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Every now and then, I like to pull a comment that ruffled some feathers and respond to it. Normally, I let things roll off my back because I am such a calm and easy-going kind of person. My post about Reichen Lekmkuhl really upset one Anonymous person and it was just crying out for a response.

Anonymous said…

I have a Google alert for Reichen and that’s the only way I was led to your sorry blog. He’s more famous for being admired for his military service and gay rights advocacy, and rise from total poverty, and less of a famewhore, like a waiter who is trying to get people to look at him for…being a waiter and a bitter queen. You should read Reichen’s book. You are truly ignorant of this guy. I saw his play and it was hilarious. I look at the good in life. I’m sorry such a good accomplished guy had to be so close to your miserable company.

Ouch, Anonymous. That really hurts my feelings. I have to say Reichen is not more famous for his military service and gay rights advocacy, neither of which I intend to diminish. But let’s be honest. We had never heard of him before he won the fucking reality show, so in truth that is what he is famous for. I called him a famewhore, this is true. Then you tried to insult me by calling me one too. Guess, what. I already admitted that about myself in that same post, so I’m rubber you’re glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks right up your ass. But he is kind of a famewhore, right? Doesn’t he have another reality show just about to start and in all the ads he’s in a bathing suit? If you do a Google image search of Reichen (here, I’ll do it for you), you see a lot of him with his clothes off. I don’t really see him in his military uniform and doing book signings that often. Not that I blame him for posing in his underwear all the time. If I looked like that, I’d be naked all the time too. Hell, I would never buy clothes again. And about his play? Sorry. I didn’t like it. It aimed for the lowest common denominator to get laughs and relied on heavy stereotypes. I read several other reviews that agreed with me. His acting was a bit wooden but I commended the way he looked in his underwear as did almost every other review that was written. And as for you feeling sorry that such a good guy had to be so close to my miserable bitter queen company? Don’t feel bad for Reichen for being in the same restaurant as me. He doesn’t know me. He didn’t know I was there, and I am sure that his evening was not spoiled by the fact that he was in close proximity to me. In fact, I am fairly certain that he was not affected at all. He’ll be fine.

Thanks for the comment, though. I always love when I am able to push a button in someone and make them want to write out a sentence or two to share their thoughts. Thank you for exercising your first amendment right by saying whatever the hell you feel like saying. That’s what I do too. On my blog: The Bitchy Waiter.

I wait tables and bitch about it on my blog, The Bitchy Waiter.

28 thoughts on “A Comment on Comments

  1. Anonymous: "Don't you have anything better to do than to hate someone who does good things and who has so many admirers (including me)?"Don't you have anything better to do than verbally attack everyone who disagrees with you? And who's the pathetic loser – a guy who speaks his mind on a blog thousands of people read, or an obsessive reality TV star fan?Oh, and this dude might be more famous than The Bitchy Waiter and all of us, but TBW is more famous than YOU. Get over it, as you'd say.

  2. Hey, Anon: Get over it. You don't know me or Reichen so you surely don't know which of us is nicer. I never said I was more famous than him. I never said I hate him.I am not jealous of him. It was a blog post. I don't want to read his book because I have no desire to read it no matter how brilliant it may be. I have plenty of other books on my list that I want to read before his. Let it go. It's okay.

  3. It's "Anonymous" and I'm back. Everyone who has jumped on the bandwagon to hate on Reichen is as pathetic as this loser waiter. Don't you have anything better to do than to hate someone who does good things and who has so many admirers (including me)? I have watched his career since he won the Amazing Race and its million dollar prize and watched him distribute lots of it to charity. Everyone is so mad that no one knows who they are that they try to rip on someone who is, hate it or not, MUCH more famous than you…more famous than you'll ever be. Richer than you'll ever be. Nicer than you'll ever be. It sucks, I know. I live with 3 roommates who all feel the same way. WE LOVE YOU REICHEN. Keep going. Your haters hate you because they are so jealous they can't stand it. As for the bitch who watched race, you're not very attentive. You missed the winner of the show? Get off the drugs. Reichen has had a modeling career that's done him well and since sex is all anyone is interested in, that's all people post and talk about and that's why his pictures are everywhere in hardly any clothing. No one cares to post his charity work because it's not sexy enough. Says much about the gay community. If you haven't read his book, don't talk to us. And Reichen continues to rise to the top. Hate him or not, he's doing better than you are. 🙂 I love how he brings out everyone's insecurities. And his name is pronounced Ry-ken for the other idiot who can't pronounce a word if it's from another language.

  4. You are hilarious! youa re absolutely right, and you are hilarious.And you didn't even point out how pathetic it is for someone to have a Google alert set up for a D-list celebrity. That shows you are also a saint.

  5. I am so glad anon cleared up what this guy is famous for. i thought he was famous for being named after a failed totatilatrian regime. Interesting name, right?Never heard of him, can't pronounce his name, still think he looks good in his panties. Signed: Mary A http://www.giftoffat.com(see, anon, all you hafta do is sign it!)

  6. What a mature and articulate response to effing 'Anonymous'. I would have been inclined to tell that moron to suck my dick …but as Sharlene pointed out, you can't fix stupid. xo The Empresshttp://rantersbox.blogspot.com

  7. Good for you for holding your ground. By the way Bitchy Waiter, I've been thinking of you as I read the book – The White Tiger by East Indian author Aravind Adiga. His voice reminds me of yours in this story. You really have a great mind and so does he.

  8. I had no idea who the hell this was. Then I clicked on your google seacrh link. I saw him with Lance Bass and remembered Kathy Griffin doing a stand-up bit about how hot he was. Anyway, he is naked in about 90% of his pictures. That's how I could tell he was an activist for…waht was it…?

  9. It's funny how sometimes comments (they always seem to be anonymous right?) that are intended to point out holes in your line of thinking only end up enforcing your views, mainly because of how they are phrased or the 'tone' of the comment. An intelligent, thought provoking comment will often give me pause to reconsider how I view things. I may not change my views, but at least it gets me to think. SDhttp://simpledudecomplexworld.blogspot.com/

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