On the Rag

Why is it so freaking hard to find a decent towel to wipe down a table with? Is it that difficult to have towels around? Are towels so fucking valuable that they must be kept under lock and key and only given out when the previous towel is just a bunch of sad tired threads only held together by the omelet they most recently wiped up? At my last job, they were locked in the office because you just know that I wanted to steal a whole bag of them and sell them on the underground black market for dish rags. Or maybe put them on eBay. Yeah, that’s where the real money is for dish rags. You always had to ask the manager to please go get you one. Stingy fuckers. Or sometimes, they just don’t have any, so you keep using the same rag over and over again. Wipe a table? Sure. Wipe a seat? Sure. Wipe an ass? Well, all I have is this one towel, so..okay, sure.

And they always are supposed to be that sanit bucket thing which is totally gross. All it is is a bucket of hot water and bleach, but why the fuck does have to be hot water? It’s not like it stays hot. Within half an hour you are sticking your hands into a bucket of room temperature bleach water that has food floating in it in order to wipe down a table with a towel that is thinner than a goddamn Kleenex. I never put the towel back into the sanit bucket. Fuck that. I don’t need to get my hands all bleachy-smelling and dry just so some customer can have a clean table. I rinse the towel under the faucet and call that shit clean enough.

Or what about when you have the pleasure of working in a restaurant that has real linen napkins instead of paper ones. It’s like an unlimited supply of towels. Grab a dinner napkin, wet it and clean that fucking cappuccino machine. Who cares that the coffee never comes out of the napkin? If they would’ve just had plenty of towels in the first place, it wouldn’t even be an issue. Those dinner napkins get used to wipe down all kinds of crap. If someone spills a soda, you just throw a pile of napkins on it. Is the refrigerator dirty? Hey, wipe it down with a dinner napkin. And then just throw it into the bag to go to the laundry and it will soon be back nice, clean and pressed. It’s ready to sit on the lap of a customer who uses it to gently wipe the sweet mouth of her one year old little girl. The same napkin that only two days ago helped serve as a dam to keep the overflowing toilet water from seeping into the break room.

Order some more towels, managers.

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11 thoughts on “On the Rag

  1. lovinmyloo

    just started reading this blog and this one kept me rotflmao…the restaurant i work for not only keeps the "bar rags" under lock and key, but in the "rules" you are only allowed one clean one per shift…and…we use linen napkins, go figure, still lmao

  2. CJ

    Too funny, on the rag is right! My last restaurant kept them locked in the cage along with the liquor. Sure, we can be trusted with loads of cash, but not with vodka (true) or rags.

  3. JumpIt

    My restaurant does the same thing. SAME thing. You can't ever find one and then when you do, you hold onto that sucker for dear life because there's only one or two floating around because my managers are just as stingy about those towels.

  4. Lauren

    Bitchy waiter I think you need to re-name your blog to horrors in the restaurant industry. (Just Kidding!!!) Next time I go to a restaurant I'm bringing my own silverware, plate and paper napkins. Thanks for making me laugh! :o)

  5. Noelle

    That sucks that your managers have to be so stingy with the towels. Linen companies are really out of hand what they charge. That is no excuse. Santi bucket is nasty! I prefer sanitizer in a spray bottle and adequate towels. Shake the towel over the trash shake off the big stuff then rinse long and as warm as you can stand. spray tables and wipe down. store the bottle and the towel in the empty santi bucket. It will cost probably $3.00. Sanitizer can be expensive but it is also very useful very diluted. Keep asking for a new towel don't relent. Worse things to be know as a "clean pain in the ass" ha ha.


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