Karin is Not Happy With Olive Garden

Life is hard and if your name is Karin, it’s even harder.

Case in point is this Facebook post from Karin who went to Olive Garden and was disappointed with her order of calamari, which was “tiny” and “overdone” and “heaven knows what.” (Spoiler alert, Karin: it’s squid.)

I am not here to disagree with Karin about the quality of her calamari, for I was not there when she ordered it. While she was settled into a booth surrounded by murals of Italian scenery and plastic grape vines, I was far, far away from any Olive Garden. For all we know, the calamari was overdone and tiny, which may or may not be what one expects from Olive Garden. What I am here to point out is that Karin is upset by the fact that she had to pay for a salad. Yes, that’s right. She had to actually PAY for something she wanted to eat and that’s a “rip off.” Can you believe the nerve of a restaurant expecting someone to pay for food they ordered?

Even though Karin realizes that she ordered an appetizer that doesn’t come with a salad, she is still distressed about having to pay $4.79 for one. I suppose an entree would have come with a salad, but Karin made the conscious decision to order something that specifically didn’t come with a salad, but she still feels the need to publicly air her grievances about it.

Karin, Karin, Karin… you are doing a wonderful job of upholding the expectations that all servers have about someone with your name. If you wanted something that came with a salad, then you have to order something that comes with a salad. Does that make sense? Let me make it more clear: if the menu says it doesn’t come with a salad IT. DOES. NOT. COME. WITH. A. SALAD. Your complaint is not valid. It is not a rip off. Besides, $4.79 is a pretty good deal for a salad. I went to East Hampton, New York two weeks ago and my jaw fell on the floor when I saw a side Caesar salad that cost $16.00. I didn’t order it, but If I had, I certainly wouldn’t have gone to the the restaurant’s Facebook page to call it a rip off. Yes, it was a rip off, but I made the decision to not order it. You did make the decision to order it. So, rip off or not, it was your call. That’s on you.

As for the less than ideal calamari, maybe Olive Garden will see your complaint and send you a gift card. In fact, I’m sure they will so I want to give you some advice for when you use it: please tip on the full amount and not just what you pay for. In other words, if they send you a $20 gift card and your bill is $25, you should tip a total of five bucks. With your name being Karin, I’m sure your inclination is to only tip on the five dollars you spent, but if you leave your server one dollar, all you’re going to do is solidify the fiery hatred that 99% of servers have for women with your name.

Don’t be a Karen, Karin.

2 thoughts on “Karin is Not Happy With Olive Garden

  1. Jennie

    Hahahaha, because the line ended in her post, I read “Little [you need a COMMA here, Karin!] tiny, overdone pieces of heaven” and before continuing, thought to myself “why is she complaining of they were little pieces of heaven?”

  2. Virginia

    They could have charged her the full price for her salad ($7.29) instead of the add on price. She got off cheap.
    Does Karin pay for food at the grocery store?


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