McDonald’s/Road Rage

Have we all seen this crazy fucking McDonald’s addict who loses her shit when she finds out she can’t get McNuggets? Supposebly, she was there before 10:30 in the morning and they were only serving breakfast. Well, this ho wasn’t going to have that. She briefly considered filling out a comment card and then calling the McDonald’s customer service hot line, but then she decided it would be better if she just out out of her car and started beating the shit out of the drive thru window clerk.

I have never had the misfortune of working in fast food. There was a summer after college where I made daily trips to Burger King and Dairy Queen (the royal “we”) when I probably should have been put on their payroll, but never have I been officially. With my vast food service experience, if I ever take a foray into fast food, I would probably shoot right up the corporate ladder and be a shift leader immediately. Anyhoo, back to the video. This bitch is crazy for McNuggets but that McDonald’s worker is ready for the fight. I particularly like when she grabs that trick’s hair and tries to detach it from her head. And then they get the manager up in there too to fight the good fight. Out of everything though, the best part of the video is when she finally flees the scene and the next car drives like nothing happened up and is all, “Can I get a number two combo please? Super size me.” The worst part of the video? No audio. In my mind, it goes something like this:

Driver: I want McNuggets.
McD’s: We ain’t got those. How ’bout a McGriddle?
Driver: I want McNuggets.
McD’s: We ain’t got those right now. How ’bout a hashbrown?
Driver: Don’t make me cut you.
McD’s: How ’bout a McMuffin?
Driver: I am gonna kick you ass bitch.
McD’s: Manager! Manager!
Driver: (beating her) I’m gonna kick your ass, bitch. I want fucking McNuggets.
McD’s: Bitch, I got your hair now, what you gonna do now, huh? What chu gonna do?
Driver: I’m gonna smash the fucking window with my hand and if I can’t do that, I’m gonna get in my car and find something else to smash it with. Arrrg!
McD’s: How ’bout an apple pie?
Driver: Arrg! (smashes window and drives away)
McD’s: Thank you and have a nice day.

Anyone here work at McDonald’s and care to share your viewpoint?

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22 thoughts on “McDonald’s/Road Rage

  1. Anna

    I’m scared someone is going to do something like this to me one morning. People get pissed when you tell them they can’t order beef at 6am (It takes 3 hours to cook & I come in at 5 definitely not ready at 6am!)

  2. NayNay

    You wanna hear the funny part? That big bitch that pulled old girl half-way through the window by her hair? That WAS the MANAGER! How funny is that?

  3. Ann Wilkinson

    I worked at a McDonalds one summer; I was a closer — we cleaned the entire store and prepped for the breakfast shift the next morning. I was threatened by a customer who wanted his BigMac within 30 seconds, or he'd blow up the restaurant (pre 9/11 days); I exploded the shake machine all over my manager; We used to inhale the helium balloons and ask customers what they wanted. After one summer, that was it. I was trained for life to appreciate anyone who served me food — fast or otherwise.

  4. zeebee

    I work at macs!Worst situation I've ever been in was when I was 5/6 months pregnant and this drunk guy comes in demanding his big mac meal. Said he'd been sitting in his car, but there wasn't any big macs waiting. Seriously thought he was going to cut me up for that shit.I hate the idea of working at mcdonalds. But the people I work with are cool and I need to feed the sprog somehow. So mcdonalds it is (and by that I mean, my wages are spent on various demands for fruit, I don't give the poor bastard mcdonalds. My boy doesn't suffer). I rarely eat the food, it's already hospitalised me.

  5. Katie

    HAHA! you always have the best perspective on things. 🙂 My boyfriend worked at Taco Bell and he was the drive through guy…he's the kicker…he's partically deaf. I guess he ticked off a driver one day and got the HUGE soda thrown back at him through the window. He hasnt told me the WHOLE story.. :-)Fast food is one place I will NEVER work.

  6. Xylina Myia

    I actually worked at KFC when I was in high school for a little while. Some customer was told that something they ordered wouldn't be done for another 15 minutes. So the customer got really mad and threw two huge Jug's filled with Hi-C juice at my Shift supervisor and the Assistant manager. They were both working the drive-thru that day. The people drove off in frustration but KFC still got their money because they paid first before being told they had to wait. I think what needs to be said here is Fast-food Junkies/ People in general do not like waiting for food, or people telling them they cannot get a certain item. I think a switch goes off in their heads and they tend to turn into Animalistic (Is that a word? hmm if not it sounds good) creatures..

  7. California Girl

    My husband and I sat outside with our 22 & 23 year old sons last night, both of them waiters, and discussed the really horrible behaviour of people nowadays; their lack of manners, restraint, etc. What the hell did my generation do to create people like this? I chalk her off to drugs but there are so many more weirdos out there.

  8. Mary A.

    I worked at McDonalds when I was in College. They told me I was management material. Ummm. . thanks?Personally, I wouldn't get into a fight with those career McDonalds people. They are scary. With tatoos and prison records. Crazy bitch in the car is lucky LaToya didn't put a cap in her ass.


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