It’s The Day of the Show, Y’all

Believe it or not, I have other talents that do not involve taking food orders and carrying trays. I am currently in a play and tonight is opening night. So instead of slinging hash and rolling my eyes at ho bags who want slices of lemon, tonight I will be on a stage singing and dancing for my paycheck. Shocking though it may be, I will not be waiting tables for a few weeks. Rest assured that I can continue bitching about my job even when I am not actually at the job. Yes, I am that good at bitching. Now you know why a couple of days have passed without writing. I am in a quaint little beach town in Delaware with lots of restaurants and therefore lots of waiters and therefore plenty for me to observe and write about. But for now, I am off to the theater. (Imagine that being said by a grand old dame of acting and it’s pronounced the-a-tah.)

The Bitchy Waiter

p.s. I would tell you what show I am in, but then Anonymous might show up and pelt my ass with rotten eggs.

p.p.s. Bonus points to anyone who can name the movie that this title is quoted from.

22 thoughts on “It’s The Day of the Show, Y’all

  1. CaliSunshine

    The day "The Bitchy Waiter, The Musical" is out I will be in one of three places: The front row, Singing and dancing my heart out on stage, or in heaven (…maybe :P) . You should come check out my blog sometime. My newest topic is me bitching about fat old men that travel to foreign countries… and what happens there (no, not prostitution…come check it out!) xoxo,CaliSunshine

  2. Melanie

    Congrats on opening night and break a leg! I have only done community theater but I know those jitters… you'll be great. Just breathe, we'll be here awaiting a fresh batch o'bitching when you return!

  3. Manda

    these past couple of days you have been missed. Congrats on your play and I wish you the best of luck!! Can't wait to hear about it!!

  4. Willow

    While I knew that waiting tables is an act of theatre,I did not realize that your ambitions tended in this direction from your previous posts..and I stalked ya..haha…swear though,I tip good!Did my time …hope it works out for you and cannot wait to hear for the muti-faceted sarcasm that results….you will be able to pinpoint a customers shame from stage…Best of luck,break the proverbial leg,and PLEASE do not lose that wonderful sarcastic sense of humour

  5. CaliSunshine

    soooooo, how'd you do?!!!! fabulous right?! omg your debut! haha im so excited for you and I cant wait to ear about the show!you should come check out my blog sometime. If you could leave a comment or "follow me" (please dont follow me home and kill me with a bitchy "glare smile" that all good waitors have perfected) that would be FABULOUS (like your singing talents).xoxo,CaliSunshine

  6. Taja

    Dear Bitchy Waiter:I think I'm in love with you. Your bitchiness just may have inspired me to write my own bitchy receptionist blog. I work in a medical facility and from the sounds of it you and I somehow share the same customers. Anyhoo, two thumbs up for being so rad.


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