We are not a Starbucks

I have noticed lately that more and more people feel perfectly fine bringing in their own cups of coffee to my restaurant. Do they not get how incredibly rude that is? We sell coffee. I have to French press it every time it’s ordered so it’s not like it’s some skanky ass sludge that we call coffee and then overcharge for it. We charge two bucks for good premium coffee that we make to order. But every day some whore comes in straight from the Starbucks across the street with her grande mocha frappe fuckacino and sits in my station. It’s always a women. Men don’t do that. Would you carry in a Pizzeria Uno pizza to a Pizza Hut and eat there? No. Or would you order a frosty at Wendy’s and then go eat it at Dairy Queen? No. But with coffee, people think it’s okay. Stop it. What I hate most about it is if a bitch brings in her own coffee, when am I supposed to spit in it? A couple of weeks ago, when I brought the food to the table one lady was not there anymore. Her friends said she would be right back but she had to run an errand. Bitch showed up two minutes later with three cups of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. What? For real?? I should have sold those three cups of coffee, increasing the check by $6.00 and therefore increasing my tip by a dollar. THEY ARE STEALING MY TIPS. Maybe next time I should just ring their food in to go and tell them I assumed they wanted to go eat it somewhere else.

11 thoughts on “We are not a Starbucks

  1. Michelle Peoples

    We have a sign on the door at my cafe that states “No outside food or beverages allowed.” We make exceptions for infants of course. But they still try to bring it in anyway, hoping we won’t say anything. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. If you want me to take your order you will get rid of that Dunkin’Donuts cup.

  2. Joey B

    Hey I can bring outside bottle of vodka to a bar , but still have decency to order a beer ( even I need a chaser ) and tip the Bartender .Our drinks here in CA are 12-15$ !!! Wtf !!! And the wino ??? Just fuckin pour an extra finger …For that money we should get a case , not some shitty grape juice too weak to climb out the giant goblet ( oh swish it … It got legs )and don’t fuckin ” taste it ” Bitch please ….I had 20 yo wine and 2Buck Chuck -pretty much the same results .Pompous pricks just need to get hammered .Ur headache will hurt the same .Trust me . Been there .Drank that .

  3. Joey B

    U can remove paint off the sidewalk with their shit . I used to drink coffee all day but smelling it all the time made me not like it so much . I used to eat desserts -I haven’t had one in 3 yrs . I actually hardly ever eat .People got worse over the yrs .I been doing this since 1988 . Believe .Now it’s stupid ass ” assphone ” ( don’t drop water on it ….) starring on the big ass th on the wall . .. NOT reading the menu .. and acting like a prick all the time . I think I got some PTSD or mayby I should get “The REAL JOB ” at the Post Office .Fuck , No they prolly drug test …Damn …I don’t do drugs btw above Advil

  4. Jim

    Where I work, I have told this one customer who would meet her friend for coffee (which she would insist that it be the temp of magma, so I would nuke it for four minutes as well as her cup) but would bring in food from our rival who sells the same kinda food we did because she liked the pastries they sold and when told by me and my manager not to do that, she still did but hid them next to her leg so we wouldn’t see them. I still did and called her out in front of the entire place

  5. Su/.

    One might think it, but in a lot of restaurants as long as a couple of people are ordering the management will allow something from outside to be bought in… grrrrhhhh

  6. Shay

    I hate people who bring in drinks, but I LOATHE people who bring in cake and then stay an extra hour or two….check doesn’t go up, tip doesn’t go up, and they’re COSTING ME MONEY. And then if they’re shitty tippers after all that…….? Crap humans.

  7. Anonymous

    I've had people bring in coca cola bottles cause we're a pepsi owned company…people need to get over it. It's just a damn drink, you will not keel over and die if pepsi passes down your throat.

  8. Kacey Prime

    haha. This is SO true! I worked at a sports bar through Uni and a guy came in with a burger from McDonalds across the street. Like…really? Our freshly made burgers aren't good enough for you? You just came in for the free refills on the soda? GET THE FUCKKKKKK OUTTTT


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