Turns Out Suze Orman is A-Okay

I need to rescind something that I wrote about someone a long time ago. Back in September of 2009, I wrote about Suze Orman and how she had supposedly gone on to The Oprah Winfrey Show and advised people to tip only 10% in order to save money. A few people were upset with me that I failed to do any research on this rumor before posting it on the blog.

Anne Marie said:

Does anyone EVER check to see if a rumor is true before they bitch? I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Suze Orman or Oprah, but there’s no evidence the Suze ever said this, and sure as hell not on the Big O. Fucking Google, people. There are thousands and thousands of real asshole customers, including celebrities if that’s what you care about.

Get over it, Ann Marie. It’s a blog, not the goddamn fucking New York Times.

Anonymous said…

Maybe you shold (sic) do some research before you post about gossip: http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/oprahtip.asp

The link is to Snopes and confirms that the whole Suze tipping 10% is a rumor. Anonymous also can’t spell.

Well, when I was working at The Place That Shall Not be Named, guess who came in to eat. Suze Orman. And she sat in the station that I was training in so I actually got to wait on her. Thankfully, I don’t work there anymore because we are not allowed to Tweet, Facebook or blog about the celebrities who come into the restaurant. But my ass was fired so I can blog away about it. Suze Orman was so fucking cool. She was friendly, polite, charming, gracious and funny. When a table next to her wanted to say hello, Suze was more than willing to have a conversation with them. “Girlfriend,” she told them. “You must get the sundae for dessert. You. Will. Love. It.” And Suze was generous too. Their bill was about $250 and they left a $100 tip. That is fucking cool. Of course, I was only training and didn’t get to see any of that money and because of the way that place tipped out the server only got to keep about $35 bucks of it.

But I take back what I said about Suze Orman. She is one cool, big tippin’, big grinnin’, lady lovin’ financial expert and I would be happy to have her in my station again any time. Suze, please accept my apologies.

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8 thoughts on “Turns Out Suze Orman is A-Okay

  1. Bagel Fairy

    It is scary to think how easily these things get spread and how quickly we form really strong opinions about people based on rumors like this. I know I've made sweeping judgments about people (regular folks and celebrities alike) based on either lies or out-of-context quotes/situations.I'd have a hard time believing that the commenters on the original post have always "researched" everything they've heard and said about people and taken the time to apologize for and retract the inaccurate things they said.

  2. Tяainwяeck Tяagedy

    I completely L0VE Suze Orman! She's so in-your-face and honest about everything. And the woman is money savvy. Maybe if other people (especially women) read this and realize that Suze Orman tips big then maybe they will too. 🙂


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