Radio Host Pulls Off Most Hilarious Joke of All Time (Not)

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-11-40-05-amYesterday, superstar-celebrity, awesome, definitely not an asshole, radio host Dave Ryan of KDWB was seen in a video where he appeared to be mistreating a waitress at a restaurant. Understandably, people were outraged at his behavior. Of course, I wrote a blog post about it because I am always ready to jump to the defense of the food servers in our world. There was some question to the validity of the video since it was shared on his own Facebook page and his radio station was pushing it to the world. Even in my blog post about it, I considered that it may be a ploy for publicity:

“The whole video (could be) a set up meant to go viral.”
“If it’s fake, then I just helped him get more attention…”

Well, this morning on his radio show, the hilarious and endlessly entertaining Dave Ryan, released the rest of the video and surprise, surprise: it was a joke! Excuse me for a second while I go roll on the floor and laugh my ass off… I guess he really got us, y’all. He managed to pull off the joke of the century! (Please keep in mind that the century still has 84 years to go.) I don’t feel the need to apologize to the walking joke machine known as Dave Ryan since I never said anything bad about him. Well, I did say that if the video was real, he comes across as a big scabby douchebag, but it’s not real, so whatever. Good one, Dave, you silly goose!

Here’s the video if you want to waste 90 more seconds of your day.


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