10 Things that Will 100% Happen in a Restaurant on Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and every year there are a few things that we know are going to happen in restaurants across the land. Since the big VD is on a Tuesday this year, it might not be as crazy as it usually is, but we can still 100% guarantee that these ten things will definitely happen. If not in your section, then someone else’s. Be strong for all those two-tops.

  1. A guy will ask his server to put an engagement ring in the food. 54f94dc3bf146_-_chicken-sandwich-propsoal
  2. Someone will show up forgetting it’s Valentine’s Day and get pissed off that it’s crowded. 2
  3. A lady will order her regular menu item only to learn that it’s prix fixe only and either not available or twice as much as usual. 3
  4. A waitress will give Hershey’s kisses to all of our tables hoping it will increase her tip average.4
  5. Someone will break up with someone because they figure if you’re going to crush someone’s soul, you may as well crush it completely and do it on Valentine’s Day. 5
  6. A girl will have to pretend that she loves her gift of a teddy bear, chocolate candy or balloons. 6
  7. Someone will show up at the restaurant alone, forgetting it’s Valentine’s Day and get trashed because the closest thing they have to a long term relationship is their affair with tequila.7
  8. Something will be served in the shape of heart because nothing says true love like a heart-shaped pizza.8
  9. Someone will try to convince someone else that fake, plastic roses that light up are romantic.9
  10. A server will make bank and walk out of the restaurant with a shit ton of money. 10


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