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Today is “National Tell Off a Customer Day”

Break out the party hats and confetti, because today has been declared “National Tell Off a Customer Day.” For anyone in the service industry, it’s a day they have likely been dreaming of for a very long time. Retailers, waiters and waitresses, flight attendants, hairdressers and anyone else who deals with the public can get a free pass today and let a customer know how they really feel.

Michael Falso, chairman of the Workers Alliance of National Kindness (WANK) came up with the day about two years ago and it has finally been federally approved and nationally recognized. Says Falso, “as a service worker myself for many years, I always thought it would be great if we could just have one day to release the pressure and say whatever we want to a customer with no repercussions.” Along with his business partner, Theo F. Aik, the two men began the process of applying for National Tell Off a Customer Day. “I figured if there was a National Corn Dog Day (March 16) and National Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day (December 18), then why not a day where we can say whatever we want to customers?” added Aik. After submitting the required forms with the government, the day was approved: October 9, is National Tell Off a Customer Day.

Says the proclamation:

On this day, any service industry worker can choose one, and only one, customer and tell them exactly how they feel about them. That customer shall be required to listen to the feedback and accept it with a smile. Furthermore, there shall be no negative consequences from any owners, managers or bosses to any employee who chooses to exercise their right to tell off a customer on this day. Employees shall refrain from any using disparaging remarks that have to do with race, sexuality, or gender. However, insulting their age or physical appearance is perfectly acceptable. It is also acceptable if the employee chooses to yell their statement at the top of their lungs. If an employee has more than one job, they can choose one customer for each job as long as the “telling off” happens at the place of employment and on this nationally recognized day.

To learn more about this day click here. If you would like to submit a suggestion for your own National Day, click here. If you have an epic “telling off” that you recorded and would like to submit it to the national database of telling people off click here.