Kathy Hill Goes Off on Red Lobster Employees

As restaurants across the country struggle to re-open in a way that’s safe for employees and customers while still being economically feasible, tensions are running high for everyone involved. A simple scan of the Chili’s facebook page is chockfull of complaints from people upset about how long they had to wait for curbside pickup and how the food was cold or incorrect when they finally got it. Never mind that these workers are doing their best in a bad situation.

And then we have this video of a woman named Kathy Hill who straight up went off on Red Lobster employees after she waited three hours for her food.

Bitch Kathy must have really wanted some of those cheddar bay biscuits, because I can’t imagine waiting three hours for anything except maybe Splash Mountain at DisneyWorld if at the end of the ride I was greeted with a tsunami of tequila. Granted, three hours is a very long time and I can understand why Kathy would want a refund. Hell, I would have asked for that refund after 45 minutes. What Kathy fails to comprehend is that throwing punches at people isn’t going to get that refund processed any faster. We see the staff forcibly removing her from the premises, but it’s not until she tries to slap someone that things goes really bad. I’m especially impressed with the guy who grabs Kathy’s hair in order to keep from being hit again. I’m also surprised that her dry ass hair didn’t  just break off in his hands. If Kathy ever does get her food from Red Lobster, I would suggest she uses some of the grease for a hot oil treatment for that haystack on her head.

Customers need to understand that restaurants that are doing curbside pickup are doing so with a greatly reduced staff. They are working while wearing masks and gloves which makes the kitchen feel even hotter than it already is. This is a new era and there are a lot of kinks for them to figure out; it’s not easy. Some of those workers are only there because if they say no to the job, their unemployment insurance will be yanked away from them. They have no choice. Kathy does have a choice. In fact, she has three:

  1. She can stay at home to make her own Mother’s Day meal or get someone in her family to do it for her.
  2. She can accept that restaurants are fucked up right now and that wait times are possibly unbearable.
  3. She can go fuck herself. (I added this third option after a reader suggested it.)

There you have it, Kathy. You say you were assaulted, but by the looks of the video, you did your own fair share of it. Your refund will show up, but anyone who owns a credit card should know it doesn’t happen immediately. It takes some time. In the course of the next 3-5 business days while it is being processed, think about how you yelled, screamed, spit at, hit and abused minimum wage workers who have been deemed essential just because you fell like you deserve some crunchy popcorn shrimp for Mother’s Day. Also, wear a fucking mask if you’re going out in public. Not wearing one makes you look like a self-entitled asshole who only cares about herself. Oh, wait.

23 thoughts on “Kathy Hill Goes Off on Red Lobster Employees

  1. demoncat_4

    what the hades did that entitled woman not get did she not know or care that those red lobster workers were busy not only risking their healths by going back to work but what did she expect the workers to do have her food out too her seconds after she ordered it for did she want it raw hope not only does she later get charged for assault and sued by the worker she hit but she got banned from the place for ever and never gets to have any red lobster ever again for being an entitled bitch

  2. Dessi

    That’s a very ugly situation, and both sides are wrong! They behave like monsters, both of them. There is an authority called “ Police”, why the restaurant did not call them? Now since, they both put hands on each other, this will get more complicated.

  3. anne marie

    bitchcunt should have gone to mc dog chow if she wanted fast service.
    bitchcunts like this give nice people a bad name.
    hope kathy hill catches the COVID-19; where she lives is a hot spot in the state.

  4. Josilyn

    You should not get a high school diploma unless you have worked in a restaurant, grocery store and a department store. Everyone needs to have empathy for the multitasking and teamwork that goes into making things happen. I am no longer amazed by a guests entitlement. Power outages on a Thanksgiving day have cured me of being shocked of the Idiocracy of humans that choose to frequent a restaurant on holidays.
    Everyone wants to eat the sausage. They don’t want to know how it’s made.

  5. Gigi

    She’s a bitch…… she Needs to calm down she has been a little more patient a red lobster might’ve been delicious instead she probably gonna go to jail if you’re going to get some Chyna something there for slapping somebody glad that girl slapped her back. I don’t know how you servers do it when I waitressed at Applebee’s I could’ve slept the shit out of a lot of people but I never did these bitches are vicious today they just swing their arms any which way and slap whoever is in the way that’s all they all need to be medicated food ain’t that important shit

  6. Teresa

    Why wasn’t she arrested? Did she not forcibly push employees out of the way to enter unmasked? She put her hands on numerous employees BEFORE the slap, why wasn’t she charged edith trespassing she was asked and told to not go in and assault for hitting the employee! Police should have been called on her.. where is that video or report?

  7. Shawna

    This woman is fucking rediculous. Most major restaurants have been closed and are just now reopening. My husband is a manager with a major chain and they are only operating with him and 3 other managers. No kitchen staff, no servers, no one else! They all work open to close EVERY DAY. Hes not allowed to hire anyone else until sales pick up and they are cooking and handling ToGos and calls completely on their own. They did what they would normally do on a Friday night with only 4 fucking people! He came home at 11pm and was back to work by 8am. And the general public does shit like this. Everyone expects everything to be sunshine and roses on MOTHERS DAY which is typically the busiest day of the year in the restaurant world and a shit show when there isnt a PANDEMIC. I hate people.

  8. Rose Piccione

    Oh my goodness. It is amazing how the public thinks we are under them when I’m fact we probabaly make more in a weekend than they make for a 40 hr week. This is insane. We are all gods children and should show respect to get respect. Isn’t the old saying you get more with honey than vinogar.

  9. Theresa

    Peoples just ignorance and doesn’t care of other safety. Peoples should understand the bussiness and the situation unless their dumb. It’s not easy with this situation right now where no profit to employee and the owners, their loosing money too. So as customers need to understanding and respect them. Peoples like Kathy and any of customers who doesn’t wear the mask and rudeness to the employee are the ignorance. If smart peoples and care peoples should think of the safety on their own and others so should wear the mask and need to respect others.

  10. Ell

    I am a server who hates people… and I’m sure this woman was awful… however the video doesn’t seem to show her being awful, (except not wearing a mask) it shows her being assaulted and forcefully removed from a building… the only reason I even have information about it being red lobster or about the woman being awful is because you told me it was and she was… I’m not saying I don’t believe you or the OP. But there’s no real proof. The employee even grabbed her hair and wouldn’t let go. I’m SURE (as a server who’s dealt with idiots daily) that the lady deserved but what I’m saying is this video does not show what your article says… so people like this woman’s demo will watch and say “No! That poor woman was assaulted! The employees should be fired!” Am I the only one who sees the video as problematic?


      the employees were clearly removing her from the building she didnt belong in, she was not being assulted just forcefully removed after she was refusing to leave. The employee grabbed her hair after she struck another employee to clearly stop her from continuing her attack. the video clearly shows the woman being the aggressor no questions asked.

  11. Donna Stephens

    This is unbelievable. The public is frustrated and have NO CLUE what the restaurants are going through. I have been in this business for 30+ years and this is one of the worse demonstrations I have been witnessed to.
    To Kathy; It is understandable that you were upset, BUT, the lack of human decency you displayed is unforgivable.
    To Red Lobster; There are procedures to follow when it comes to irate guests, and this was handled wrong. Call the cops next time, and do not put your staff at risk.
    To the Consumers; Restaurants are doing their best right now, It will NOT be as fast and efficient as it used to be. (especially on holidays) There are just too many steps we have to take to insure your safety and that of our teams. I know it is a stressful time for us all, and a little kindness goes a long way. Please, Take time to be Kind and don’t forget to tip those who are making minimum wages.
    Thank you,
    I’m done ranting.

  12. Alex

    What is wrong with America.. God I’m in Europe covid hot spot from 5 staff we are down to two and everyone is understanding and super nice.. STAY HOME ASSHOLES STAY HOME COOK YOUR OWN FUCKING MEAL LAZY BITCH.. shit this drives me mad…

  13. Ramie Hansen

    I’m so tired of being abused & mistreated as a server. I did food/alcohol service for 16 years then went to college. I’ve returned after 23 years and I am embarrassed by people.
    Cell phones have ruined dining. Everything needs to be IMMEDIATE. I have people time how long it takes for me to get to the table, how long the food takes. Check prices at other restaurants on their phone. It’s disgusting. But hey I get 10% even tho I’m taxed on 10% and again on the additional 3.50, that I don’t get paid per hour, but still pay taxes on!

    1. Taylor

      When I open my restaurant, I want to protect my people.no more then customer is always right’ crap. Cause 99% they are wrong. You get treated the way you treat my staff. You don’t like it, then leave and hopefully be a better person cooking for your own damn self at home

  14. Faith

    This makes me so angry. Reminder: Restaurants who usually do dine with sporadic to go’s prior to Covid closures are not completely equipped for full time to go orders and it’s literally a trial and error (still!), management is being told to not adjust wait times and to take ALL orders regardless of available staff and time. One of the hardest nights I’ve ever had working in a restaurant came after the Covid dine in closures. I understand how infuriating it is to have to wait forever for food, how ridiculous it is that after a wait like that it’s messed up or cold, I’ve had it happen to me before. But all you have to do is be a HUMAN BEING!! You’ll get your refund and chances are you’ll get a gift card and more, it’s tough for us all but becoming violent? Abusive physically or verbally?! You’ve got to be kidding me 😡😡😡😡If it was that traumatic for you call corporate, boycott the place, tell all your friends idk anything other than this shit. This is appalling and sad. Don’t be like this bitch. Smdh.

    1. John

      I don’t condone the behavior at all, but the stag could have simply called local law enforcement and had her removed instead of getting involved and rescinded her in cash if only tp get her out faster.

      As a RL employee, I know how many extra steps go in to these take out orders. Most orobator don’t consider how we are being affected, only that they are being inconvenienced.


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