Woman Uses N-Word at Restaurant and Is Totally Okay With it

I had no plans to blog today, but sometimes something falls right into my apron just like a piece of ice does every once in a while and I am forced to pay attention to it. I give you Nancy Goodman.

According to WRAL TV in Raleigh, NC, Nancy was none too pleased with two African-American women who were dining at a Bonefish Grill because in her opinion, they were too loud. So Nancy took it upon herself to go tell them to settle down and in the course of not minding her own damn business, she called one of the women the n-word. Of course, it was caught on video because it’s 2019 and if you’re gonna pull some bullshit, racist behavior, you better know someone is gonna record your racist ass.

Once the video made the rounds on social media, WRAL tracked down Nancy to interview her and Nancy doubled down on her behavior.

“I used that word because they forced me into it,” she said. She also said she would use the word again and that she’s not sorry.

That’s where I come in. I want to share the hell out of this video so Nancy will learn that there are consequences to her behavior. Yes, we have freedom of speech in this country but that doesn’t mean that you can float through life and say anything you want without any residual effects of your overall shittiness.

When Nancy chose to use the n-word, she took the situation in a different direction. If she would have called the woman a bitch or an asshole or an ignoramus it wouldn’t have made the news, but she decided to turn it racial. (I also wonder if Nancy would have thought two white women were “too loud.”) 

I hope this video gets shared thousands of times so the next time Nancy is making her way into a restaurant, someone who works there might recognize her as the racist lady from the Internet and decides to refuse service to her. Restaurants do have that option, you know, and that would be just the kind of consequence that Nancy Goodman would understand.

You fucked up, Nancy. And then you fucked up again when you didn’t apologize. I’m sorry you have “tremendous anxiety,” but I hope you enjoy your Internet fame. Consequences!

9 thoughts on “Woman Uses N-Word at Restaurant and Is Totally Okay With it

  1. Jennie

    Try to find Trevor Noah’s “excuse” for racism caused by frustration; i.e. a Rubik’s Cube. Really funny. It was just last week, but I can’t seem to find it. If anyone does, post it here for all to enjoy!

  2. Grackle

    I have terrible anxiety myself, so I can see where this lady is coming from.

    Just kidding; I really do have two frankly disabling anxiety disorders but since I’m not a completely garbage human being, it’s never occurred to me even one instant to throw out a racial slur, or defend throwing out a racial slur by saying I was forced into it, OR announce that I would do it again under the same circumstances. And here I am finding out that I had carte blanche to do so this entire time, especially when black people get the nerve to be audible in public!

  3. Jean

    I can’t get too outraged over this because clearly, Nancy is nuttier than squirrel turds. I hope she seeks help and finds her happy place.

  4. Chad

    Sometimes you need to understand that some people are egoistic.. and some people just dont know how to act out of their home. Bless her heart, I’ll pray for you.

  5. Deb

    This infuriates me to NO END!!
    This smug assh**e of a woman is not only not sorry but she would use the word again? Because she has severely high anxiety?? OH PLEASE! I can’t even fathom the level of stupidity and ignorance that’s laid thick on this crusty old hag.

    I’d like to make a motion that, from this day on, we stop abusing Karen’s and step up our game to thrashing on Nancy’s. At least HER. She leaves a rotten taste in my mouth.

  6. Linda

    I do not like this woman in the restaurant who used the N Word !!! I have to say the “N” word is not in my

    vocabulary, never was, and never will be !!! I have no room in my heart for racists, and that is what this woman is to me !!!!We all need to respect one another and it starts at home, as a little child !! We learn from our environment and parents and they should teach us as youngsters, that the “N” word should never be used, Any time, Any where !!!! You will never go to heaven if you are a RACIST !!! Linda


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