Paula Deen Falls From Grace Into a Vat of Oleo

Paula, Paula, Paula…

Oh, Paula, you hurt me. You hurt me real bad. Deep down in the bottom of my soul, there is a dried up butter packet that used to be my love for you. It’s one of those little plastic cup kinds that you peel the foil off the top. You know, the kind you get at IHOP? When I heard about your scandal, my heart fell. Thankfully, my heart was wrapped in a blanket of fat because I have too many of your cookbooks, so my heart didn’t break or anything; it just hit the floor and then bounced back up and landed in a cereal bowl. No, it didn’t break, it just hurt a little.

I don’t know what to think, Paula. I always loved your crazy stick of butter ass, but now I hear that you made some comments that most people would perceive as pretty fucking racist. And then Food Network fired you. And now I just picture you sitting in your I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Hot Tub and crying. You know you made a mistake. It’s never a good idea to use the n-word, Paula. I agree, it’s a horrible word, but then again lots of people say it who don’t lose their job. And just typing “the n-word” seems weird because everyone knows what word is being referred to when you say “the n-word” but it’s okay to say “the n-word” but not the actual n-word.

Yeah, Paula, you fucked up. Then again, you were just being honest when you were asked if you’ve ever said it. Maybe if you’d been a little bit more honest about that whole “having diabetes thing,” people would be more willing to forgive you for this one, but it it seems like you’re kinda more done than a turkey at 8:00PM on Thanksgiving night. I don’t know what’s going to happen with you, Paula Deen. This country loves to forgive celebrities after they fall from grace, but I have a feeling we won’t be seeing much of you for a while. I too need some time to sort out my feelings about this whole mess.

In the meantime, I want to remember brighter days with you, back when I imagined you smelled like vanilla and Crisco. I want to remember that time that you were with Liza Minnelli and you watched her sing to a chicken. Good night, sweet Paula. Rest your weary head on your pillow of butter and hope for forgiveness. I mean, seriously, if even I am questioning your actions, how far have you fallen?

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31 thoughts on “Paula Deen Falls From Grace Into a Vat of Oleo

  1. Tom Stevenson

    I’m 55 years old and grew up in the deep south. Here’s a news flash. I’ve told racist jokes. I’ve used racist terms.


    Flash forward to 2013, and they’re not funny anymore. And, anyone who hasn’t figured that out is an idiot. So, why can’t we treat them the way idiots deserve to be treated and ignore them?

    Not forgive. Not accept. Ignore.

    When I think of the black people I know and love, I don’t feel that they are losing out on anything because some idiots don’t respect them. The idiots are the ones losing out. The offended group only loses if they let themselves worry what an idiot thinks.

    Remember, this wouldn’t be newsworthy if everybody still talked like that. They report on plane crashes because planes usually land safely.

  2. we$lie

    I love Paula and this doesn’t change anything for me. Who hasn’t used a derogatory word in their lifetime? The question they asked wasn’t “Have you said the n-word in the last 12-24-36 months? Or used directly in connection to one of your employees?” it was “Have you EVER used it?” Shoot, she’s 60 and lives in the south, it’s not right to use, but it sure was used when she was a kid, and a lot of (ignorant) people still say it now.

    So if Paula is fired for ever using the n-word, then anyone that has ever said faggot, homo, retard, cracker, white trash, ghetto, trailor trash should be fired as well. We all make mistakes, she’s owned up to it, let her be.

  3. KC

    Seems kinda ironic you can type the word ‘fuck’, but not ‘n-word’. Why is it the ‘n-word’ is so much worse than ‘fuck’ that you can’t type it?

    1. soozycue

      Yes, fuck is a bad word, but it is not derogatory. There is a big difference. The “N” word is directly putting down a whole race of human beings. Fuck does not have the same connotation.

      That being said, Paula Deen was asked in a deposition, “Have you ever used the ‘N’ word?” Her answer was, “Yes, of course.” Can any person, no matter their race, answer that question more honestly? She was honest.

      Did she use it in a derogatory manner? I don’t know the answer to that question. But can anyone say they have never uttered the word? I have, but never in a derogatory manner. Only to explain the ignorance of the word.

      And, it is also worth mentioning, that older people were not privy to the ignorance and hurtfulness of the word, until a few of decades ago. Many of those people have changed their views and opinions since then, through education and general empathy for humankind.

      I cannot speak for Paula Deen. I do not know her thoughts, or reasoning for what she does. People in the public spotlight must watch what they say and do, but so many famous people say ignorant shit, and come out smelling like a rose. I’m sure she will be no different.

  4. Confessions from the Hairdresser

    I’m still trying to figure out exactly what it is that she did wrong…

    Didn’t ‘Dog the bounty hunter’ get exposed for a similar tirade in which he contemptuously used the word several times in a present state? HIS show didn’t get cancelled, so WHAT THE HELL?

    I think that how celebrities faux pas are handled is completely subject to whatever mood the general public happens to be in at the time.

    1. Scargosun

      Did you read what she actually said? It was not just about ‘the n word’. It was also about her general feelings and actions. She is only apologizing b/c she saw how upset people got. She is upset that people are mad at her, not because she actually believed she did something wrong. Do you think any company dependent upon advertizing is going to want to deal with that? No. That is just good business sense. Dog the Bounty Hunter is an idiot. Everyone knows this. What ever cable channel he is on makes money off of advertizing to people who like him – infer what you want. Paula is not going to get the same draw back on the FN and people are not going to start watching her because they share her lovely Tara-age ideals.

  5. Robin CF

    This is disgusting and so are many of the comments. This isn’t about Paula “saying the wrong word.” It is about her being racist against African-Americans. It is about her feeling that there would be no consequences to her showing a lack of respect for the African-American community. She is racist and has racist views.

    She’s often treated ethnic people on her show like animals and pets. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why it made me uncomfortable, but now I get it. To her, that’s just an okay way to behave.

    Some of the other offenses and scandals mentioned in the comments are in no way comparable to Paula Deen’s bigotry.

    “The n-word” is not restricted because it’s a magic word that causes harm. “The n-word” is restricted because it is a word used by an oppressive group of people to put their victims “in their place.”

    There are many benevolent, kind, and thoughtful people out there with shiny White hair that can cook Southern food.

    Let one of them have the new contract.

    It’s time for Paula Deen to suffer consequences for being a terrible human being with no compassion and it’s time for America to WITNESS this and, perhaps, learn from it. If you won’t show respect for your fellow man (and stop digging for technicalities to absolve yourself of guilt) at least the idea that you might be fired should give you pause.

    1. sally

      Paula Deen was and is a restaurant owner who behaved inappropriately by using some vulgar language. She’s not a “terrible human being.” She employs a ton of people and she makes her living being a character. Too bad it’s offensive to some. Too fucking bad. I for one am offended by rappers calling women “cunts”, “bitches” “whores, Hos” and other abusive terms. Where is my lawsuit? I don’t bring one because I’m an adult and not a fucking baby who gets her panties out of whack by a celebrity playing a part.

      Jesus HB. (hotbutter) Christ. Grow the fuck up.

    2. Scargosun

      “To her, that’s just an okay way to behave.” Hit the nail on the head, square. I was trying to figure out how I felt about the situation BEFORE I read the actual transcript. This woman thinks this way now. It is not something in the past. The only reason she might curtail her use of the n-word in public is b/c she knows it’s wrong. Anyone, ANYONE who would consider having all black servers at any affair to give the illusion of ‘days gone by’ needs to be slapped upside the head. People that are defending her – SHE ACTUALLY THINKS THESE THINGS. She is not the good, sweet old white lady that cooks with too much butter. She is a racist and I am guessing the FN really does not want to put up with it.

  6. Swiss

    I am not condoning what she did, she fucked up and she admitted it but the food network let Robert Irvine back and he lied and fabricated his entire past. They let him come back! Paula deserves a second chance, it’s not like I watch the FN these days but without Paula Deen there’s going to be more Rachel Ray and Sandra Lee

  7. DiatribesAndOvations

    I can’t stand Paula Deen and now I won’t have to. I think the Food Network did the right thing in letting her go. Renewing her contract would, essentially, be an endorsement of her views.

    Good riddance.

  8. Sarah

    I’ve been having such a blast watching this whole thing unfold, because I used to work as a tour guide in Savannah. I’m surprised that it took so long for all of this to hit the national news, since the General Manager of Uncle Bubba’s filed a lawsuit against Paula, her brother Bubba, and the whole company.

    But yeah, everything is true and then some. I never worked at Lady and Sons, chiefly because a lot of my friends did, and had terrifying experiences. Also, it’s not too uncommon to get food poisoning after your meal at Lady and Sons, because the Health Department refuses to call out the restaurant on code violations. The most harmful aspect of Paula Deen’s legacy in Savannah is that she has become a role model for other restaurant, in the worst possible way. Sexual harassment is a problem in the service industry, but it’s especially bad in Savannah. My roomate was cornered and propositioned by her manager in the walk-in. When I worked in restaurants before I got my guides’ permit, my manager would brag to me about how he was going to go out and “make some dykes straight”. And Georgia is a Right-to-Work state, so if you try to report harassment or racist comments, you will lose your job, and you will be essentially blackballed from working in another restaurant in Savannah again.

    It’s a shame that one of the most prominent business owners in Savannah refuses to speak out against sexual harassment and racism, and instead encourages that behavior among her family.

    1. Jennifer

      It’s not limited to Georgia. I’ve worked at restaurants and bars in 2 other states and experienced inappropriate comments and unwanted advances. I always regarded it as part of the business and laughed it off. I complained about someone once in a “right to work” state and yeah, it made work more uncomfortable, but the advances stopped. I’ve found ignoring people’s stupid comments rather than getting all worked up to be quite useful in the service industry in general.

  9. Melissa

    I think it’s total bullshit! She shouldn’t have been fired for admitting to using that word & telling racist jokes. WHO CARES???? Guess what- I live in the “black” part of south Chicago and I’m the whitest girl you will ever meet. Some of that racial stereotype is absolutely 100%real. Not for all, but for some. The girls at my local grocery shop call me fire cracker- BECAUSE I”M WHITE WITH RED HAIR. Should they be fired for it? Hell no! People need to stop being so political correct. She admitted she should not have said those things and is willing to be better. That should be enough. No I don’t think that we should allow racism, but at the same time who here hasn’t said something racist about another group or laughed at a good racist joke? It’s not worth ruining a career over.

    1. Mcela

      She should be fired. The Food Network is in this to make money. Advertisers are not going to buy time during anything having to do with Paula Deen. If they can’t sell advertising slots, the network loses money. Her actions will have an adverse effect on their income. They have every right to fire her. As for saying that we need to stop being so ‘political correct’, that is the bigot’s battle cry. I do not have to tolerate anyone’s intolerance.

      1. Sam Carollo

        No, “We need to stop being so politically correct” is not the battle cry of bigots, it is the battle cry of people who are not ridiculously over-sensitive. You can call me a n****r all you want, it isn’t going to get me upset. If you are not trying to offend me, getting upset about it is irrational and stupid. If you are trying to offend me, getting upset just gives you exactly what you wanted and is therefore irrational and stupid. It is just a noise. React accordingly to the meaning behind the word, don’t just jump off the handle like Pavlov’s dog hearing the bell.

        1. Felicia

          For every action there is an equal reaction. If you can’t live the consequences that could come about because of something you do, then just don’t do it.

  10. Denise in WI

    As a vegetarian, I wasn’t a fan of Paula Deen’s cooking, but I would watch her show for the entertainment value. Until a certain Thanksgiving special, when her guest host suggested making a vegetarian side dish to accommodate any vegetarian guests, and Paula made a face, waved her off and said, “Ugh, vegetarians! They can go outside and eat the grass!” I was done with her then, and for sure over her now.

    1. Sam Carollo

      LOL, I have never met a chef that didn’t hold vegetarians in contempt. You should be used to that reaction by now anyway. If you don’t want to eat meat, that is fine, I just don’t understand why vegetarians expect people to respect their diet. When I cook, I don’t want to waste my time making some crappy vegetarian dish when I could have spent that time making something good. Don’t make your problem everyone else’s problem, and please stop whining about the lack of consideration vegetarians get. You made yourselves the Rodney Dangerfield of the culinary world, learn how to deal with it. Make your own food and bring it to parties. And for god’s sake, don’t share it.

      1. Viola

        As a vegetarian I do expect people to respect my choice not to eat meat. Being vegetarian is not a problem until we come in contact with people like you Sam. My husband and mother eat meat and I respect that, even made them meat when I grilled out. I don’t force my views on anyone. But you and people like you force your views on others. Just as bad as a racist in my book.

        1. ali be

          “just as bad as a racist”? Lol…girl you are crazy. You CHOOSE not to eat meat. And you kind of sound like one of those people who does it for attention, though I’m sure you’ll disagree. The difference is, you don’t choose your race. So hating someone t(or thinking they are inferior) for something they have no control over is totally different, and shame on you for suggesting otherwise.
          I’m going to wrap this up with 2 points, one of which is definitely going to be unpopular…
          1) i used to be vegetarian.
          2) i think this whole conversation is pretty funny on this page, because there isn’t a server alive who hadn’t at least thought the n-word after a black table runs up an $80 tab and tips exactly $0. I’m not saying it happens every time, but don’t act like it’s uncommon. So, call me racist if you want, but deep down, you know I’m right.

      2. Felicia

        As a black former server who ALWAYS tips at least 20 percent, I love when people who are generalizing about people of another race always add fun terms before or after said racist remarks like, “I’m not a racist but…”, “If (enter race here) people say it why can’t I?”, or my personal favorite, “I have (enter race here) friends so I can’t be racist”. If you have to explain after or before saying a statement that how you’re not a racist, then that probably means you are. I’m just saying.

      3. Courtney K

        Sam, you are kind of a butthead. I don’t eat meat and do not expect people to plan a special meal for me, but it would be nice if people like Paula Deanabetes wouldn’t make rude remarks about us. I would surely make her fat ass a melted marshmallow with caramelized brown sugar and sprinkle topping if she came to my house. I wouldn’t strap her to a treadmill and force a salad on her even though I would want to (AND is would be good for her). LOL, just a little respect πŸ™‚

  11. Lora H

    I think it’s wrong for any race to use a derogatory remark about another race. Why is it acceptable for one African American to call another the n word it needs to stop.


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