Entitled Mother Alert and I Shall Take Her Down



About a week ago, we all got our taints in a twist over the diner owner who yelled at a crying child in her restaurant. It stirred up lots of controversy and people mostly believed that both the parents and the screaming diner lady behaved poorly. I was just about ready to give that frazzled mom the benefit of the doubt when someone sent me the screenshot of a mom who made my taint fill with hatred all over again.

On a Facebook page called Moms n dads of boys, someone named Tracy wrote:

Am I the only person that doesn’t leave a restaurant because of a screaming child?
We’ll calm him down and give him toys or whatever but I honestly don’t care if he’s disturbing other people. We’re paying customers just like the people without children. I’m not gonna get to go boxes just to make other people happy. Other than loud laughter or happy screams my son is usually awesome in public but children have bad days just like us.
Call me a bitch all you want. 😀

Well, Tracy, since you gave me permission to call you a bitch all I want, I gladly accept that challenge and shall begin now: Bitch, pleaseI No, you are not the only person who feels it’s alright to let an out of control child ruin the ambience for anyone who happens to be sitting within a ten yard radius of you and your devil spawn that fell out of your ham wallet, but it certainly does not make it right. What it does make you is a bitch. (Sorry, you said I could call you that all I want…). How can you say you “honestly don’t care” that you are disturbing other people? That makes no sense to me. Then again, I have never pushed an eight-pound human out of a hot pocket so maybe when that happens, it changes your brain chemistry and makes you forget common sense and decency.

Yes, you are paying customers (well, minus the coupons you got for making a complaint on the Facebook page of Applebee’s), but why does that entitle you to have no manners? If your child is making a scene in public, it’s your duty as a parent to try to calm him down and at least act like you give a shit about the rest of the human race, bitch. (That’s the third time I called you “bitch.” Seriously, thank you for the permission, it’s great.) And just so you know, whether your son is producing “loud laughs” or “happy screams,” most people in the restaurant are going to register that as annoying. I don’t care if he’s screaming because he’s happy or if he’s screaming because he’s upset. All I know is I don’t want to hear fucking screaming, bitch. (Four!)

You say that your son is usually “awesome in public” and that’s terrific, but if he is usually awesome, I would think that on those occasions when he isn’t, you would especially want him to behave because you know that he is capable of it. Nobody expects you to immediately ask for a to-go box and vacate the premises the second your son is having a bad day. What we do expect is that you at least try to show everyone in the restaurant that you will not tolerate screaming. For you to openly admit that you don’t care proves to everyone that you are a bitch (fifth time) of a mother and you deserve the ire and hatred that is surely being thrown your way.

Maybe there are plenty of other mothers out there who share your sentiments, but I find it hard to believe that there are many. I choose to believe that most mothers feel the opposite of you and would never freely state that they don’t care if their screaming child is disturbing other people. In other words, I bet that most mothers out there aren’t bitches like you, bitch. (Six times. Seven times.)

Tracy, thank you for letting me call you bitch so many times. It was nice to finally call someone a bitch on the Internet and know that they won’t mind. You’re awesome, bitch. (Eight times!)

Here is the Facebook page of Moms n dads of boys if you want to go check out other foolery.


Am I the only person that doesn’t leave a restaurant because of a screaming child? We’ll calm him down and give him…

Posted by Moms n dads of boys on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

66 thoughts on “Entitled Mother Alert and I Shall Take Her Down

  1. Billy

    Anonymous and angry at nothing huh. It never suprizes me how many coward their are on the internet. Anonymous don’t you have anything else you can preoccupy yourself with like straddling a stuffed animal you call “sexy” in your parents basement or something. Idiot!

    1. guest

      i see that you posted twice, especially gettin’ pissed off at what Anonymous posted, WHICH BACK IN 2017 FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD!!! honestly, you think that it’s worth gettin’ all whiny about what some guy who you know nothin’ about posted online durin’ a few years ago? if you do, why don’t you just grow the hell up an’ put on some big boy pants, you spoiled and entitled little brat?

  2. Rachel

    Bit late to the party, but I love that you called this bitch out! I was at a cafe yesterday when a couple came in with their baby in a pram.

    I was at an end table enjoying my meal, and I look up to find the husband glaring at me because they had to squeeze the pram in between two tables. I could tell he expected me to get up and offer them my seat, but instead I just stared back at him and continued to eat. …very slowly, lol!

    Why is it that when most people become parents, they also become entitled arseholes?!!!

  3. Mary

    If your child were an adult making a similar scene the management would call the police and have him removed.

  4. Debi

    This has nothing to do with kids, I just wanted to tell you how much your many, many different terms for a vagina surprise and delight me😊. Ham wallet actually made me Lol. Thanks for the daily smiles!

    1. Anonymous

      Oh shut the hell up! Your post has nothin’ to do with the webpage. So either you post properly or don’t fuckin’ post at all.

      1. Billy

        Anonymous and angry at nothing huh. It never suprizes me how many coward their are on the internet. Anonymous don’t you have anything else you can preoccupy yourself with like straddling a stuffed animal you call “sexy” in your parents basement or something. Idiot!

        1. guest

          what a false assuming, no-life, hypocritical, and deluded liar of a troll you are. you don’t know him. so don’t make any fuckin’ false assumptions about.

          it’s damn ironic that you claimed Anonymous to be a basement-dwellin’ coward who straddles stuffed animals that he calls sexy and called him an idiot when you’re an idiot and a coward yourself. hell, it’s ironic that you blamed him for things you don’t know about it. so fuckin’ stupid.

          who the hell do you think that you are, the owner of this website? if you don’t like what anyone posts here, suck it the hell up and get the fuck off here.

          honestly, do you your parents let you use their computer so that you can post shit about people who piss you off just ‘cuz you have nothin’ better to do than sit in your room all day and troll however many their are on the Web?

          well, lemme tell you this: if i own this site and i saw what you posted, i’ll delete your comment and block your sorry ass for makin’ damn comments on here.

        2. guest

          another thing that i wanna tell you, Bill, is this it’s damn deluded and hypocritical of you to call someone a coward when you’re too much of a pussy to say that crap to your enemies’ faces. so either you grow some balls or get the hell off the Internet, you sorry ass bastard.

  5. Jane

    The only time my mother ever let us scream and scream in public was when we were trapped on a plane. And that’s because she loves us for whatever reason and the only other option was to dump us out like screaming potato bombs.

  6. HiHat

    I’m sorry to sound so nihilistic, but given the hurdles today’s children will have to leap dealing with the economy and ecology in coming decades, one can make the case that many, many parents today give little thought to the happiness of the children they have brought into this world unbidden, much less the happiness of those unfortunate enough to witness closeup the misery of said children and the entitled thoughtlessness of said parents.

  7. Fedupwithstupidparents

    I understand that kids can get loud, so if I’m at a known family restaurant, then fine. Whatever. I’ll deal with it to an extent. However, if the place you are at serves booze, then keep your fuck trophy’s under control, or take them out of the damned restaurant. I don’t get to go out often, but when I do, I want to enjoy it.

  8. Stacey

    Quite simply sounds of joy are rarely consider disturbing. And what makes Tracy a Bitch isn’t her lack of caring about other people it’s what could be seen as blatant lack of care for her son, because a well behaved child only misbehaves when something is wrong thus meaning people should see you attempting to sooth your child rather than just chalking it up to a bar day and being pointedly a Bad Mother. If you are genuinely trying to figure out what’s wrong with your child most people are understanding of your situation and willing to be annoyed within reason, because if your child is as well behaved as you claim and you can’t calm him down you should either take some parenting classes because you don’t know what your doing, or go to the hospital, because if a well behaved child with attentive parents who do all they can to figure out and fix whatever is wrong can’t calm the child down there is a likelynes it could be medical, and every parent’s better off being safe than sorry. So Tracy is a Bitch for not caring about her son and having either no confidence in her ability to even put up the front of a caring mother, or no confidence in the fact that apart from entitled assholes most people are understanding.

  9. Shona

    Lmmfao the Facebook was deactivated! Bitchy, you rule!!!!! I always read your posts before my shifts, and all damn day long! I just adore you & appreciate you so very goddamn much!!! Keep kickin’ serious ass! Hugs!!!!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  10. Nics

    Wow, you self-entitled bitch, bitch!!! I hope you don’t EVER complain when other people are laughing loudly or have had a bit too much to drink and are being noisy and lairy! Lets hope more and more places ban kids under 7, that should put an end to your selfish crap!!

  11. Kate

    I’ve worked in the restaurant biz since I was 16 (I’m 31 now). To be honest, I never have a problem with the kids. Even the screaming and bratty ones. I don’t have a problem with 2/3s of the parents who come in who understand that taking their child out comes with an extra set of responsibilities and that it is ultimately up to them to keep their child calm and to teach their kid proper restaurant decorum. However, I do have a problem with parents like Tracy who do nothing to soothe their child. I’ve been seeing more of these selfish, lazy and entitled parents come into my restaurant which is primarily for special occasions and couples on a romantic evening out but we also don’t mind well behaved kids either. But no, let it be on your head if you came into my restaurant and disrupt everyone. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to leave, I would rather void your entire order and lose money than allow for a screaming child with lazy parents to continue to ruin everyone else’s night out.

  12. Server

    ATTENTION PARENTS! DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT take your kids to finer dining restaurants until they learn how to behave! And even if you think they can behave, wait another year. YOU ARE IMMUNE TO THEIR RANTS BUT WE ARE NOT! AND YOU SHOULD REALIZE IT’S NOT YOUR LIVING ROOM! Some people are having a “date night” to get away from kids, so they don’t want to hear your spawn scream at the top of their lungs! Take them outside or book another place! It’s a matter of C-O-U-R-T-E-S-Y! If you don’t know what that means, look it up! I can’t expect a table who is paying over $200 in food to listen to your kid(s)! And yet somehow, it is “politically incorrect” for me to tell you that I have to make them behave! In the case of people using profanity, I can easily ask them to quell their conversation or use a larger, less profane vocabulary. But because you are so-called “parents” I get a severe back-lash is I ever ask you you to “calm the children” or “take them outside so as to not disturb other patrons”. GO TO MCDONALD’S OR CHUCK-E-CHEESE! WE DON’T WANT YOUR SELF-ENTITLED, PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE, ILL-IGNORE-MY-KID-OR-GIVE-IT-A-HIGH-VOLUMED-iPAD-TO-PACIFY-IT-BECAUSE-I-CAN’T-PARENT! GO FUCK YOURSELVES! AT LEAST THAT WAY YOU CAN’T PROCREATE!

  13. Jada

    Nah, I’ll just bypass the inferior ‘bitch’ and call you an entitled cunt. So much more expressive and appropriate.

  14. a strict grandma

    Okay, Tracy, you’re a bitch. And here’s why you’re a bitch. You think we should all just suck it up while you attempt to teach your child how to act in public.
    I don’t know where you live, but I probably ran into your daddy about 15 years back. That would be the guy who decided to put his son in time-out in a restaurant, away from the family, who was sitting on the other side of the section from our table. Oh wait, where did that put the child? Yeah, you guessed it…that whining, crying little boy, who was misbehaving to the point where he wasn’t allowed to sit with his family? Was parked in an empty table right next to us. His daddy wasn’t best pleased when my husband called to him and asked him to retrieve his child. His daddy attempted to explain, with great patience, like we were stupid, that his son was in time-out for not behaving, and thus he had to be punished by sitting in that chair for 10 minutes before he could get up. Funny, Daddy collected the child pretty damn fast when my husband replied “look, I get that you’re disciplining your son because he misbehaved. But WE didn’t do anything wrong, we don’t deserve to be punished, so why are WE being punished having YOUR crying child sitting right next to our table for the next 10 minutes? Why don’t you take him outside for 10 minutes, instead of punishing innocent people who just happened to end up in the same restaurant that you did?”

    and that, Tracy, is why you’re a bitch. it’s more important to you that YOU have a nice meal out, and to hell with anyone around you.

  15. Pat

    Having raised six children, I can attest to the fact that they are all different and what is best for one might not be best for another. I do not believe that “one size fits all” is a good parenting approach .
    That having been said, I do believe that before kids can have successes in childhood, their parents have to be there teaching and setting standards and examples for the kids to learn from.
    Great job Tracy !
    ” Other than loud laughter or happy screams my son is usually awesome in public but children have bad days just like us. ”
    Hey, enjoy and treasure your son’s “awesome” behavior while it lasts, because soon he will pick up that crappy selfish attitude toward everyone else, that you are modeling for him. The way you are responding to the public around you, is the exact way he will treat you and everyone else. If you want to be treated like crap by your son, keep up the good work.
    Before it is too late to do him any good, it might be worthwhile to consider trying to grow up and become a parent that doesn’t model selfish rudeness as a virtue.

    1. Ctd

      I have a two and three year old, and we take them out to eat.

      And before going In they are both made aware that this is a priveledge. If you can’t behave and have manners, you won’t get pink lemonade, and if you make a scene we will leave.

      It’s not about being a paying customer when you take your child out to eat. It’s about teaching them there is a RIGHT way to act in public. And that we can just as easily go eat back at the house.

      If I’m out with my kids and one is behaving and the other is just having a “bad day” I reward the one behaving with a peice of candy or something small picked out infront of the one having a “bad day”

      You would be suprised how quickly their “bad day” ends when they think it’s their turn to pick something out. But find out that their behavior is unacceptable instead.

      Teach your child the right way to act in public. “Bad days” is just an exscuse. You are letting them know it’s excusable to act atrociously.

      Yes they are young and are going to be tantrum throwing little brats sometimes, but make it known it will not be tolerated. If I was out to eat and you did nothing and sat there with that “I’m a paying customer look on your face” your a PARENT first! Then a paying customer or whatever the hell else you want to be. Take advantage of the moment as a crucial time to TEACH your child a lesson. Step out to the car the bathroom or whatever.

      1. Been there

        I applaud your parenting. It sounds exactly like mine. My first was a difficult child but she learned real quick when I meant business. It was my way or no way when it came to behavior. My third was autistic and behaved better than the so called ‘normal’ kids when we ate out. I even had strangers come up and compliment us on our children’s manners. Yes, I missed out on meals due to having to take my kid out when they were being challenged, or missing an event, even a wedding ceremony but I would not send the message that my kid’s behavior was appropriate when it was not. I loved them too much to do that to them.

  16. Ashley

    I utterly find this post pathetic. Listen, kids will be kids. We were all once a kid, and at that unpredictable, especially in a restaurant. You don’t come into the world knowing everything. Hell, you still don’t know everything. It’s called a learning process and it’s public if you don’t like it… Stay your ass home and cook in your quiet kitchen. However, I do think as a parent you should try to quite your child and take to them to the restroom if needed but guest should also get over it. The kids are learning and you are an adult so act it. And to call the woman a bitch over and over puts you below a level you think she’s at. So grow up. Also, grow up and realize its life WITH kids everywhere. Even if they are yours. You were once a kid too and clearly haven’t matured yet.

    1. Kate

      Ashley, the only thing you’ve proved with your post is that you’re a shitty and lazy parent who doesn’t have the decency to be aware and courteous of others. I’ve worked in restaurants for a long time, and kids aren’t the problem that I’ve seen. It’s the lazy and discourteous parents such as yourself who do nothing to soothe your child in public that I have a problem with. Yes, kids cry but the majority of parents I’ve met will either leave, or take their child outside for a minute until they calm down because they recognize that their child is disrupting the other guests. But more and more I’ve seen idiot parents such as yourself who are too self-involved and self-absorbed to care that their child is causing a ruckus in a restaurant. Yes, you are 100% entitled to take your child out to eat but that comes with a set of responsibilities that include making sure your child is not disturbing others. That’s your responsibility as a parent. So if you think that it is okay for a child to disturb others, I highly suggest you remove your head from your ass and find someone more capable of raising your child than yourself.

  17. Dani

    I’m over that’s kids acting the way they do screaming, crying, throwing shit, running around like it’s Micky D’s …. When I was a kid we went to dinner say down and didn’t get up till dinner was fine and an adult said it was OK … With that being said… All it took was that look and the words”do I need to take u to the bathroom ?”. I knew right then to straighten up and act right or else

  18. Ashley Sheahan

    I have worked in the restaurant industry for over 12 years . I also became a single mom three years ago. I completely have sympathy when I see a couple out with a newborn or a male with a newborn or female with a newborn. I sympathize because I know that is their only night out . So yes usually they are not a high ticket table but I pay close attention because I know when the child is done it’s time to go. I am very aware of that because being a single mother my daughter is now three and she has never sat in a highchair or a booster seat she has always wanted to be “a big girl”. I have never offered her my phone nor has she ever seen an iPad because I don’t own one myself ha ha . It is my job to be a parent and to teach my child manners and if she does not have manners, please bring me a box and the check and I will be taking my daughter home

  19. Xthrock

    Before raining down judgment on the parents, and holding them ultimately responsible, think on this: I once complemented a friend on how well behaved her daughter was and i’ll never forget her response. “Oh, I can’t take credit for that; kids are their own little people, with their own little personalities” By that token, some of them are utterly evil. I watched my own niece try out and discard tactics with HER daughter, who used to pitch the worst fits I’ve ever seen. Sometimes a trip outside or to the bathroom, any sort of attention, is exactly what the little demon is hoping to accomplish, and, sometimes, Kiva didn’t want to let her daughter have that kind of control over her. So she’d let her howl, and act all business as usual. She endured all kinds of hateful stares, comments, and well-intentioned but annoyingly useless (as in, “already tried that, but, thanks anyway, nosy judgmental asshole”) advice. Sakari finally outgrew her fits. Now whenever I have a little terror disturbing the peace at work, I go up and talk directly to the kid; “You call that pitching a fit?!?! You’ve got nothing on my great-niece Sakari! You need practice!” It doesn’t always work, but it does a lot of times, and when I get a laugh out of the parents (and surrounding guests) and the young hellspawn is stunned into golden silence, I feel like such a fuckin’ hero.

    1. Kate

      Sorry but parents ARE ultimately responsible. If the kid chooses to act up in public it is the parents responsibility to take kids home. Don’t give us that bs excuse of kids being their own person. The parents need to be in control of this situation.

  20. chel v.

    It’s funny she says all this. How about we seat a party of 8 rowdy partying dudes next to her, drinking, cussin’, havin’ a jolly ole time. They’re paying customers too, right?? They have the same right to enjoy themselves, i would think. But I would guess she would complain to the management that her spawns virgin ears and eyes shouldn’t be witnessing such atrocities.
    People like this feel they’re so damn entitled. You love you kids…. I DON’T. Therefore I shouldn’t have to tolerate their misbehavior.

  21. Adam

    Don’t get me wrong. I am the first person to tell my friends there is a child around when they curse. However, if the parent does not “try”(and I use that loosely) to calm the kid then I don’t worry about it.

  22. Adam

    Ok… For all of the mothers that don’t care if there kids scream… I don’t care about cursing right next to your 1-12 year old… If they say there first word after what I have said then good for me! I have done my job!

    1. Mother , Grandmother, Aunt

      But , But its wrong for you to curse in front of my child. LOL , 2 faced people. Not that I curse in front of children, just saying that do as I say not as I do.
      Okay , Facebook group if you pay a lot for tickets to an event and someone beside you acts like an a hole, so much that you cannot enjoy the event , is that okay?

  23. Ajak

    1)we know that there are people who dont give a shit about anyone else but themselves.
    2)we know that there are people who have babies because they cant keep their legs closed…and to be able to gloat to their girlfriends about them having a baby
    3) and there are people who like to create drama and chaos in this world, to get others all riled up and angered, because their pathetic life has no genuine meaning. [and if you go to that page, you’ll see proof of it from their post on 7/29 at aprox 7pm cst]

  24. GORE

    “Am I the only person that doesn’t leave a restaurant because of a screaming child?”

    unfortunately, NO.

    “but I honestly don’t care if he’s disturbing other people”


    ” Other than loud laughter or happy screams ”

    Which all sound like a SCREAMING BANSHEE TO THE REST OF US, WHORE.

    “Call me a bitch all you want”

    BITCH isn’t strong enough. You’re a HORRIBLE, SPOILED, ENTITLED CUNT-O-SAURUS.

    “your ham wallet”


  25. Lindaa

    Dear BW.. check this out..

    Moms n dads of boys
    19 mins ·

  26. Peggy Haley

    noun, Psychiatry.
    a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

  27. Je

    Well I’m all for population control and wouldn’t mind starting with bitches like this one and her fucking brat. If you think it’s acceptable to be absolutely rude in public, please end your DNA line now, thanks bitch

  28. Jjjjjj

    Large point that was missed in the response —what happens when you get your kid a babysitter, it’s your first night kid-free in months and someone else’s child is screaming, and allows their child to scream. Are you going to sit there and go, “oh it’s okay, they’re paying g customers too, it’s okay to cause a scene?” No. You’re not.
    Self absorption at the highest level.

  29. Barreleh

    I used to work in a restaurant in a hotel. I once had a mother come up to me and tell me that a) she was in a SUPER hurry, and her kid wanted a hamburger STAT. I directed her to the McDonald’s 10 miles down the road. Not surprisingly, she didn’t like that answer.

  30. April

    I don’t understand how people do “not care” that their kid is being obnoxious. My kids annoyed ME when they acted up in public, whether it was happy shrieks or crying. They got about 2 minutes to shush, and then we would go outside or to the bathroom. I cannot stand adults being loud and obnoxious is places. I suspect those adults came from parents who “didn’t care” if their precious was annoying someone else when they were little. I refuse to raise rude and obnoxious children who grow into rude an obnoxious adults because they were never taught better.

    If you can’t teach your children manners and not to be disruptive then you fail as a parent.

  31. Jen

    Thank you. I haven’t pushed a ham out of my hot pocket yet. Due in December but I worked in a restaurant for 4 years. Parents have respect. Your teaching your kids wrong manners in public. Let’s parent our kids to be respectful of the other while eating or working.

  32. Jessica

    As a parent myself, I don’t understand how these parents don’t realize that they are teaching their children to be entitled pieces of shit and have bad manners. Bitch, if I was out to dinner and your crotch trophy was being loud and obnoxious I would tell you to shut the fucking kid up. If I am paying to dine out, I want to enjoy the experience. Screaming brats do not make for a joyful experience. If I wanted to listen to screaming little bastards, I would go to Chuck E Cheese. This is just one more parent that thinks little “Aiden” is something special and doesn’t have to follow common courtesy or have manners because “he needs to develop his own sense of self, in his own time” or whatever the popular bullshit logic is these days. Rant over.

    1. ohthisisgreat

      Oh, this is just the best! Finally, someone has put into words what all of us really want to say! I have children, and yes – they do have “bad days”. Oh well! When I go out and they start to act up, I pack everything up and we leave. Period. I will not ruin someone else’s enjoyment of a restaurant, movie theater, fast food joint…. simply because one of my “precious snowflakes” (heavy sarcasm here!) decides they are going to throw a tantrum. Sure wish this new generation of parents had a little more respect for the people around them, or is that simply tooooooo much to ask from this self-absorbed generation? I’m sure tired of having my nice evenings out ruined because of someone else’s brat(s). I mean, seriously??? If I want to hear a kid (or two, or three) scream and throw a fit for an hour, I’ll just stay home and order a pizza. Same difference.

    2. Childfree By Choice

      Lol, crotch trophy! This is priceless! I honestly think you’re awesome and I wish more parents were like you!

    3. guest

      Logic? Illogic, which is the opposite of logic, is more like it. If anything’s bullshit, it’s illogical.

    1. Vicki

      No child should be allowed to throw a tantrum while others are trying to dine, watch movie, or whatever they paid good money to do. The child should be removed from the scene and calmed down. Most all have been parents and have been in the same boat as yourself, but there is a time when you should be considerate of other people and this is one of those times. Drive through, Chucky Cheese, or other places that cater to young children is where they belong until they learn how to conduct themselves in public. Apparently you were raised with no manners and the gene pool should have stopped before then, but still they breed.

      1. Salomae

        When I was five I went to the cinema with my mum and was behaving like a right little turd. I am now a waitress and extremely grateful for my upbringing; when I was racing around, screeching and throwing food did my mum give me that doe eyed, love glazed mum stare that my customers give their kids when they go wild and laugh lightly? NOOOO. She told me that if I did it again she’d take me home. Five minutes later, despite my promises to behave we were in the car home. Guess what, I turned out absolutely fine! “Kids will be kids” is wrong, “kids will be what their parents raise them to be.” is absolutely correct. Thank you mum. 🙏🏽


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