Did I Really Get To Say That On TV? (Yes, I Did.)

A few weeks ago, I did a segment on the TODAY show and got a lot of push back from readers who called me a “sellout” for some of the things I said and some people accused me of throwing servers under the bus. (Bitches, you all know that the menus are dirty so please don’t try to pretend they aren’t.) Well, this week, I appeared on Inside Edition and got to say some things that I bet all of you will fully support. In fact, when we were discussing what happens when a customer snaps at their server, I got to say my most favorite thing I have ever said on television. Before this interview, my favorite thing I’d ever said on TV was when Dr. Phil told me it was my job as a server to tell one customer that another customer was being disturbed by their crying child and I flat out told him “‘that’s not my job.”

Please take a moment to watch the interview on Inside Edition and let name know what your thoughts are. You can click here to see what other important information I passed on to our lovely customers. 

1 thought on “Did I Really Get To Say That On TV? (Yes, I Did.)

  1. Erin

    I’ve done it before…. I always ignore the snapping fingers and wait until they say ‘maam’ or ‘miss’. If I”m feeling especially bitchy i’ll snap from across the restaurant to the tune of the music to try to give them a hint….


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