Woman Arrested For Throwing Soup in Cashier’s Face

(Bell County Sheriff’s Office)

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I shared this video of a customer who threw soup into the face of a cashier? The customer was upset that her soup was so hot that it melted some of the plastic lid and the plastic ended up in her precious menudo. Instead of being a regular person who would gladly accept a refund or another bowl of soup, she thought it was a good idea to assault the very person who was trying to help her. The soup was too hot for a plastic to-go container, but not too hot to pour onto a human face, right?


The video went viral and we all knew it was only a matter of time before the police came knocking on her door. Well, the restaurant gods smiled down upon us, because this woman has been arrested. Human trash bag Amanda Nicole Martinez, 31, of Temple, Texas has been charged with assault causing bodily injury and placed under arrest and transported to Bell County Jail Wednesday morning, police said.

While in jail, she will be wishing she had some hot menudo to keep her warm, but all she’ll have now is a scratchy blanket, stale bread, and the sinking realization that she done fucked up. I’m not sure what kind of sentencing will be handed out for a case like this, but it will probably be a fine and some community service bullshit. Hopefully, she’ll have to work at a soup kitchen and will be forced to use her own face for a ladle.

Amanda Nicole Martinez hopefully learned a lesson here, but it’s more likely that she will continue to treat restaurant workers and anyone else around her like garbage. Ironic really, since the only real piece of trash is Amanda herself.

(It’s so nice to be able to say whatever I want on my own blog because If I called her a human trash bag on Facebook, I would be just as blocked as the pores on Nicole’s face.)


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