The Bitchy Waiter lives and works in New York City. When he was a little boy, he used to play “waiter” with his brothers taking their orders and serving them lunch. Sadly, his playtime has become a reality and he has been wearing an apron pretty consistently since 1990, working in restaurants in Denver, Houston and New York. In 2008, he started a blog as a way to release the frustrations that come with being in the world of food service. Writing stories on the Internet about annoying customers was better than poking the annoying customers in their eyes with forks.

The Bitchy Waiter has appeared on television as a guest on Dr. Phil and has also been a guest commentator on CBS Sunday Morning. He has been interviewed by the New York Post, U.S. News and World Report, Huffington Post, Money Magazine, Bon Appetit and countless other food and beverage websites and magazines.

He enjoys The Brady Bunch, The Facts of Life and cocktails almost as much as he hates your baby.


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  1. Autumn Johnson

    Thank you for your article about the District Cafe’s recent Yelp! review. I would have loved this anyway… but it’s especially true since it impacts our family’s business! Hilarious! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Obviously we cant thank you officially 🙂

  2. Gayle Ryan

    When I was 15, my father sent me to Waitress in a very busy coffee shop in downtown Chicago for the summer months when we did not have school.
    I used to come home and soak my feet and roll my quarters to give to my father.
    when the 3 months were over, I asked my Father why he would send me to work in a restaurant???
    and He said ” So you will never want to be a waitress”

  3. Sandra McKee

    I don’t really have anything to say except I just stumbled across “The Bitchy Waiter” accidentally and wanted you to know I haven’t laughed this much years!! Thanks

  4. Lezbehonest

    You’re a bitch alright. Roasting “fans” whose comments offend you and feeling compelled to burn them by dedicating blog posts to them. How precious. How important that must make you feel. You’re so angry about being gay and working in the service industry, that your only release is attacking strangers who disagree with you. What a sad life you lead.
    I’m flattered that you took so much time to analyze my comment line-by-line and dedicate a post to me. It was truly moving what a cunt you really are. Especially considering how much time that took away from taming that Ramen noodle-wannabe, frizzy curly wig you swing about, most inevitably leaving bits of DNA in your customers’ food. You’re not Justin Timberlake, circa 2000 sweetheart. You are a deplorable human being and I pray your tables are seated with bus loads upon bus loads of children. Go get a real job. Too bad being an asshole doesn’t pay anything, you’re already excellent at that!

      1. Roxanne

        Oh dear she’s not a happy lesbian at all. After 15 years in the hospitality industry I can attest to serving others as not only being a real job but one of the hardest, one that requires the largest amount of humility, patience and compassion – and I now work with children who have multiple and profound learning difficulties! If you do remember which blog upset this lady the most I’d love to read it! I think you’re blog is funny. People that defend the ridiculous expectations and sense of entitlement that the ‘consumer’ has really fucking piss me off. I was fired once over a woman who had 14,000 followers on twatter who slagged me off because I pointed out we didn’t have sugar sachets because it’s ordered at the till. I think people should me made to do hospo as national service, maybe then they;d get their sanctimonious heads out of their smug fat arses.

      2. Dc

        Lmao – WOW, Lez has got some severe issues!!!! After working in the service industry for over 25 years, I can definitely say that more often than not you, Bitchy Waiter, absolutely speak the truth and hit the nail right on the head about our patrons – and bitching about shit is the normal way to get frustrations out, no matter WHAT job you have.

        Ms. Lez, this IS a real job, otherwise you would NEVER eat out and you, my Sweet, are a deplorable human being for minimizing and degrading people who excel in this business. And excelling in this business is how I made 3x as much money on my shittiest day in a bar than I ever did on my best day being a government employee.

        You’re just a very, very sad human being. I feel very sorry for you.

    1. MellieK

      And just what do you consider a “real” job?
      You’re the one that should look at the asshole staring right back at you from the mirror.

    2. DEE CROSS

      Get a real Job? Seriously Lezbhonest you are the unhappy homosexual! And being a pissed off lesbian doesnt give you the right to use the word Cunt like it’s an everyday term unless your a worthless piece of trash. I have been in the service industry for 36 yrs. I own my own home without a mortgage and drive a very nice new $35000.00 car. How is that not a real job? I travel and hang with an amazing group of team players in a diner that serves over 1000 guests a day.

    3. JG

      just came up this web site and your sorry a$$ reply…… Waaaaoooo I did not know they made people like you that size (xxxxsm). Just to inform you waiting tables IS A JOB ! Earning an honest $dollar performing at a job and listening to a pathetic creature like you doen’t pay enough. How about you get up and be a server at a coffee shop for a day ! see what it takes to deal with the public and their demands.

    1. Sandi

      I’m a “semi old lady” and I love the shit out of you too. Just yesterday I saw the Dr. Phil show you were on about obnoxious kids causing disruptions in restaurants. There was one lady literally talking over you. Self righteous bitch. You got your point across, but she really disrupted your voice and opinions just as I’m sure her kids disrupt and ruin many people’s meals at restaurants. I can’t stand them!

  5. Lu

    Thank you for this site. I work on the weekends as a server to help pay for the immense amount of medical bills attributed to my son who suffers from complex epilepsy. I have a BS in Architecture, and have given up my day job to be with my child and take him to necessary appointments with Neurologists, Pediatric specialists…etc. However, I am still treated like trash Friday – Sunday. I have had people spell “salt” to me, avoid eye contact when placing orders, tap their glass after drinking 8 glasses of water in a half hour, ignore me to offer table service. I am shocked at how degrading people are, when they chose to go to a restaurant where table service is an accommodation. This site is a nice reminder that I do not suffer alone!

  6. Michael Scinto

    Hi The Bitchy Waiter,

    Hope all is well! This is Michael Scinto from the Metro New York B2B publication, Total Food Service. Would you like to contribute a column with your thoughts on the NYC restaurant industry eliminating tipping? Would love to read your thoughts. We always here from the restaurant owners and associations, and would love opinions from professionals like yourself.

    Please let me know. And happy to help promote your new book too!

    Kind Regards,


  7. Julie

    Dear BW, I LOVE reading your posts! I have a situation at one of the restaurant’s I work currently and I would like to hear what you think. If I am in the wrong I want to know this as well. About 8 months ago we hired a 40 something guy as a dishwasher. He had never been in the restaurant industry. He was slow but a very hard worker. I really liked him. He was moved to a bus boy when a position opened up due to the other bus boys drinking on the job. At first he was slow at this as well but trying his best. All of the other servers complained about how when he was the busser, it was as if we had no bus boy an we were bussing our own tables. About 4 months ago, it was if a switch was flipped because this guy went from being slow but working hard to not working much at all. An example of what I mean is as follows: during the rush a Saturday night instead of busting several dirty tables in every section of the restaurant you can find him polishing silverware in the back even though we have plenty of clean and polish silverware in every Side Station. Or with several dirty tables in every section he will be adjusting the booth by about an eighth of a centimeter so that they are aligned just right during a Saturday night Rush. one Sunday night he left a dirty table in my station for almost 45 minutes I had bussed several of my own tables but then I was given a party of 12 that included seven kids and this particular party was running me like no other which is the only reason I was unable to bus the last dirty table that I had yet to bus myself. When I asked the shift lead who was the “manager” if she could please ask “Eric” to bus this table and I had also let the ” manager” know that I had bussed, cleaned, and reset ALL my tables all night long so far. She found him polishing silverware and his response to why he hadn’t bussed this table was because it was near the party… This was a strange reason to me.. I as well as a few other servers have started to keep track of our tables and what we are doing compared to what he is doing. Obviously prebussing is our job an we all do it no problem. We are required to tip the bus boy 3% of our sales. We have found that the servers are doing 90% of this one bus boys job each shift. I have bought this up to management. I am the only one who is courageous enough to bring an issue to Management’s attention. An now I am being written up for “stirring the pot” I feel like this one guy has decided that he can do the absolute bare minimum of work because he knows that it is policy that he is going to be handed over 3% of our sales regardless of whether or not he earned it or not. He also doesn’t do the other support work most busser do such as stock bread plates, glasses etc. We all end up doing this as well. Aside from you telling me to get a new job, what is your take on this issue?

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    peachskin. I actually prefer the shiny, silky satin to all materials that I’ve encountered so far, so I’d actually be interested in that if that was it. The normal peachskin would be a little less smooth and not really that shiny; obviously one I wouldn’t prefer.

  9. Ann

    Hi BW, would like your opinion on this.
    A party of 3 comes in and 2 people order, the other brought in a Burger King bag of burger & fries. This really bothers me, I don’t know if my state has any health codes for this, but if it doesn’t it should. with all the food borne illness going around isn’t this a potential health risk bringing in prepared food from another establishment? What is your opinion on this.
    Thanks for your time!

  10. Snuffie

    I love every single thing about your blog. Been reading your stuff for years and check your FB page on a daily basis. Coming home to a glass(or five) of wine and reading your posts always makes a shitty day so much better. You’re spectacular, please never stop bitching about serving, ever. xoxoxo

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  13. Mike

    I need to know where you work. I promise very large tip but my wife wants to come to New York and get dinner for no other reason than to meet you.
    Seriously Huge Tip!!!
    Of you were straight I would worry about how much she follows you online


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