A Comment on Comments

Okay. This is the last I will focus any attention on this matter of being let go from the “new job” and Whistleblower Penelope. She left her final comment (so she says) so I shall respond:

Penelope says:

You were fired, let go, etc. BECAUSE they know. Did you by chance read the email commenting on staff not tweeting, fb, bloging (sic) on celebrities that come into the restaurant. That was because they read your blog.

Penelope, when I was “let go” they were very careful to NOT mention the blog, because they knew that I did nothing against the rules. They came up with a bullshit reason to fire me citing my “scheduling issues” which were not really a problem at all. I was in agreement to not say that I was fired for the blog and went along with the official reason of my “scheduling issues.” But thank you for confirming that the reason I was fired was for anonymously writing a personal opinion piece. Surely, they didn’t want that to be thought of as the reason because there has been case after case taken to court that gives people the right to comment online about their place of work if it is done anonymously. Which it was. People have taken employers to court to fight for their job back after being fired for the reason you just told me I was fired for. Luckily, I don’t want the job back. But thanks for confirming. As for the email about not Tweeting, etc, that came to me after I was fired. No where in the piles of crap that I signed did it say anything about that. I checked. I bet from now on there will be though. You’re welcome.

“Lispy Gay Manager was really hurt by a fellow gay making fun of him.

Well, then maybe you shouldn’t have shown him the blog. I guess you hold some responsibility for his feelings being hurt, because it wasn’t me who alerted him about the highly fictionalized version of him. And who says I’m gay? Me? Gay? That’s silly, girlfriend.

“Maybe this will help confirm things for you. Behind your back we refer to you as Side Show Bob.”

Side Show Bob is cool. You don’t have to refer to me that way behind my back. Friends refer to me that way in front of my back. I don’t mind it.

“Ok I am really going to stop indulging in this.”

I doubt you can stop indulging in this. The Bitchy Waiter is like a donut. You know it’s not that good for you, but it’s a guilty pleasure. I know you have probably been reading the whole time since I was fired and couldn’t wait to respond to the “I was fired post.” And you did it. The day I posted it. Thank you for not disappointing me.

And you should also know that I have gotten more than a few emails from people from the “new job” who said they like the blog. They have agreed with many of my observations about some of the people that were written about. So, I was not the only “cancer” on the staff. Maybe you should spend some time searching out who also thinks some of the staff there have sticks up their asses. I am not the only one. I have the emails to prove it. And I recognize some of the fans on the Facebook page too. So yes, I am done with this. I wrote some mean things. I’m sorry. But you know what? The staff there was not very friendly to me either. I understand why. People must come and go so quickly (Judy Garland reference and so gay) there and people don’t want to invest any time in the new folks until they know they are going to be there for a while. It’s a shit show. There was no communication, the policies were never explained to me, I was told I did not have a paycheck when in fact I did, they ignored my emails, and they never followed through on what I was told would happen from orientation through getting on the floor. I was excited to work there when I got hired, but it changed. If no one would have been an ass to me, I wouldn’t have had anything bad to write about.

And scene.

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  2. Anonymous

    How sad that instead of being angry with how she was being treated by a shitty restaurant Penelope chose to attack a coworker. I'm always saddened by people who work so HARD to fuck themselves.Anyway, you got some good stories out of it and wound up getting your unemployment back. Good for you!Oh and Penelope, I know you're reading this. Fuck you. Fuck you, you cheap little piece of trash.

  3. Maria

    Thanks, @JF, for posting that information on "People of the Lie." I will look for that book.Penelope, listen to Auntie Maria: if you tell someone about negative things said behind their back, you are not a nice person, you are a sanctimonious bitch who enjoys hurting others. Because what you did is personalize something that had been anonymous. BW was being funny; YOU were being mean. To review: it is NEVER okay to tell someone hurtful gossip or hearsay "because you think he should know." Also, it is NEVER okay to torture animals (I have a feeling we ought to review that, too.)Now go to your room and think about what Auntie said.

  4. Business Casual

    BW, I'm away from internet for a week and come back to learn you're fired?!? Things move quickly in your world! That place provided some amazing material, so all is well. Now that I think about it, I should probably watch what I say about my workplace in my blog. Nah, where's the fun in that?! Speaking of my blog, I may or may not have dedicated my most recent post to you… I realize this may come on a little strong, but it felt like the right thing to do. Enjoy!http://www.businesscasualrequired.blogspot.com/

  5. Anonymous

    Im an employee at ABC and met you only once, briefly. Just wanna say that this stuff is great and has me laughing! Too bad you got fired, would have been fun passing the time talking shit about some of the ridiculous people and policies there. Life goes on eh? Keep on bitchin!

  6. a rudish oldish wrinklish girl

    WAITi have a new idea for – oh, what do you call it? a new hip thing to say= like we used to say "decent!" and some people said "groovy" there are other terms now too- what with technology and all- "bff" and "lol"- now we can add- "you're such a PENELOPE" – meaning you are such a Loo-Hooo- Zer.lame perhaps? i thought of it whilst stirring porridge this morning- we were out of soy milk so i was forced to use real milk and my mind couldn't get past the smell…

  7. Candice Van Haltren

    The funny thing about Penelope is (other than the obvious) is that if she wasn't such a shit person – you wouldn't have written anything bad about her in the first place! Plenty of glowing reviews of people have been written on your blog before :)Go Bitchy Waiter! :)http://perthfashionista.blogspot.com

  8. jf in md

    There is a wonderful book called "People of the Lie" by Scott Peck, noted psychologist. It explains the actions of people like Penelope. Some people have a vested interest in maintaining a falsehood or illusion. Usually, such a person has no other way to approve of themselves except through promoting the lie and view any opinion to the contrary as a very threat to their existence. So rather than saying, "Hey Bitchy, I think I know where you work and I disagree with your opinions", the person has to do severe damage to those around her. This is an illness. Such people always tear others down, become dreary in their constant misrepresentations, and ultimately are miserable in and of themselves. So pity her, shake the dust of that place off your feet, and count yourself lucky not to be there.

  9. Anonymous

    That place sounded awful and their tipping system is lame. Good thing Penelope pointed out your complaints to them. I don't know how any new person could ever feel unwelcome there, when welcome-wagon-Penelope is running around calling the new people names behind their back. Way to make a person feel at home. Besides, that's your job and you do it much better. ;)If anything, I guess you can thank her for helping you get back on unemployment and creating good writing material.

  10. The ST team

    Bitchy Waiter, you have every right to complain (or praise) the jobs and events that take place in your life. It makes for entertaining reading and a good outlet for your expression. Plus, most of the time restaurant work sucks! Think of all the famous people and/or successful actors & writers that came from restaurant work — or the waiters, cooks, etc. that wrote about their terrible jobs. So, not everyone likes you. Oh well, I guess, right? You keep doing what you're doing because it's good for you, good for us, and, hell, it might lead to some big success in the near future. Right? Let's at least hope so.Here's to you! Penelope, stop taking life so seriously…-The guys at S.T.

  11. Anonymous

    BW, I was fired from my job as cocktail waitress because I called the bartender a "lard ass." Actually, I asked him for a "bar rag." I told the manager the truth and the bartender confirmed what I said. I was rehired on the spot. Eventually, I was fired for something I said about someone–gossip. I had never even heard the gossip to repeat. I know who wanted me gone because I was topping her in tips and she was younger and cute. Being fired from there was the best thing that ever happened to me. The bitch who made up things is probably an old, bleached, hag by now. Okay, so maybe she caught something from her nightly trysts with married men that she hid from her husband. Okay, so today I signed in anonymously. I just don't need trouble from such the vindicative bitch that made trouble for you.

  12. jennifer

    @Mary A.: Ha! Ha! Ha! Good response, BW. Penelope is a pathetic little coward who has done nothing but make herself look like a terrible person to the thousands of people who read your blog. We all love you! I'm so glad you're coming out of this on top. Enjoy that unemployment!

  13. Bouncin' Barb

    Absolutely brilliant response BW. There's nothing but facts here and I know I would not have been quite so diplomatic as you if I were in your shoes. Onward and upward to better things.

  14. Samantha

    Oh Penelope. Anything else you would like to add? Bitchy waiter, I absolutely enjoy reading your blog. For some odd reason I always want a cocktail right after….hmmmmKeep gracing us with wonderful material to read, and let people like Penelope think they have the upper hand and fall flat on their ass.


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