Manners Matter!

I get a lot of comments and flack from people who question my bitchy ways and ask me why I keep this job if it’s so fucking miserable and demeaning. Most of these comments probably come from people who have never had to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous food service and maybe they don’t understand my point of view. Waiting tables is like wearing a pair of golden handcuffs. My friend Annie was describing her non food service job and I totally related to it. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation or job that is not ideal, but the benefits outweigh the negatives. In the restaurant world, the benefits are the quick cash in a short period of time, the complete flexibility and the opportunity to wear khakis and Pay Less slid resistant shoes everyday of your life. Serving food is not the easiest job in the world but it sure isn’t the hardest either. Am I handcuffed to my waiter jobs? Maybe. But they’re made of gold so it’s not that bad. So I continue to wait tables and then come to this blog and bitch about it and complain about all the annoying people and then when I am done, I feel better. It’s like therapy, this blog. It keeps me sane(er). And every once in a while, I show up to work and The Bitchy Waiter slacks off a bit and the 4% of Friendly Waiter gets to pokes his timid ass head out and say hello. This rare event happened a few nights ago and the customer left a comment card regarding my service. I quote:

Excellent, friendly service. Very polite. Manners matter!

Did you just now hear the fucking angels singing Hallelujah? Did you feel the temperature in the room change a bit as the bolt of electrical excitement shot right through you? The birds are singing and the rainbows have shot their wads in the sky because someone took the time to write a comment card about how great a waiter I am. I must stop typing now because tears are falling into the keyboard at an alarming rate.
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9 thoughts on “Manners Matter!

  1. A random waiter

    People may wonder why we continue in our profession, even if it seems like the most miserable job in the world. I agree, I can’t stand the annoying ones, but the few that make your night are the ones that keep you around. The 1 in every 10 tables that compliments you, tells your boss that you need a raise, and says that they will quit coming in if you ever quit/get fired makes it hard to quit this profession. Sure, the money can be great *if* you are good, but the customer service part gets daunting.

    In essence, manners do matter.. The kind words always make us happy.. its the words that discourage that make us hate our jobs.

  2. vandervecken

    Nice! Every once in a while, it's nice to be told your efforts meant something! In any case, for people who complain about ranty waiter blogs, I have a 1-word response: Yelp. Those same people have innumerable forums to go trash restaurants all they want, don't they?

  3. dirtydisher

    Everybody bitches about their job, but, you have something a lot of bloggers lack, the ability to write in a way that is a genuine gift. Your humor is like a tangible object and I can hear you speak.

  4. Shannah

    Oh my Goodness! Just read this for the first time and loved this. I enjoyed your writing, and it brought me back to my waitress days. There's a truth in your writing, and I'll be coming back for more. Thank you for doing this!

  5. Naseem

    It's your blog write what you want. Who cares what people think. Your blog is awesome. Everyone bitches about their jobs. It doesn't matter what it is they do.


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