Man Gives 1 Star Yelp Review For Most Idiotic Reason Ever

If you know me, you know I like three things: margaritas, bitching and making fun of stupid ass Yelp reviews. Since I have to go to work in four hours, there are no margaritas in my near future and the bitching won’t truly begin until I punch in. Filling the void until then is the most ridiculous 1-star Yelp review I have ever seen. It comes from someone named Palmiro in Tyler, Texas who was quite disappointed with his recent experience at a sushi & hibachi restaurant.

The atmosphere is nice. I ordered steak and it was a small portion compared to other competitors such as Kawa’s and Yamato. The prices were insane! I payed 26$ for a NY strip when a Filet costs the same at Kawa’s. My friend ordered Sushi and the fish was RAW!!!! Never coming back.

Okay, most of this is justified. He appreciates the atmosphere and feels the portions were less than ideal. That is a fair assessment, although not necessarily a good enough reason to give a restaurant one star. It appears that the one star was because his friend ordered the sushi that- are you ready for this? Came out RAW.

The. Sushi. Was. Raw.

Oh, sweet Jesus, can someone find Palmiro and knock some sense in his head? Seriously, I don’t have the energy to go all the way to Texas to do it, so I need your help. What kind of soft-brained, inbred idiot orders sushi and is surprised that it isn’t fried, braised, boiled, broiled, sautéed, grilled or baked? I’m no foodie, but even I know that sushi is raw. Palmiro, dude, c’mon. Please tell us you were joking. Let us laugh with you rather than at you.

I imagine Palmiro spends his life being constantly disappointed when he goes into businesses around Tyler, Texas:

Read Palmiro A.‘s review of Shogun Sushi & Hibachi Grill on Yelp

9 thoughts on “Man Gives 1 Star Yelp Review For Most Idiotic Reason Ever

  1. Victoria

    Sushi or “nigiri” is whatever fish you choose like yellowtail, salmon or tuna, over the little balled up rice. Depending on what you get, the chef will slice the fish and serve it raw, or it could be lightly seared. Sashimi is referring to thin slices of raw fish and no rice balls under, just the fish.

  2. Yvette

    Mmm k. Sushi is actually the name for the process. Sashimi is raw fish. You can put anything into a “Sushi ” roll. Raw, cooked, has nothing to do with the word sushi. So, yes, Lots of cooked AND raw served at all “Sushi” restaurants.

  3. Alex

    Most sushi is raw. There are definitely some kinds made with tempura or other types of cooked fish but those rolls are in the minority and not necessarily authentic.

  4. Ysabeau

    I’ve been told by some friends that enjoy sushi that only some kinds of sushi are raw, that most of it is cooked then made then chilled again. I still won’t touch it tho just because I don’t want the risk of any of it being raw.

    1. K


      No, most sushi is not cooked and then chilled. I don’t know how anyone who “enjoys sushi” could be under this impression.


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