9 Times To Tell Your Customer “Bye Felicia”

  1. When you ask how your customer is and they answer with “Diet Coke.”635957645906985185-356156603_yearitch
  2. When two or more people are arguing over who is going to pay the check and you legit just want to swipe the damn credit card already and move on.635957312113531475-1309068995_byebye
  3. When someone tells you their coffee is ice cold but you know you made it about two damn minutes ago.et-bye-felicia
  4. When someone tells you they can’t have dairy, gluten, soy, sugar, carbs or salt and then complain that the food tastes bland.giphy
  5. When you close at 11:00 and you see someone tapping at the door at 11:01.6359574058290046551362147066_byefelicia
  6. When your customer asks for a cup of hot water to soak their silverware in even though the cup went through the same damn dishwasher the silverware did. raw
  7. When someone complains that it’s been 30 minutes since they ordered their food but you look at the computer and can see it’s only been 12. tumblr_o695e8mdfq1vst49wo1_500
  8. When your table tells you they know the owner and think that’s going to mean something.f21
  9. When a customer gets upset that you charged them a dollar extra for bacon and they get so pissed off and tell you they are never coming back.6359573059931419581434703904_byef

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