Working For the Weekend

It’s the weekend. Those two glorious days where we don’t have to go to work and all we do is sleep late and have brunch and go to parties. Isn’t it wonderful to always have these two days off? Oh, wait, I work in the food service industry so it doesn’t fucking matter. The world revolves around people who have Monday through Friday jobs and none of them ever consider the fact that people work on the weekends. Even though they go out and see my ass serving their food on Sunday morning, they still assume that nobody works on weekends. There is this one woman in my building who cannot wrap her pea brain around the fact that I work Saturday and Sunday. First of all, she isn’t too bright. She used to live on my floor and was one of those people who couldn’t figure out the complexities of separating recycling and garbage. Dumb as a bag of hair, she is. She has this really high pitched voice and whenever she talks she sounds like she is exhaling. For years I would see her on Friday and she would say some stupid ass bitch shit like, “Thank God it’s Friday,” and then give a thumbs up. Always I reply, “yeah, I work tomorrow…” I could see her mind trying to comprehend the idea of work on Saturday. “You work?” in a high voice. “On Saturday?” in a higher voice. Yes, bitch I work on Saturday. A lot of people do. When you go to the grocery store or take the bus or see a movie or check out your latest romance novel from the library, everyone you see at those places is working. On Saturday. If went up to her and told her I was thanking God that it’s Wednesday, she would think I was a devil. And then she’d say, “But Wednesday is hump day.”

We in the food service industry deserve some recognition that we give up our weekends so other people can enjoy theirs. How many times have you been to a party on a Saturday and have to leave early because it’s a work night and past your bedtime? Okay, bad example, because I don’t know the meaning of “leave the party early” or “bedtime” but you get the point. On the other hand, if I want to go out on a Wednesday night because I am off on Thursday, Monday through Friday’ers can’t fathom that. It’s like they have to get back into their bed by 8:30 to catch a rerun of Touched by and Angel or they’ll turn into a fucking pumpkin. Never mind that I stayed at their party until 2:30 on Saturday night when I had to be at work on Sunday morning at 9:00. When the tables are turned, they can’t do it. Happy hour ends at 7:00 and that is it. Done until Friday.

So maybe I resent them a little bit. Or a lotta bit. It would just be nice every once in a while for those who are off every weekend to acknowledge what a service we do for society. We are there for them. We serve. And we have Tuesdays off sometimes.
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6 thoughts on “Working For the Weekend

  1. No L

    Amen Bitchy! Have you every found any fun going out on Tuesday? I haven't. I just start late and stop late on Friday or Saturday. The result industry friends. Kind of boring.

  2. Anonymous

    I almost feel like this. But then I remember if I get to resentful, my scheduling manager will gladly start putting me on regular Sun/Mon/Tues late nights again. I think I would resent that more. Or maybe I would resent those dumb Monday-through-Friday people for not going out during the week. It is a conundrum, so I take a page out of Lady Gaga's book and pull a pokerface.

  3. dirtydisher

    Saturday is my Monday too, even though I'm not a server anymore. You're right, people don't get it. Even my family. At least you don't have to hire a babysitter for a kid that you didn't give birth to because your stupid family has weekends off. I feel bitchy today.

    1. invisible23

      Props for you. Serving may not be the easiest job ever, but there is no way in hell I would have the stomach or the brains to do anything resembling what nurses have to put up with. Thank you for sacrificing your time to keep our asses alive. 🙂

  4. invisible23

    I actually have Fridays off for the first time since high school (two jobs at once starting sophomore year until I graduated… Thank god for study hall or I would have never slept). When I started at my new restaurant a couple of months ago and it came time to determine when I would work, they basically handed me a schedule with the days that needed more people circled and told me to pick which I wanted. And Friday was the one day that was completely staffed up. It’s such a weird feeling, being out on a Friday night. The first couple of weeks I would look at the time after I had a few, see that it was 9 pm on a Friday, and panic for a second before I remembered I was off.


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