A Comment on Comments

A Comment on Comments

A Comment on Comments

I wrote a story last week about a family who felt they were slighted at a restaurant because they had a stroller. Maybe they were and maybe they weren’t. The blog was called Entitled Parent Story #246 or Attack of the Stroller People. It generated lots of comments from people but none so fascinating and head-in-ass as Mary who had this to say:

For all the people who work in the food industry who have the audacity to bitch about serving the public, accommodating children or calling anyone entitled, get a fucking education, and get a job doing something else and you won’t have to bitch. Also, don’t refer to your establishment as “posh,” you are still serving the public and working for “tips and wages;” that is all.

My favorite comments are the ones from people who travel the Internet to a page called The Bitchy Waiter and then get offended that the website is about a waiter who bitches. I don’t know how to make the page any clearer than it is. When Mary goes to the Christian Singles website she is not surprised that the site is full of single Christians who are looking to hook up, is she? Is she shocked when she heads over to a website called Pork Rind Porn and it’s all photos of people who are way too familiar and comfortable with pork rinds? (Note to self: build a website called Pork Rind Porn.) This blog was made for bitchin’ and that’s just what I’ll do. And one of these days this blog is gonna walk all over you. Are you ready blog? Start walkin’:

Mary, shut your pie hole and move on. It does not take “audacity” to bitch about serving the public. All it takes is a brain, emotions and the ability to type. This blog is a venting page where I can say what I want and how I want and it is also a forum for people to complain about the things they can’t complain about elsewhere. For your information, I have an education; a real education that I went to college to get. You think jobs grow on trees, I suppose. Twice this summer, I visited Botanical Gardens. I saw cherry trees and pine trees and Chinese Maple trees, but never once did I see an Actor tree or a Lawyer tree or a Nurse tree. So don’t troll your ass over here and spout out the “get an education and get another kind of job” bullshit because it doesn’t fly on this page. And who’s to say that people who have those other jobs don’t have reason to bitch? I have a friend who writes an anonymous blog about being an elementary school teacher. She has a masters degree and bitches more than anyone I know, so education does not cease the need to bitch, bitch. Mary concludes her statement with “that is all.” But it isn’t all because trolls like Mary can never stay under their bridge for very long. She continues:

Go work in a factory. There are no babies or parents there.

What a great idea, Mary. Let’s all go work in factories. I bet there is no reason at all to complain about factory jobs. They are probably so fulfilling. True, there are no children with strollers or parents there to complain about, but I am pretty sure I can find something else that warrants a complaint. Believe me, I’m really good at finding the crappy in any situation. Let’s see, factory work…what could possibly suck about working in a factory? Other than the dangerous work environment, the noise, the pollution, the monotony and the low wages, it sounds like a fucking dreamland. Fuck you, Mary.

With all the things going on in the world, I love that there are people moaning about having to do, not only their job, when many people do not even have a job, but complaining about having to perform a simple aspect such as accommodating a somewhat annoying person at that job. Poor servers! Your job is so horrible!

Mary, guess what. People complain about their jobs. It’s our nature and it’s what allows us to keep going to the job. If we didn’t have a way to vent then people might hole up their emotions and it can grow and fester into a big nasty gross wound, similar to what you may have in your genital area that flares up every six to eight weeks. I bet even Vanna White complains about her job and she has to have one of the easiest ones in the feakin’ world. (Note to self: create a Vanna White Complaints website.)

How dare me to click on a link on a Facebook page where hundreds of people were already appalled by the stupidity and audacity of you fucking idiots, as shown through their many comments, and come here and feel the need to also be appalled and astounded by your stupid whining and bitching and desperate moaning. Cheers bitches!


Yes, how dare you to click a link on Facebook called Bitchy Waiter and not be prepared for bitching waiters. Open your eyes and look at what you’re clicking. It’s the beauty of the Internet, Mary. If you don’t like something you just click away and never come back. Most of the servers on this page are worthy professionals who are great at their jobs and come here to let off some steam from dealing with dumb ass people like you. Bitching on a Facebook page does not mean that they do it to their customers. And it’s nice of you to use the word “audacity” but you already did that in your first comment. I get it, you want to make sure you take full advantage of the Word a Day calendar that your Secret Santa bought for you last year at the holiday office party where you drank two glasses of White Zinfandel and then told that guy who works in the next cubicle that you can show him what the real meaning of “ho ho ho” is, but chill out. For future comments, you can use these other words that are synonymous with audacity: courage, fearlessness, boldness, enterprise, rashness, dauntlessness, intrepidity and audaciousness. I will continue the “stupid whining and desperate moaning” if you promise that you will continue popping out from under your bridge every now and then to make people solve a riddle before crossing it. Cheers to you too, you miserable sack of skin.

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26 thoughts on “A Comment on Comments

  1. BadKitty

    Mary is a moron. I can’t stand people who think they are better than those who serve the public. If you think these servers are so far beneath you, then keep your judgemental, ignorant ass at home and cook your own meals. I also hope you shop online and not in stores because I run a retail establishment and would hate to have to deal with another douchebag customer like you. Stay at home and never leave. Service workers don’t want to put up with anyone like you.

  2. Meg

    Mary has what I like to call Trophy Wife Problems. I have no job, no life and I add nothing of value to this world so I’m going to bitch about nothing so I feel important. Get a life. I have a masters degree and I’m not working in my field. Having an education and having a job in that field are rare and doesn’t mean you’re not going to bitch about that job. Mary would know that if she had a job.

  3. Fara

    I think it’s safe to say that Mary has never waited tables a day in her life, or she would certainly understand the post. I live in a vacation area and the restaurants and bars here are packed for at least 9 months of the year. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I know who have college degrees but come back here to serve or bartend because you just can’t beat the money. I work in an office during the day and wait tables at night to build up my savings…and I don’t see a single thing wrong with that.
    I’d like to drop Mary in the middle of an extremely busy restaurant that’s on a 2-hour wait, surrounded by screaming children and disgruntled customers, and see if she has nothing to bitch about after the end of that shift!!!

  4. Adam

    “you are still serving the public”

    I imagine that this royal cunt, unless she stays at home most of her day, also “serves the public” in one form or another.

    Waiting tables is much more difficult than being told what book to read, and told what you need to write to pass a test to get a degree.

    Also, if you go to a public restaurant, you should be fully prepared to be subjected to the ire of the ‘public’. We call you ‘entitled’ because you lack (or choose to ignore) basic societal norms and tenets, while all and all claiming to be better-than. Just because you’re paying for a service doesn’t mean you’re right. The customer is usually wrong; but we’ll stroke your ego for cash.

  5. Rachel

    Does Mary think that the only people who have reason to complain about entitled parents in restaurants are the staff? Bitch must be stupid. When I patronize a joint, I absolutely hate those idiots, with their massive strollers, acting as though the world changed to revolve around them the second they shat out their little fuck trophy.

  6. Appleho

    I love your posts, BW. They bring so much laughter to my day. My co-workers and I talk about your posts in-between serving our tables. Thank you. Just, Thank you.

  7. Dogtroep

    Sorry, Mary. I have the best job in the world (to me, at least), and I STILL have to bitch about it at times. 24 years of education does NOT mean I’m always content. That’s part of being human. I’m guessing that you, Mary, also bitch about your job. Or about your welfare check.

  8. Annabehl

    Bitchy, you are a treasure and a bright spot in my day!
    Heads up to the un-initiated, when you work in a job that requires you to be pleasant and polite at all times regardless of whatever shit is flung at you…….it is appropriate to vent about it outside of your workplace. That is why we love the Bitchy Waiter.

  9. Harmony Beasley

    Why, Bitchy Waiter, I had no idea you were a cook too…you roasted the FUCK out of Mary. Are you sure you’re not a black woman? Keep roasting, keep fuckin bitching. We love you. (Well, those of us with reading and comprehension skills.)

  10. Mister Matt

    Mary should start a blog called “The Cunty Asshole”. She can put her education to good use by making hypocritical, elitist and ignorant rants against people for not saying what she wants to hear. Sort of like Ann Coulter for Dummies.

  11. Anonymous

    Seriously, Bitchy, I don’t know how I could go on without your blog to help me deal with the brain dead slugs I have to wait on. You, sir, are magnificent. Team Bitchy forever!

  12. ShezAnEnigma

    First, some restaurants are family orientated and some are elegant or posh, if you will. I have always been in family oriented places as a server. I serve with a smile, and I am always complimented on my customer service. Most of the servers in my last job as a server (I am now a photographer and web designer) have great personalities, but every single one bitches. Not constantly and it does not mean we are a two faced lair of a server- it just means we deal with the public on a daily basis and not every person we come in contact with is nice. We are not supposed to be upset when we are snapped at, yelled at, degraded by people who never learned manners and decent human interaction and respect? Not every guest is awful, I have had wonderful guests.. but there are ones I wish I could avoid like the plague – people with kids are among them. (I have kids. but tell me your heart doesn’t drop when kids come in to where you are working) – when I was in Mississippi, the Baptist groups that came in made us all run, and frankly they were given to the new servers. I do have a college education- I had it while I was a server and raising four kids – but in the state I lived the most in, we made minimum wage plus tips, and Washington state has the highest minimum wage, and most servers in our busy store made more money than the managers – so my tips and wages have put three of my four through college. (My fourth is still in high school)Her saying that servers need to get an education is offensive to me. The only reason I stopped serving is because I started my own business, and moved to another state. Who doesnt bitch about their jobs? She seems to be the type that would bitch about her job, she is very negative, and I agree… Dont tell people not to bitch about their job when the name of the blog you are reading is Bitchy Waiter.

  13. Maegan

    Hey BW, day brightener of mine, I saw some comments by your girl Springs on an article on XOJane not too long ago. It was on a blog post about not being a dick to waitstaff. Go figure, huh?

  14. maxi

    Mary never complains about her job cos she doesn’t have one obviously…. And my restaurant IS posh which means children are unusual and (IMNSHO) unwelcome.


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