much less HARASSING PHONE CALLS. So, do you think that is okay? Do you think it’s okay for people to put other peoples’ phone numbers on the internet, directing harassment? Or, because I defended another human being, not wanting anyone to get stalked, I must be her husband?

            Speaking of husbands, on to my third point. I have a husband, and he would NEVER speak ill against me in public, even anonymously, no matter how badly he disagreed with me(and we’ve had some big ones). We are not perfect, but I know that much to be true. Never. I might just be lucky in that area, but it is my general belief that any good husband would never do that to their own wife(if she turned out to be a murderer, or worse, then I could see it…but not to a negative-reviewing-Yelper, if you will). Let me add, though, that we have no idea if that guy people “found online” is her husband, nor do we know the dynamics of their relationship(even though people on here have had plenty to say about it). But, there I go digressing again…all because of your ridiculous, lazy claims against/at me. See, you’re making me dispute every little thing you say, because you are so wrong, and I am so stubborn.

            Lastly, don’t call me dumb. That makes YOU look bad. Which is EXACTLY my point against the restaurant. Once again, I say: The moment the manager on the phone insulted Sonal’s husband, he sank to his/her immature level. And then reiterated that fact in “William G.”‘s response when he rambled on, whining about “threats of a negative review,” and irrelevant comparisons. THE END. BAZINGA. BOOM. FIN. (Okay, so my ending may have gotten a little cocky…sorry about that.)

          4. Oh, and Bunny, I forgot to add, if it isn’t/wasn’t CRYSTAL CLEAR by now: I am NOT Sonal’s husband(but in all reality, it would not matter if I WERE her husband). AND I AM STILL NOT A LAWYER, BUT THANK YOU FOR THE COMPLIMENT!

          5. You keep saying things like, “I cannot stand…,” “you are making me…,” “don’t call me….” etc. Dialogue doesn’t work the way you think it works, both in defense of Sonal and in defense of your own actions. I’m not fucking you; ergo, I have zero obligation to stick to the terms of conversation you deem acceptable.

            With that frame of reference, it’s understandable why you are so defensive of Sonal, even if you aren’t her husband (who knows, who cares): You display the same character when disagreeing with someone, that presumption that you can set terms on dialogue, and that, whatever kind of ugliness you exhibit, the burden of ‘the high road’ is solely on the responder, not on the instigator. I’d offer you the same advice I’d offer Sonal: The world is not your significant other, and has zero obligation to assuage your ego or respond solely in ways you deem appropriate. If you don’t want to get called out, it might be more fruitful to not be an asshole, instead of expecting everybody else to adjust their behavior in response to assholes.

            Whatever you think, and whoever you are, I suspect Sonal isn’t the only one surrounded by a peer group that is regularly biting their tongue in response to her entitlement. I mean, honestly, you’ve called me ‘arrogant’, ‘lazy’, a liar, ‘immature’, said I was ‘rambling on insignificantly’ (who isn’t guilty of that here?), on and on… Then you’re suddenly outraged that I insinuated that you’re dumb; how dare I! I mean, from my vantage point, it’s easy to conclude — even incorrectly — that you’re her husband. You both live in the same bubble of delusion about your own behavior.

          6. To E.K.
            As you have to keep responding to people, I’m thinking you’re not fully reading or comprehending their responses. As much as you’ve been telling people they haven’t read through ALL of your posts you are doing the same here.
            Bunny did not call YOU dumb. She just makes a comment that dumb people can be lawyers. And truly I’ve watched people with college degrees and intelligence become idiots when shopping – dumb can be applied to anyone and everyone at any time, it’s not a personal attack. More often than not it just happens. I admit there are times when I am dumb and will admit it. If you’re going to take that as a personal attack or comment then maybe it’s time you stop reading and posting here.

  48. Unless this late business meeting was held in the dead center of Mojave desert, they could have called any number of places that DID have take out and/or delivery

  49. Well it’s probably a good thing she didn’t go in to eat, she sounds like a servers worst nightmare. Also, does she realize that by threatening the manager that she is going to write a bad yelp review she’s not only potentially harming the business but the entire staff that works there who had nothing to do with this conversation (besides the hostess). All because she was “starving”, which might I add did not stop her from writing the review. I think this manager did a perfect job of handling this. I understand going above and beyond, but when you do things for guests like her because they complain and raise hell if they don’t get what they want, then eventually that’s all your clientele will be.

  50. This is hardly “the most epic Yelp response ever.” I was a waitress for 7 years – doesn’t make me an expert, but I know how to treat a customer/guest with respect, even if they are unpleasant. Believe me, I’ve dealt with nasty, demanding people, to harassing pick-up-lines, to one party who brought their kids(who were all under 7) out at 12midnight, didn’t leave until after 1am….then left a pool of water AND a dirty diaper under their table(which I had to dispose of), all on top of a $1.46 tip from a bill over $200.00. They were my most special table ever.
    Anyways, while I wouldn’t have reacted the way Sonal did about a no-take-out policy, I completely disagree with how the restaurant handled the situation. The restaurant is a business, and working there is your/their profession. How “William G.” responded was completely unprofessional! Yes, she may have been an annoying customer/guest/phone call. Nonetheless, she is a person interested and willing to pay for your services. While I, personally, find it somewhat annoying when a place doesn’t have take out, if that’s policy, then that’s it. There’s your one and ONLY answer. While they didn’t give a verbatim script or recording of the conversation, here’s how a professional in the hospitality industry(the food/restaurant industry) would’ve handled it:
    Customer: What’s in the risotto stock?
    Hostess: I am not sure, let me find someone who knows, can you hold please?
    Then hostess comes back with the answer, or, if no one there really knows, come back and say: “I’m really sorry, but we don’t have an answer at this time. Can I call you back once we reach the chef/manager/owner who’s not here today? I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.” It would be embarrassing for the restaurant if no one working at the time that would know the ingredients to something they prepare, but, it happens.

        1. Nope, just a former server from Ohio. I would not have made a stink about anything that she did…but I still disagree with how it was handled. Because manners. Because, don’t stoop to levels that will make you look bad.
          Also, no offense to Sonal, but if I had, in fact, written a negative review about a situation I experienced, I would not have added unnecessary information like “we regularly travel to NYC..,” etc. Restaurants in NYC have nothing to do with a restaurant in KC.

          1. The Wedding Announcement of E.E. Keenan and Sonal (public domain) glowingly talks about the NYC wedding. Anyone who uses “E.E.” as their written name is undoubted an arrogant @$$. I wonder how E.E. and Sonal are feeling about this national attention? Hmm I wonder why Sonal closed her yelp account? If you can’t take the heat in the kitchen…..

          2. Ahhh…”…a former server from Ohio.” Your comment makes perfect sense considering Ohio is hardly known for it’s upscale dining establishments. you wouldn’t know class if it punched you in the face (although I’d sure like to see it try!)

          3. CeeEllEff….geez, I don’t even know where to begin about your presumptuous comment. I’m sorry, what state IS known for their upscale restaurants?? I’m curious what you think Ohio is known for? What other generalizations are you going to throw out there? What did I say that bothered you so much? I did not defend Sonal, nor did I defend the restaurant! They both acted and reacted poorly. In the future, read the text that you’re commenting on in entirety before insulting people.

          1. You are commenting on a public forum. People are allowed to respond to you with their opinion. Simple.

          2. Mrs.Mac down there⬇️(doesn’t give an option to reply to you)…annnnd I’m allowed to do the same by responding! Simple!

          3. Give it up E.K. The villages have their pitchforks out and you’re not going to persuade them not to calm down.

          4. Psam, do you mean I’m not going to persuade them to calm down, or not to calm down? And, it’s not about giving up, or not giving up; everyone’s throwing their opinions around, so I decided to add my two cents.

          5. EK, I totally agree with you and although we’re not in the majority the reality is simple,,, YELP is a restaurant review site and it was used as such. I along with 73 other people (at the time the article was written) found this review helpful. The business’ response was not professional and for claiming to be a fine dining restaurant less than what you should expect to receive in terms of customer service. I would like to say I don’t think they were completely out of line for their “no take-out” choice, however the reviewer simply reviewed the restaurant for what she experienced. Could they have easily boxed an order? Could she have been less entitled in her post? It really doesn’t matter…. The point is the restaurant should have responded more professionally – if at all and left it up to viewers of the complaint to decide if the woman was being irrational. Instead they humiliated themselves… IMO I would never dine here because of the comment by the business alone.

      1. E.K. = Edward Keenan!

        What happened? You don’t even have the creativity to muster up a set of initials that don’t identify who you really are?

        1. Hey Derek J. – you’re a stalker, and a crappy one at that! If you had read my posts or comments, and know how to draw a conclusion from the text in front of you, you would indeed know that I am not Edward Keenan, and I did not defend Sonal. Bravo, your reading skills are excellent!

          1. Correct, a hostess/host should know about the menu or at least be able to find someone who does, but that is neither here or there about what the complaint is about.

            The complaint happens to be about not giving in to a take-out request when a yelp statement clearly says no take-out. Granted it’s a little strange a place would deny service for take-out, but given that it’s a high end restaurant, I’m sure they have their reasons. It’s understood that you have served at a restaurant, but see it in a restaurant perspective than a server/customer’s perspective.

            A meal sitting in a box for take-out isn’t consumed at the proper temperature. A meal accidentally made incorrect and brought for take-out cannot be brought back to the kitchen and remade properly (we’re only human and we do make mistakes). These result in poor yelp reviews simply because people take out high end food. It is definitely in their prerogative to refuse that service if they don’t want business that might end poorly.

            Lastly, I want to comment on how you attacked his response. You agreed on all fronts that they were correct in standing by their no take-out policy and decided to fight the smallest misstep on a hostess ignorance. You felt his response was unprofessional and that he treated a customer poorly. He made his response to defend his establishment that was taking belittlement because they would not pack up a take-out box for them. If he had not responded, the restaurant would take a hit because her comment would be taken out of context. Given the circumstances, I thought it was the right thing to do. You stand up for your company no matter what it is, be it a restaurant or a law firm. They responded with answers fitting for the most part. The only part in which they “stooped to their level” was the last little comment towards the end i thought, but other than that it was a well composed response.

          2. Le N., you clearly misunderstood what I wrote, and seemingly only skimmed through it he post. It’s lengthy, so I understand not reading it all, but it is best to be fully prepared and knowledgable of what you’re reading, before you respond.
            I did not attack or fight the hostess’ misstep for not knowing what was in the risotto stock…the complainer didn’t even tell us what the hostess said, exactly. I only gave an example of what could’ve/should’ve been said/done, that would have been appropriate. Also, I know very well the reasons for a high-end restaurant not offering take-out, which is the reason I did not “attack” them for their policy. I don’t know why you commented negatively about what I said, because you did not disagree with me, other than you think it was “a well composed response”[by William G.]., and I do not. This may have been a funny way for, say, “the bitchy waiter” to respond by posting it on their website. It is not, however, professional for a person representing the restaurant to give such an immature and incriminating response(no matter how immature and inappropriate one thinks Sonal’s complaint was, which I’ve stated in these posts/comments/threads many, many times). It is bad for business, and reflects poorly on the restaurant. Also, the manager who spoke with Sonal/Sonal’s husband absolutely was wrong in calling her/him a child, questioning if she/he was an adult!! As a business, you cannot insult people no matter what!! The business then becomes at fault! And, like I’ve said, it may be an appropriate or even warranted way to FEEL as the manager/restaurant/William G., but as a business, you do not retaliate…especially in public. Come on now.

    1. I agree that going above and beyond is usually the right thing to do. However, no business should ever have to compromise its standards. Not all food travels well. I work in a restaurant that will do take out orders but never over the phone. Our food doesn’t travel well and is crafted to be enjoyed in-house. So he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. I would much rather get a bad review about a service that’s not offered than a bad review about a product that I compromised my standards on. And just because you are the consumer does not give you the right to be an asshole. More people like her should be called out.

      1. Well said, Brad. I’v worked in the industry long enough to know that the customer is not always right. Yes, we should be professional and polite when dealing with (potential) customers, but that doesn’t mean we should tolerate threatening behaviour from a disgruntled, petulant, child-like woman who decides to have a tantrum every time she doesn’t get her way. Pandering to her immaturity will only serve to perpetuate this ridiculous behaviour. I think William was completely right to cut her down to size. Just because we’re in the service industry doesn’t mean we should allow people to think it’s tolerable for them to act in a completely uncivilised fashion. Sonal, I think you’ve got a lot of growing up to do before you’re let out into the world again. Good luck with that!
        I hope Voltaire continues to prosper. I look forward to a delightful sit-down meal if I’m ever in town.

      2. Thank you Brad. That is a concept that people that don’t appreciate fine dining don’t get. It IS an art people, fine dining is nourishment AND art. They’re not separable. That’s why we have take-out restaurants and fine dining restaurants.

    2. Sorry, yes you’re entitled to your opinion and you’re not the only person here who has worked in the food service industry with crappy guest experiences. But in this case I can’t blame the restaurant fighting back.
      If I had been in this woman’s place, I might have asked if they could make a special case for their meeting and offer to tip big. But once she crossed the line and threatened to post a negative review, they had every right to defend themselves to a rant review of someone who did not even set foot in their restaurant much less eat their food.
      In the past, people decided where to eat out based on either food critic reviews, who would’ve sampled the food or by word of mouth of friends, neighbors or coworkers. Today a Yelp review, or any website, gives anyone the chance to post a ‘bad’ experience and no one can question the truth of it. And as I’m seeing several people here are stating this woman gives terrible reviews, how much damage do you think she’s’s doing to other establishments that don’t deserve her wrath?
      The manager stayed as professional as possible in his response to her review.
      And seriously you need to chill. You’re dialogue of how this went down is overdoing it. From what I read of her review and the response, I highly doubt the restaurant insulted her husband. If anything she probably has super hearing and heard a side comment over the phone. And what does it matter if her husband is a lawyer to the restaurant? Ooohh we’re scared that the husband lawyer is going to come after us for sticking to our business and reserving the right to refuse service.
      As to you, the comments are rambling on here and are overdone, like you have to defend yourself to all the comments that have nothing to do with you personally. You don’t need to react and respond to everything posted, just let it go. Each time you have to respond and get the last word it just opens you up to more comments.
      And as to this woman, Sonal? I don’t find it difficult to believe that she acts entitled because she’s an office manager with a lawyer husband. And for all you know ‘anonymous’ and acquaintances have said something directly to her, maybe they no longer dine out with her anymore. If I had been in the meeting with her I would’ve told her to back down and find another place to eat or just take the meeting to the restaurant!
      I was in food service too and I’ve worked in customer service in one form or another. I learned a long time ago that I may serve people, but I am not their servant. I’m very good at what I do, I treat others as I would want to be treated. This whole thing was over a threat carried out for a bad review, on a restaurant that in no way deserved it. I’ve never had to deal with someone as bad as her, in fact I would purposely take on someone like her. My service had people walk away from me happy or satisfied that I worked my best for them. And you’re dialogue? Sorry, would never have gone down like that, even in a restaurant.

  51. I think this review and the response are examples of the worst of the high end food industry. People feel entitled, and view food service workers as servants rather than servers, a small spelling difference but the meaning is huge.

    However, when restaurants lose sight of what the product is they are bound to befuddle customers. Food is meant to be consumed. It is nourishment. When you push for performance art you are in the wrong business.

    1. It is obvious that you know nothing about culinary. Correct, culinary is not about or for performance art. But, culinary is about the taste of the food and the way the food is presented. Culinary is just like any other career. You work your best to make sure the end results are good. Every job you come across, no matter the title being the same, has different requirements and different rules on how things are done. This restaurant did not lose sight of their product. Losing sight is when they fail to present their food to the best quality when it comes to presentation and taste.

      Food is meant to be consumed, indeed. But one who knows nothing of food, whether it deals with the taste, presentation, and/or passion that comes out from the food, shouldn’t judge whether one has a right to be in the business or not be in the business. For sure, you lack the knowledge about the culinary world. The basic number one rule to culinary is being able to present the food. If the restaurant felt that to-go boxes was not going to do them good in doing so, they have every right to not take to-go orders.

  52. This is fantastic. The response fantastic. Those folks are the 2% of the population you will never, ever make happy, no matter what you do!

    1. It wasn’t an unreasonable request. It would not have been difficult to make her happy you plate the food in a box instead of a plate. Not that hard. And the hostess should have full knowledge of the menu if she’s in charge of answering phones. The business I’d entirely at fault.

      1. No the hostess does not need to have full knowledge of the menu. The waitstaff should. Hostesses make reservations and seat people. If it is stated they do not do take out then they are NOT required to provide take out.

      2. I’ve never been to Voltaire, but I wouldn’t DREAM of calling up a fine dining place and placing a to-go order. There are some places that serve food as an art-form, and you don’t place to-go orders there.

      3. It wasn’t an unreasonable request the first time she asked it. And it wasn’t unreasonable for the restaurant to say, “No, I’m sorry. We don’t offer that service.”

        It’s when she kept asking-slash-demanding it after the restaurant said no, threatening reprisal if her demands weren’t meant, that it became unreasonable.

      4. It doesn’t matter if the request was reasonable or not. The Yelp page specifically stated that they didn’t do take-out. It’s pretentious and silly, but thems the breaks. Find a restaurant that does take out, and stop your freaking whining. Oh, and if you’re not from a country experiencing a famine or war that makes farming or food delivery nigh impossible, don’t go bitching that you’re starving, honey. People will laugh at you.

      5. Matt it sounds like your as big a whiner as the batch in the story. If you don’t like it don’t eat there. There are plenty of restaurants that won’t serve ketchup with their steaks either. If you don’t like it go some where else don’t try to blast the place because they didn’t bow down to your every whim. People like that suck and deserve to be treated like shit.

      6. You are entirely wrong. You do not plate food into a box; that isn’t going to be the same. Hostesses would only need menu knowledge if they had to take a lot of to-go orders for some reason.

        The guest “I’d” entirely at fault for trying to force a restaurant to make a policy exception for her, and throwing a tantrum when they wouldn’t do it. The restaurant did nothing wrong, unless you consider failing to cater to a entitlement-minded special snowflake wrong. If you do consider that wrong, though, you’re a goddamn moron that likely tries to pull the same shit.

  53. What’s that joke again? “What do you call a douchebag attorney and his douchebag assistant sitting lifeless at the bottom of the ocean”?

    1. you guys are all small childen. anyone who knows anything knows that food and beverage AKA this company is SUPPOSED to focus on hospitality…that’s why there are waiters instead of ppl grabbing their own food at a buffet. This restaurant should have catered to the customers wants and needs..if they have to go containers then they shouldn’t fight so hard to not let ppl have take out. I get that the website says no you out, but you cant blame professionals who are literally right across the street from trying to get some take out grub. I would never eat at this place again and write a bad review also. THey are so concerned with their “presentation” because their food tastes like shit and they need it to look nice in order for people not to puke. And if the hostess didn’t know what the broth was made of maybe her dumb ass could have just asked someone.. If your NOT going to be accommodating and hospitable, get out of the HOSPITALITY business..Food and beverage is listed under hospitality majors in college. hmm..maybe the GM of this company should have actually WENT to COLLEGE

      1. Why have you posted the same rant 5/6 different times? Especially with such bad grammar/spelling while talking about how people need more education? You realize that this makes you look crazy, right?

      2. Please continue to post rants like this. I’m not sure if it is your lack of spelling, grammar, or general lack of knowledge in regards to the topic that is giving me a semi… But I like it.

        Uncle Paul

      3. grew up and still has family in Indiana, bachelor’s through 2002 at Swarthmore in PA, JD through 2007 at Washington U of Law in MO, worked in NYC, and has one family member working in NYC.

      4. Jennifer:

        I am certainly not an English professor and, in fact, I often make spelling and grammar errors. Nevertheless, based upon your obvious need of assistance, please find the below suggested revisions:

        [You]you guys (and women] are all small [children]childen. [Anyone]anyone who knows anything [about what Jennifer?] knows that food and beverage [(i.e. this [restaurant]company)] AKA this company is [supposed] SUPPOSED to focus on hospitality. [That’s]that’s why there are waiters [and waitresses] instead of [people] ppl grabbing their own food at a buffet. This restaurant should have catered to the [customers’] customers wants and needs [If]if they have [to-go] to go containers[,] then they shouldn’t [have fought] fight so hard to not let [people] ppl have [take-out] take out. I get that the website says [“No Take-Out”] no you out, but you [can’t] cant blame professionals [,] who are literally right across the street [,] from trying to get some [take-out] take out grub. I would never eat at this place again and [I would] write a bad review also. [They] THey are so concerned with their “presentation” because their food tastes like shit and they need it to look nice in order for people not to puke. [Jennifer, you will now want to find someone to look up “ad hominem attack” and explain it to you in very small words] [Don’t start your sentence with “And”] And [If] if the hostess didn’t know [the ingredients in the broth] what the broth was made of [,] maybe her [dumb-ass] dumb ass could have just asked someone.. [only one period necessary at the end of a sentence] If [you’re] your [not] NOT going to be accommodating and hospitable, get out of the [hospitality] HOSPITALITY business..[again, only one period is required] [“Food and Beverage”] Food and beverage is [a class] listed under [Hospitality”] hospitality [major courses] majors in college. [Hmmm] hmm..maybe the GM of this company should have actually [attended college] WENT to COLLEGE [.] [But not Swarthmore College in New York or else they would write like Jennifer.]

        By the way, I worked as a dishwasher, a busboy, a barkeep, a waiter, an assistance cook and a head cook in high school and as I put my way through undergraduate university and law school (and, I have sat for and passed 3 state bar exams, one US territory bar exam and the US Patent & Trademark bar exam and have been practicing law for 25 years). As such, I believe that renders me as having a pretty solid opinion as to the restaurant owner, his policies, and the conduct of the paralegal and her lawyer husband. The restaurant owner was completely correct to uphold his standards (even if they hadn’t been posted, although they were) and the young arrogant couple were completely in the wrong to believe they deserved something that no other patron received and, even more in the wrong, to try to intimidate and threaten like two spoiled brats.

  54. On Yelp and other review sites, I often include a suggestion to read others’ reviews before deciding whether they have merit or not. Some people just like to bitch, all the time. Many of them do end up in my office.

  55. Most of her yelp reviews are either 1’s or 5’s. It seems as if any resistance to her wild demands is met with shrieking hysterics. “Can I rate it a 0?” Comes up a lot.

  56. What a great example of a restaurant standing up to impossible people. The state of restaurant dining has died in America. The vast majority of diners do not even read the menu!! More often than not guests usually tell their server what they want regardless of the available menu items! I work in a Greek restaurant and have had to tell guests repeatedly that we do not have American hamburgers, even after time enough to read the entire menu. These people take it personally that you cannot accommodate there extraneous menu whims!! I’m becoming sick of this industry when I used to love everything about it!!

    1. Putting food in a box is not the same as giving the customer some you physically cannot do. If you don’t have the product you don’t have the product. However asking to have your food boxed up is something that any restaurant should be able to and willing to do

      1. No it isn’t. Being able to ‘physically’ do something should not be the standard that any establishment should be held to. Pretty much any restaurant can physically make a grilled cheese sandwich, even if it is not on their menu. But that doesn’t mean that they should have to make one because the customer feels like ordering it anyway. Likewise, if a business does not offer takeaway as a service, they shouldn’t feel obligated to do it. Sometimes I like to get food to go, and I go to the appropriate restaurants. But sometimes I want to go somewhere a little more special, and I am glad those places don’t do takeaway and have a constant stream of people coming in their sweatpants to pick up their food. Because that is their niche in the market and besides, they really DO put the effort into gorgeously presented food that shouldn’t be ruined by pouring it into a box.

      2. Part of what a restaurant is is an experience; it isn’t just food. Anyone can cook food ( well, the state of the average American’s domestic skills actually put the lie to this) at home, but when you are going to a restaurant, you’re paying extra for the total experience.

        Many restaurant owners and chefs view their dishes as an expression of their talent and philosophy; as such they will not compromise their vision. This can include refusing to box food to-go. In their position it is their right. And further, it does not fit their business model to have service flows and guest experiences interrupted by ringing phones and a revolving door of take-away guests.

        In your position, it is your freedom to choose to which restaurant you go. If you want food-in-a-box you can go to every fast-food restaurant and just about every corporate-owned quick-service/casual-dining TG-Crapple-Garden-Cake-Factory box store out there; there are dozens from which to choose. There are even several high-end establishments that do offer take-away, so I would hardly describe the average patron’s choices as limited.

        Respect a business’s right to choose how they conduct (lawful, before anyone tries to build *that* straw man) business.

        1. Yeah, and you know after these people demanded to have food put in to-go containers, they were going to then leave a 2-star review saying the food “wasn’t hot enough” or that the “presentation was bad”. Karma is a bitch, which you would think Sonal Bhatia should have known already. Now their website is getting negative publicity… it doesn’t feel good to have your business and livelihood smeared online does it?

        2. This is interesting. The restaurant owners should be able to choose how they run their business. Some customers may not understand, and they may lose those customers. But if that’s the way they want to do things, then fine. This made me think of the lawsuits against cake vendors and wedding photographers who declined to sell their product/services for same sex weddings (but would happily work with those same customers for other events).

      3. Well in that case, why don’t you have your auto mechanic color and style your hair? I mean he is physically able to, right? 😉 Not quite the same my friend. Being a fine dining chef, is looooong training, loooooong hour and long everything, except paycheck. When some one makes a request that puts all the effort you put into ambiance of the dining room, training of your staff, presentation and even quality of the food (youd be surprised how quickly a dish will degrade when placed in a card board box instead of an appropriately chilled or warmed plate) then, why bother? Just because some one is willing to pay for it, doesn’t mean you should lower the standard of your craft and effort. Sometimes its not about the $, its about doing it well or not at all. Restaurants can and do have the right to refuse services.

      4. You’re an idiot. If someone were to ask me to “physically” walk into your house and “physically” take a crap on your carpet, I should oblige because “physically” I can do both?

  57. OMG – read some of this chicks other YELP reviews – can you say “HIGH MAINTENANCE”?? holy crap – she’s going to tell her husband, she’s going to call him and tell him everything, her husband’s not going to be happy – and the topper – they are BOTH vegetarians and want the food world to revolve around them. Honey, if you aren’t going to a strictly vegetarian restaurant, then how dare you expect the chef to completely re-arrange his menu for you, you pain in the a$$! LOVE LOVE LOVE Voltaire’s owner’s response!! A+++ to him and if I’m ever in that neighborhood, i’ll definitely be paying them a visit!!!

      1. only a loser would think harassing ppl is a “good job” hmm..i wonder how many ppl on here have a college degree and/or a good paying job? or actually know what their industry standards are.
        you guys are all small childen. anyone who knows anything knows that food and beverage AKA this company is SUPPOSED to focus on hospitality…that’s why there are waiters instead of ppl grabbing their own food at a buffet. This restaurant should have catered to the customers wants and needs..if they have to go containers then they shouldn’t fight so hard to not let ppl have take out. I get that the website says no you out, but you cant blame professionals who are literally right across the street from trying to get some take out grub. I would never eat at this place again and write a bad review also. THey are so concerned with their “presentation” because their food tastes like shit and they need it to look nice in order for people not to puke. And if the hostess didn’t know what the broth was made of maybe her dumb ass could have just asked someone.. If your NOT going to be accommodating and hospitable, get out of the HOSPITALITY business..Food and beverage is listed under hospitality majors in college. hmm..maybe the GM of this company should have actually WENT to COLLEGE

        1. Still paying off that student loan are ya? Lmao! Only idiots like you post stupid comments like the one you posted. Apparently you think a college degree makes you special. Hence the attitude and entitlement mentality that you present in your post. Plenty of people out there today with college degrees that can’t get a job or are having to work at low paying jobs. I personally have a good job and never went to college. You are entitled to your opinion, but it’s just an opinion. Cherish it, embrace it, because after all, it is yours!

        2. If PEOPLE (because the word people has vowels in it) are telling you that you sound stupid because of your grammer, you should probably be more conscientious of it in your next response. Continuing to use bad grammer really only re-enforces their point that you are too stupid for words.

    1. Ugh. The guy wearing the dumb white t-shirt under his golf shirt.
      I wouldn’t hire his firm just because of the lousy photo.

      1. Maybe if they focused on developing a decent website instead of writing crappy web reviews they could afford to sit at a nice restaurant.

    2. who doesn’t have a life? THIS guy!! really? your harassing ppl on their professional website? GET a life..or um..maybe a job..or go to college..or something loser..your just a hater bc they make money..if it were a waitress having this done to her by another restaurant I GUARENTEE the responses would be different.
      you guys are all small childen. anyone who knows anything knows that food and beverage AKA this company is SUPPOSED to focus on hospitality…that’s why there are waiters instead of ppl grabbing their own food at a buffet. This restaurant should have catered to the customers wants and needs..if they have to go containers then they shouldn’t fight so hard to not let ppl have take out. I get that the website says no you out, but you cant blame professionals who are literally right across the street from trying to get some take out grub. I would never eat at this place again and write a bad review also. THey are so concerned with their “presentation” because their food tastes like shit and they need it to look nice in order for people not to puke. And if the hostess didn’t know what the broth was made of maybe her dumb ass could have just asked someone.. If your NOT going to be accommodating and hospitable, get out of the HOSPITALITY business..Food and beverage is listed under hospitality majors in college. hmm..maybe the GM of this company should have actually WENT to COLLEGE

      1. It’s “guarantee” not “guarentee”, “children” not “childen” and please learn when to use “you’re” vs. “your”.

      2. Dear Jennifer,

        You do realize posting the same thing to everyone’s comment, calling them “small children” and uneducated, while misspelling every other word, and using abbreviations such as “bc” (that no successful person over the age of 18 does), is really turning this into a joke about you? YOU’RE THE JOKE!

        If it says no take out on the website, then guess what the hell that means? NO TAKE-OUT. idiot.

        Yours truly,
        Some guy

      3. Jennifer why do you keep posting that same garbage over and over again? First off learn to spell and then repost repeatedly. Second why do you assume no one posting here has a job or went to college. You must be real fun always telling everyone about your undergrad education.

  58. This is easily the best yelp debate I have ever read. Props to the restaraunt manager for making the douche bag look like the, well, douche that he is. Bravo!

    1. you guys are all small childen. anyone who knows anything knows that food and beverage AKA this company is SUPPOSED to focus on hospitality…that’s why there are waiters instead of ppl grabbing their own food at a buffet. This restaurant should have catered to the customers wants and needs..if they have to go containers then they shouldn’t fight so hard to not let ppl have take out. I get that the website says no you out, but you cant blame professionals who are literally right across the street from trying to get some take out grub. I would never eat at this place again and write a bad review also. THey are so concerned with their “presentation” because their food tastes like shit and they need it to look nice in order for people not to puke. And if the hostess didn’t know what the broth was made of maybe her dumb ass could have just asked someone.. If your NOT going to be accommodating and hospitable, get out of the HOSPITALITY business..Food and beverage is listed under hospitality majors in college. hmm..maybe the GM of this company should have actually WENT to COLLEGE

      1. Jennifer, the thing is that a customer wanting only take out is not the customer this restaurant wants; just like BMW isn’t likely to be considered with what you have to say about them.

        Also, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you went to college, but you likely didn’t study English.

        And to Chris’ point – you are dumb.

      2. Your the small child, ever heard the phrase “no means no”? You can’t make exceptions for one guest, it isn’t fair to all the others. Plus, the chefs work hard to plate every meal, throwing it in a Togo box is an insult. I’m sure there was another place near by that offered take out.

      3. Bitch, I mean Jennifer, no, I mean bitch- shut up. You do not know jack shit about what you are talking about. Every point you tried to make is just stupid… like you. You cannot bend the rules for one person because then you will have to for everyone else AND/OR Sonal will come back again saying how she had take out from there before and try to get them to bend the rules for her annoying ass yet again. It’s her own fault for not reading the restaurant’s page which clearly indicates that they do NOT do take out food! Sonal acted like the small child and you have the brains of a small child.
        I hope Sonal divorces her husband… you both were made for each other…

      4. Most owner/exec chefs open a business for one reason and one reason only. The food. And of course their passion for it too. Trust me, they don’t open a restaurant to please every possible customer walking through their door. The lovely thing about being in America is the freedom of choice… including restaurants. People really need to get over themselves and stopping being so fucking selfish when it comes to eating out. If it’s not prepared your way…. go home and cook it yourself. Problem solved. Bottom line the customer is not always right and if you don’t like what is offered here I’m sure someone else would appreciate your business because the people working their tail ends off… don’t want to deal with you.

  59. This is both wonderful and terrible. As a restaurant employee, I’m a firm believer that I do what I can for my guests, sometimes going above and beyond. Would I have done the to-go anyway as an exception? Maybe. That said, as a guest, I’m not going to expect a business (restaurant or otherwise) to go against their practices and rules.
    I’m a bit curious as to how they managed to post the review so quickly if they were in such an important meeting…

    1. as a restaurant employee are u aware your job is listed under HOSPITALITY in degree study work?
      anyone who knows anything knows that food and beverage AKA this company is SUPPOSED to focus on hospitality…that’s why there are waiters instead of ppl grabbing their own food at a buffet. This restaurant should have catered to the customers wants and needs..if they have to go containers then they shouldn’t fight so hard to not let ppl have take out. I get that the website says no you out, but you cant blame professionals who are literally right across the street from trying to get some take out grub. I would never eat at this place again and write a bad review also. THey are so concerned with their “presentation” because their food tastes like shit and they need it to look nice in order for people not to puke. And if the hostess didn’t know what the broth was made of maybe her dumb ass could have just asked someone.. If your NOT going to be accommodating and hospitable, get out of the HOSPITALITY business..Food and beverage is listed under hospitality majors in college. hmm..maybe the GM of this company should have actually WENT to COLLEGE

      1. MMM, if you want to eat out of to go containers go somewhere else! Why should a business be FORCED to meet every demand? If I go in there and order trout even though they don’t serve it, should somebody go fishing? No, because that is idiotic.

        Also- day one of working in the hospitality industry (or just enjoying the food you eat) is that you eat first with your eyes. A disgusting, cold, jumbled mess in a to-go box container wouldn’t make that a good experience. This is a restaurant that obviously cares about quality over quantity. If you want quantity, go to McDonalds. They have served over a billion burgers and from what I understand, they do to-go food.

        Here’s to restaurants that offer an exceptional EXPERIENCE!

        Oh, and it’s “should have GONE to college”.

        1. The “me first” customer is always a curse on those of us in the industry.

          Here’s the thing, what the chef says and does about his food is HIS or HER decision, no one else. In corporate America, the customer comes first, but in the foodie world, the FOOD comes first, not a customer’s nagging.

          Go to fucking Applebee’s if you all have a problem with fine dining– I’ll be having the best meal of my life because I don’t feel as though I’m entitled to anything as a customer. One bad review on Yelp isn’t going to change a chef’s mind, either. You’re stupid for thinking that.

          P.s.; learn how to make your own fucking risotto, too, if that’s the case. Also, stay home and eat if the way SOME ONE else wants to run their business bothers you.

      2. Perhaps they would rather pass on those who do not appreciate their in house presentations of their food. I work for a corporate restaurant, and trust me it is very hard to kiss ass every single day to the people out there, aka the people in this scenario, that want us to do things differently to ‘accommodate’ them. When really its a self righteous asshole using his title as a guest to get what they want. When I read the replies I can get a good feel of who is in the industry and who is not. I challenge those who are not to try working in the restaurant business for a month to fully understand what we go through on a daily basis. The guest is not always right, and when they so no to go, then go somewhere else.

      3. A lot of restaurants do not do take-out. They focus on their in house guests only. You apparently do not know how high end restaurants work. Just because they are across the street that doesn’t matter. If they did it for them they’d have to do it for everyone and then eventually they become a take out restaurant. Please know what you’re talking about before you post things.

      4. The issue here is not the request. I admit, it was a reasonable request that wouldn’t have been too difficult to accommodate. The fact that they were unwilling to comply with the request may have been frustrating but the real issue here is the hissy fit unique to white collar professionals that came after. Sensible, average people would probably have been equally frustrated at not getting their way, but have the life experience to remind them that that is sometimes the case. The professionals in this scenario displayed very ugly character.

        First, not moving on to another restaurant after it became clear this particular one could not or would not comply.
        Second, attempting to use their title and position to coerce special favors.
        Third, threatening and then attempting to harm the business with the review, even though the only thing the business was guilty of was being a little rigid with it’s policies.

        These actions are not unlike a toddler begging mommy for an unreasonably priced toy at the store. And that’s what you’re defending… poorly.

        Well, that’s my rant. May we never meet as I would be very tempted to punch you in face.

      5. Jennifer, You a a cold hearted, McDonald’s eatin’, uneducated, grammatically incorrect, stuck up bitch. That’s why you only have 2 friends and your Dad does’t want to talk to you anymore.


      6. Why are you suggesting others go to college when you have the grammatical/spelling skills of a high-school dropout? Lol

      7. If they do it for one person then they’d have to do it for everyone which would defeat the purpose of them offering NO TAKE OUT. Those a-holes could have gone somewhere else for take out.

      8. You’re wrong, Jennifer. Hospitality does not mean breaking the rules for one group just because they are “right across the street.” If they break the rules for them this time, they’ll call them again later and expect the same thing. Then they’ll have others saying, “But you did it for my friends.”

        “maybe the GM of this company should have actually WENT to COLLEGE.” Should have GONE to college.

      9. Did YOU go to college, Jennifer? If you did, you should have learned to use “your” and “you’re” properly; that can’t has an apostrophe; and by capitalizing “WENT”, you called attention to your incorrect usage. You should have “GONE” to college. (But perhaps you were skipping class in order to stuff your face.) If you can’t pull it off properly (and you fail miserably in your final statement), you should get out of the SARCASM business.

        1. You’re forgetting “ppl” Scott. There is no such word as “ppl” except in illiterate/text messaging speak. Lol.

      10. I cannot believe the final declaration of this post was “maybe the GM of this company should have actually WENT to COLLEGE.” After struggling through your poor spelling, grammar, and utter ignorance, I was brought to tears from laughing so hard at this statement. The manager of this restaurant demonstrated his education beautifully and it is beyond that of a first grader, where you have demonstrated your highest academic achievement. His analogy was spot-on as well. If a business doesn’t specialize in what you’re asking for, you can’t expect them to meet your demands. You wouldn’t go to McDonald’s and demand that they serve your cheeseburger on a plate with a garnish. You wouldn’t be disappointed to find that Taco Bell’s dining room isn’t fitted with table cloths, candles, and a floral centerpiece on each table. You wouldn’t walk into Burger King and have a seat, ask for a menu, and yell at the cashier for not coming to your table to take you wine order.

      11. Every restaurant has the right to be run as they see fit. Hotels also fall under “hospitality”. Anyone who knows anything about hotels knows that there are a wide variety of hotel types and levels of service. Interestingly enough, there are different types and styles of restaurants who provide precisely the services the owners determine to provide. Sort of like how different restaurants may offer different cuisines and menus. It’s sort of like demanding beef enchiladas, tacos and refried beans at a sushi restaurant and bitching because they REFUSE to serve you precisely what you want. Falling under the heading of HOSPITALITY has nothing to do with customers who are petulant because the restaurant has never offered what they specifically want. If someone wants takeout, my suggestion would be to order from a restaurant that provides takeout rather than a restaurant that does not provide takeout. It’s a lot less painful than making a fool out of yourself to everyone in cyberspace.

      12. This is a privately owned restaurant and the owner gets to decide on the policies. If the owner doesn’t want to do take out, the owner doesn’t have to provide take out. This is not a violation of anyone’s rights. I have a feeling there would be some other take-out restaurant within shouting distance as McDonald’s (which does a fantastic take out, I’m told) is typically EVERYWHERE.

        I’m always fascinated by people who rant about other people needing to attend college when their own post is peppered with grammatical errors. Keep your day job as a server.

        And THIS post IS coming from a former server who is also a graduate of college.

      13. Have you ever worked at a restaurant? I am assuming no, because it is clearly impossible to accommodate every single guest’s needs. I worked in one to support myself through college. If their policy is no take-out food, then breaking that policy for just one guest, makes it impossible to tell other guests ‘no’. All it takes is someone seeing that person get take-out food and then they feel entitled for the rules to be bent for them too.

        I’m assuming you meant “if YOU’RE* not going to be accommodating and hospitable…”

        Perhaps you should join that GM you mentioned back to college and start with basic English.

      14. Did you you mean “GONE to college”?

        That was the perfect adjunct to the “me me me” level of your puerile response.

      15. If you are on stuck on defining roles by dictionary terms, as you said, the hostess didn’t know the ingredients, and you call her a “dumbass”… Hostess and host roles don’t require exact knowledge of menu items, build, or included ingredients.

      16. Seriously??? It is stated that they want the guests to dine in to ensure the food is well presented and at the right temperature. As a restaurant employee, I can not believe how RUDE people are. You are obviously one of them… First : Host/hostess are trained to do their job. SEAT PEOPLE. Now, while they may know about the food offered, they don’t always know exactly how everything is prepared, and you shouldn’t expect them to. They just do their damn job. Second : I don’t know if you know of this place, but there is a restaurant called Opus 9. They are a 4 Star restaurant and everyone who works there busts their ass everyday for rich snobs. (I don’t work there, but I have been there and I have heard the horrible guests be assholes). Now, since they take pride in their food, they do not offer To-Go services. That is the point of a restaurant. You go in, you SIT DOWN, and you enjoy the place… You ever wonder why it’s so expensive? Because you are paying for the atmosphere. If she wanted take out food so bad, they could’ve gotten Chinese, or Pizza. By the way, take out services take up A LOT of time in restaurants. Most places hire people to just do take out if they are busy enough. But, some places aren’t busy enough and can’t afford it. If a place doesn’t offer take out, then they just don’t offer take out. Point blank. It is not you damn “right” to get take out food from a business. It is the business’ right to offer it or not. Mind you, I myself would have boxed up the food, and just told them that it was a one time deal and WILL NOT be happening again. (But that is how you get guests who come back and say “Well, last time I was here, they did it for me… So you just won’t do it now? OMG you are soo horrible. I can’t believe this. I am going to die.”… ) Seriously, if you don’t believe me, then go work in a chain restaurant for 4 years… Then tell me exactly how you feel. People talk about how horrible a place is because their Well-Done steak took well over five minutes. (In most places, a Well-done steak takes about 12-15 minutes to cook.) People like you are the reason that people quit their job. You think just because you are in a restaurant that you are entitled to everything. Guess what? you are also in public. The people there are only human beings, just doing their damn job. So suck it up, and get the hell over it. They already bust their asses doing what they do. I think anyone who commented on this with anything negative to say should go work in a chain restaurant for a few months… Then, only can they have any right to say anything. You don’t know the hell that guests put restaurant workers through… This example up here, is only a small portion of what happens on a daily bases.

      17. I, for one, have a bachelors in business management, and yep, you guessed it, I work in the food service industry. I know exactly what my business’ classification entails; hospitality! In this case it meant inside the restaurant! There is reason for specific policies like this. Believe it or not, chefs usually go to culinary arts school and take pride in their presentation. People like you and the bad review writer are the cause of enforced policies like this. When a business bends the rules for this one guest, it results in a call of complaint because the guest didn’t receive the picture perfect entree they ordered. Why you ask? Because they didn’t take care of the boxes when slinging them into the passenger seat and yet the fault lies on the business.
        I assume you understand the meaning of “carry out” Ms. College degree, in case you don’t, it means the guest come in to pick it up correct? Why not take the extra 30 minutes to dine in and get the quality that is behind this concept if you’re already taking the time to come pick it up?
        This manager did something that you and Sonal are obviously not accustomed to, they said no. Do rules not apply to your class of people? I apologize for the misleading ideals you all have.
        Next time you go to a restaurant, maybe you should begin the conversation with your server with honesty. You expect good service, well prepared food, and the server to run themselves to death for your pocket change, only for you to look down your nose at him/her because they are working in the hospitality business.
        MOST of my servers are young, hardworking people who are putting themselves through college, but you wouldn’t know anything about that would you? I’m sure your college degree was earned on daddies dime.
        People who actually earn their degree in every sense of the way, deserve real respect.
        Next time someone like you comes into my place of business with a sense of entitlement, I will direct them right down the road to Mcdonalds and advise them that they are more than happy to serve their needs for take out…

      18. Maybe you should go to college and learn some grammar. Don’t they teach you how to proof read there? It’s “you’re”.

      19. Hospitality does not mean treating the customer like they are right when they are wrong. Rules are there for a reason and as a guest in a restaurant you should act accordingly as well and respect that. This self entitled nonsense of people needs to stop, unfortunately the bigger chains find it easier to comp everything and sweep it under the rug to avoid complaints rather then do the right thing!

        Presentation doesn’t mask anything, it is part of the pride taken in the preparation of food, obviously something you don’t know anything about.

        This is a great example of why restaurants shouldn’t offer take out food in the first place.

      20. Restaurants are not hospitals. They’re job listings would not go under “hospitality”. If you have a problem with the rules of an establishment, then go somewhere else (unless of course noone can inflate your ego as much as you want them to). It’s called the food service industry and although being hospitable is a very important trait in the field, I don’t think your high-mindedness with the addition of your obviously hyped up sense of self importance is gonna get a “hospitable” response anywhere. Restaurants have the right to refuse service. Your are obviously now just trying to convince everyone that your not as much of an donkey as the whole inter web thinks you and your husband are.

        Our entire Constitutional Law Class

      21. Stop giving a bad name to universities with all your snobbery.

        Some restaurants don’t do take-out, get that through your wee little brain.

      22. Jennifer,
        Maybe you should have finished high school. Your English and grammar are terrible. A business owner has the right to run their business the way they see fit.
        I don’t blame them at all. I’m sure they aren’t the only restaurant in the area.

      23. @jennifer Hahahaha, wow. I’ll bet you’re the “I wanna speak to your manager” loud mouthed housewife/social welfare kinda person. I mean, you’re what’s wrong with review sites, sweetheart. You can’t even spell (i.e. “If your NOT going” is supposed to be “you’re”, oh, mighty college graduate), but you demand that service providers go above and beyond to cater to your sorry ass. You might wanna take another look in that three-fold mirror of yours and re-think your approach to people, just sayin’…

      24. You must not understand basic business. If you make an exception and do take out food for them once and word gets out than you’re going to constantly get asked from that point on. Why do you think chain and corporate restaurants gets fucked so hard? Cause the managers make “exceptions” for business all the time and then in turn the servers have to deal with entitled fucking pricks and get whatever they want. It’s his business. He can run it however he wants to. That’s the beauty of being your own boss.

      25. Maybe you would be able to spell “people” if you went to college. Are you stupid? Proper presentation isn’t primarily visual. It also is about the proper temperature, flavor, texture, and perhaps most importantly, the experience. If a business wants to practice a certain way, who is to stop them? Just like if you insist on having takeout, who am I to stop you from going to a place where they will be able to accommodate all of your bullshit needs? But don’t write a bad review that potentially damages a business’s reputation solely due to your inability to accept others’ decisions on how to run said business. You’re a disgrace to humanity.

      26. As a person who attended culinary school as well as being a resident of Kansas City I would like to mention that the restaurant in question is a “fine dining” establishment. Most places that are fine dining absolutely do not do takeout, and frankly it is considered insulting to even ask. What he said about temperature and presentation is correct, but the meal is more than that. Every aspect of that meal has been carefully deliberated on, including the restaurants ambiance, smell, indoor temperature, plate presentation, staff attentiveness, heck even the staffs uniforms are there to improve the experience of your meal. To ask for ‘to go’ version of that meal, diminishes the effort and the careful consideration put into every meal. It may seem rude, and I understand it would have been simple enough to do what the customer asked, but what the customer asked was essentially “You know 80% of the work you put into this meal? Forget about that, I don’t care about your presentation, I don’t care about the restaurant experiance you invested into, I don’ t care about the time and training you put into your staff to deliver perfection, I want the stuff you cooked so I may shovel it into my face and not have to look at it” the reason they don’t “do take out” is because what you are paying for is not food, it is everything. As a good manager you do NOT send out food that misrepresents you and your establishment, your choice is to compromise and diminish the quality of food or to uphold your restaurants proud standards.

      27. Uh-oh, a college student experiencing how the world is outside of their $500 textbook. Please don’t shit on people who you think didn’t goto college. Looking at your grammar, it doesn’t look like higher education did you a damn bit of good.

      28. Jesus christ, what a fucking nightmare you must be to hang out with.

        First of all, a huge number of the most successful people in the hospitality industry did not go to college and it hasn’t held them back. So get the fuck out of here with your elitist bullshit.

        Furthermore, every restaurant works differently. There is no general set standard for qualifications that a business has to meet. If you had ever worked in hospitality you would understand that most of these business are already pressed for time, space, and labor. Packaging food for takeout adds on to all of these potential problems and there are plenty of restaurants that are unable to dedicate the effort. There are also plenty of business that do offer take out, which typically solves the problem for people who aren’t spoiled, entitled pieces of garbage who believe that they should be able to get anything they want all the time always.

        In summation, Jennifer, you’re a cunt.

    2. Sonal has not passed her Bar exams & her student loan of 200k $ is still unpaid . Her brothers Sahil Bhatia & Saurabh Bhatia along with her husband EE are posting under various niks to defend Sonal Keenan Bhatia.

    3. No. No good restaurants do take out. It’s completely asinine to assume a restaurant that doesn’t do take out will make an exception just because you threatened them with a Yelp review. The customer is not always right.

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