Server Takes Own Life, Co-Worker Mourns

Very often, our co-workers at the restaurant become more than co-workers; they become friends. And every so often, some of those friends become our family. So many of us who spend our days in a restaurant can easily refer to the people we work with as our “dysfunctional” family, but family none the less. This week I got a message that broke my heart. It came from someone who had one of her “family members” take her own life last week. Out of respect for the woman who sent the message and the woman who lost her life, I have concealed all identifying information. However, the sentiment remains intact.

Tonight, the Red Lobster in _______ , Ohio will not be the same. I can only imagine the atmosphere will be heavy. Not from the hazy, humid Ohio July day. But, because a veteran Lob took her life. Long gone are my days of being in the weeds and forgetting a side of ranch for table 123 on the deck. But I’ll never forget the tiny sweet girl I met when I first started. She was always such a kind gal with a small voice and big smile. Her passing has my heart hurting. And also has me reminiscing about the people who have touched my life, people from the restaurant world. I’ve had a few jobs but, I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone like folks in the restaurant business. My thoughts go out to the veterans who got to work so many years by her side. The newbies who got to spend some time with a special person. Her family and friends. I guess I’m sending you this to shed light on the camaraderie and bonds slinging drinks and taking orders can create. And that no matter the circumstances, we all deserve to be here. ❤️

It’s easy to complain about the people we work with, but just take a second to today to think about how empty your life might be if they were suddenly out of your life forever. Be nice to your co-workers. Appreciate them. Love them. And then tomorrow you can go back to complaining that someone didn’t do their sidework.

Rest in peace, dear server.

If you or someone you know is need of help, please click here for Crisis Text Line. (Yes, it’s a real link and not going to take you to my book, I promise.)

3 thoughts on “Server Takes Own Life, Co-Worker Mourns

  1. Catherine

    Suicide always leaves behind so many innocent victims. It will haunt your family/friends/coworkers forever. Never let shame stop you from seeking help. Help is everywhere.

    Try and remember suicide is a permanent solution, for a temporary problem.

  2. Joan Sarchioto

    We just lost an ex-mico from Carrabbas in Grapevine Texas. This particular store has bern closed for a couple of years but our “mico-family” has stayed tight. Chaz Henke was a father, a son, an athlete. He was 6 weeks short of his 30th birthday. Chaz died from congestive heart failure. His memorial is Sunday at a local soccer field. We all still consider Chaz family. He also worked at Buffalo Wild Wings & Flips.


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