Who Doesn’t Want an Award?

Tonight, your television will be spitting out The Golden Globes. In celebration of this night of giving out trophies, may I make an appeal? Some of you may have noticed that I have been asking you to nominate The Bitchy Waiter for a Bloggie Award and since today, January 16th (at 10 PM), is the last day that nominations are being accepted, I am straight up asking you for your assistance. Help me, okay? It’s a simple process. You can go to this link and then simply scroll down to the category that you think I would be best suited for. Best Asian Weblog? Probably not. But maybe “Most Humorous” or “Best Writing” or “Best-Kept Secret” would be swell. Hell, you can put me in all of them. You do have to put at least two other blogs in nominations as well, so you’ll have to think of two other deserving nominees. 200 people will then sift through the nominees and decide who the finalists are and on February 1, voting will begin to declare a winner for each category.

I really appreciate that you spend any time here at all and to ask you to go to yet another site to further my blog is a lot to ask, I realize. Just know that I do appreciate it. And I thank you. Please click here to go to the Eleventh Annual Weblog Awards site and help me out.

The Bitchy Waiter

13 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Want an Award?

  1. Anonymous

    Bitchy Waiter you so rule!Where have you been my life? This is by far the best kept secret weblog.mahalo bitch waiter for keeping me in giggles while in the middle of the pacific ocean-

  2. Mary A.

    Giftoffat.com can always use a vote right after The Bitchy Waiter and Fuck My Table. In case anyone didn;t know who to vote for.I think it's dumb you HAVE to vote for 3. Either you're the most humourous or your not. Jeez.

  3. PM Taylor

    Submitted my ballot earlier this month and already tossed you a nom for best humor – well deserved.As for the Globes, settling in on my couch this afternoon (west coast) to pre-game with the fashion and yell at all those dumb bitches who spend $157,459 on a dress and can't bother to comb their goddamn hair. And then, of course, the main event with Mr. Gervais and a roomful of drunk celebs … I'll be in a roomful of my drunk gal pals – equally fun …Her's hoping you're a winner …PMThttp://thisthattheotherone.blogspot.com


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