Liz Lemon Wants Me To Be Her Friend

Today is one of those rare days that I don’t have to call myself a waiter because I am actually on a television set working as an actor. Uh huh. My favorite show of all time (right after The Brady Bunch and The Facts of Life) called me to work on it today. Today I am acting on 30 Rock. Acting is a funny word though because what I am doing today is basically standing behind the stars and moving my lips and then walking off away from the camera. But the beauty part is there is no tray involved and I don’t expect to take any food orders. At lunch time, when the caterers are setting up the spread, I will resist the urge to light the sternos and fold the napkins. Instead, I will get in line behind Jane Krakowski and Alec Baldwin and choose the chicken or the steak and get a piece of pie. Life feels good today. And just think. If I was still working at The Place That Shall Not Be Named, I would have had to turn down this opprtunity. Was I fired? Yeth, yeth, I wath. I am I happy about it? Oh hell yeth.

Sorry this post is so lame, but you know…I’m an actor today.

18 thoughts on “Liz Lemon Wants Me To Be Her Friend

  1. Anonymous

    Thweet! Nithe job!! Let uth know when it'th on the theevee!Oh, and thinthe I haven'th thaid it yeth, futh you backthtabbing coworker and good job on movinth to a betther place. 😉

  2. The Bitchy Waiter

    Anonymous said…What episode/who is your character?? I am a living prop. Is Alec Baldwin as hott in person??Yes and seems to be very generous. Is Tina Fey just as awkward and funny?? She can do know wrong. Does Tracy Jordan really talk like he's drunk all the time??Yes. Yes he does.

  3. Anonymous

    I am OBSESSED with 30 Rock. What episode/who is your character?? Is Alec Baldwin as hott in person?? (He secretly is so hott for an old guy.) Is Tina Fey just as awkward and funny?? Does Tracy Jordan really talk like he's drunk all the time??

  4. Gabriele Agustini

    I hope the day is all that you hoped for -and more!! Enjoy your day off from the other job!I'm curious as to WHAT you'll be 'saying', when you're standing behind the stars and moving your lips! :)Can't wait to read your post!!Have a blast!!!!

  5. Practical Parsimony

    Yes, when does it air? I did not think that post was lame, not at all. Thanks for sharing. You add a little spice to my life. Oh, okay, you add lots of spice.By the way, I was thinking of you as I ate alone at Ruby Tuesday last night. The guy who was going with me just decided not to…ex, and I was paying because he had helped me with some things at my house. Okay, I told them about your blog. Then, on a $14.08 meal, I gave him a $20 and let him keep the change. You approve? See, not all women are stingy tippers. However, I did have to ask the hostess for a water refill and for butter. Those are the only two things I asked for during my meal. He was in the kitchen and only had one other table. That was disappointing!


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