14 Things That Will Happen in Every Mexican Restaurant on Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is almost upon us and anyone who works in a Mexican restaurant is preparing themselves for one of the biggest shit shows of the year. May 5th is a commemoration of the victory of Mexico’s army over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, but most Americans think of it as Mexican Independence Day and a reason to get trashed on margaritas.

I asked Twitter to tell me a few things that would definitely, 100%, for sure  happen in every Mexican restaurant on that day and the people had answers:

8 thoughts on “14 Things That Will Happen in Every Mexican Restaurant on Cinco de Mayo

  1. Michele

    Laughing out loud! Literally. Those “oh so true” answers are hysterical! I have one too. THE MARIACHI SINGER GETS A DUI AS HE LEAVES😂

  2. George

    People who walk into a clearly identified Cuban restaurant and get pissy because there are no tacos, burritos, fajitas and guac………. yeah, you just keep on asking for Mexican dishes that are not going to happen.

  3. so

    Just so you all know ” Ignorant white people who celebrate a Mexican holiday but who also bitch about ‘illegals’ and how we need walls.😒

    — Philomathic Squirrel w/ Chicken Nuggs in Her Head (@Squirrelbeer23) May 2, 2019″

    White people aren’t ignorant. One can celebrate a holiday and still believe in LAWS. Now who’s ignorant?

  4. Crystal Janell

    As a bartender I hear this every Cinco…… Everything ending in “O” im ready-O for a Shot-O,….. STFU-O


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