This Customer Just Doesn’t Get it

Gonna keep it real simple today because sometimes nothing else is needed to make something funny. Let’s just take a moment to send some good vibes out to Meghan M. who doesn’t understand what a “rocks pour” is.  Bless her heart.


I wait tables and bitch about it on my blog, The Bitchy Waiter.

69 thoughts on “This Customer Just Doesn’t Get it

  1. Drunk or not (which I believe she was not), it was $2. She wanted to fuss and demand a free drink all for TWO DOLLARS. Next time try this: don’t know what it is, ask or don’t order it. To slander this establishment & the bartender is just plain poor character on Meghan’s part. At the restaurant I worked for, we shut down for remodeling for a month & when we reopened we introduced a happy hour for our bar area to test out how successful it would be. Our table tents in our dining areas advertised this & some gentleman I was serving saw the sign & ordered a house rum & coke for him & his wife for the happy hour special. I explained to him that it was bar area only & he freaked out on me. His wife was so embarrassed as he demanded we give him the same price simply because he didn’t read the full flyer that said at the bottom “*Bar Area Only*”. So I got my manager & he agreed to give him the $5.00 happy hour price. I could see how embarrassed he was when I dropped the check off to the table & he opened it up only to realize the 2 drinks he had ordered only costed $5.50 so his bill was only discounted $1. He left his card with his wife for her to pay while he went to start the car. His wife apologized for his poor behavior. So meghan, as someone who’s served many poorly mannered people before, an apology goes a long way. Don’t rationalized to us, post a real apology to their page. Better yet, why don’t you go back to the restaurant & give the bartender the tip you stiffed them.

  2. I would say this woman is as dumb as soup but that’s an insult to soup… OH and water isn’t free, that’s why you get a bill every month from the water company.

  3. This type of stupidity happens everywhere, not just the service industry. I give major props to the bar for showing an incredible amount of patience with the stupid that passes for brightness in our educational system. No matter what, the simpler the explanation, the more hysterical the person receiving it becomes.

  4. Hopefully, this customer is not a teacher in English Language. I know quite a few public school teachers. Yes, they are generally underpaid, but most of them would probably understand drink prices.

    If you are unsure of a price of something — and its not listed on a menu — it is probably safe to say that you can ask someone who works at the bar or restaurant. I have only been to one or two restaurants where drink prices were not listed on a menu and the waiters/waitresses or bar keep had no idea how much anything was.

  5. FYI…Ms. School Teacher….do you live where restaurants/bars don’t pay for ICE….ummm, Ms. Educated, think about this for a second, well, forget it, I have met TOO MANY teachers that can not figure out 18 to 20%, so I will SPELL it out for YOU…ICE IS NOT FREE. We have to pay for the water flowing into ice machines, that have to be paid for, serviced and maintained for they are SAFE for ICE to be served to your drink, the servers tip out bussers, bar-backs, etc to put that FREE ice in bins to put in your drink, but it takes WATER, dishwashers, chemicals, etc to make sure you get a SAFE drink to have over ICE!!!! So, IF YOU THINK ICE IS FREE, move your cheap ass to GERMANY where they like warm drinks. Just SAYING!!!

  6. Wow, you are more ignorant than clever, not that it is difficult. The blog name should give you a clue. Gtfo Mary Poppins.

  7. So. No one on here has ever said anything out of order when two sheets to the wind ? Get a f…ing life and give the girl a break ffs.

      1. Guys she made an excuse and you bought it. Nicely done. Y’all wanna go find God again with her too? It’s a cover for her piss poor attitude. Get a clue.

    1. Never seen such a well written drunken complaint. To accept her excuse that she was drunk is to believe that she actually was, and I don’t. If this bartender’s manager wasn’t understanding, her idiotic rant could have cost someone their job. Drunk or not, I can honestly say that no I have never wrongfully accused someone of something that could possibly effect their ability to pay rent or feed their children. People need to be more aware of how their words could possibly effect other peoples lives. Her half assed apology isn’t going to pay someone’s bills next time her complaints are taken seriously. Fuck off Andy and your sweet school teacher Mehgan.

  8. I mean, well, at least she isn’t a bartender. Looks like all you folks in the “service industry” are a bunch of pansies. Grow a pair. You serve other people for a living. So shut your faces and go get me a beer.

    1. So… tell me what job you have (if you have one at all) so that I can go onto your industry site where you vent about your job and tell you that you’re a whiny bitch. Oh right, I don’t do that because I literally have no idea what other people go through at their jobs. I work in finance now but the service industry is much harder work, trust me. Very few things can compete with dealing with entitled assholes all day.

        1. “Somebody” being everyone in your life that has to deal with your shitty, smug attitude and failed attempts to be witty. Back under your bridge; I hear the clop-clop-clop of little cloven hooves.

    2. Treat your bartender with respect or be cut off. That’s how this works. Then you go get your own damn beer. And I WILL be calling the cops as soon as your key hits the ignition.

  9. Her approach was terrible, seriously, I loathe when customers freak out about these sorts of things in the manner in which they do but I’ve been in service for 20 years and never had to explain a rocks pour price difference…like EVER. I’m surprised a rocks drinker would be surprised…because the rocks drinkers I’ve served are all about that extra booze and order on the rocks accordingly because that’s the point…and to pour only 1 1/2 oz in a rocks glass just looks so bad…I’m thinking it was her first time

    1. This was exactly what I was thinking. She’s probably a shots drinker, but was out with others and wanted to look more adult. *Thinking* “What’s a cool drink?! OMG What do they drink in the movies?! I KNOW! Something ‘on the rocks!’ Then I’ll look sophisticated!” But she actually had no clue what it meant.

  10. I never met such perfect people before. You all are such fine examples of shit. Big balls over the computer. At least this lady appologized. And ur still calling her all sorts of biyches and dumb. Well news flash. Ur a fucking cunt susan. Ur prob not even a woman. Just a fat loser behind a computer. Keep eating ur emotions u fat slob of shit. And if u are a waitress i hope everyone of ur tables stiff you. And then u fall and spill hot coffee on ur face.

    1. She actually didn’t apologize. She stated it was a poor decision and then justified by saying she was upset about miscommunication. That isn’t an apology; it’s a rationalization for her actions which she doesn’t exactly own up to.

    2. Oh sweetie, don’t waste your breath. Many of us here are SO superior to you and your little friend in intelligence, accomplishments and simple human decency that you’re not even worth laughing at.

  11. In my opinion any establishment SHOULD charge for water and ice as well. I can’t tell you how many people order water besides their drink and either just give it a sip or don’t touch it at all. We have to dump gallons and gallons of water down the drain every day. I read “it’s just water” BUT ISN’T WATER THE MOST PRECIOUS LIQUID ON EARTH AND THE MOST WASTED. AND IT’S CERTAINLY. NOT FREE FOR ANYONE, unless is well water but it stinks.

    1. I keep saying this at my place!! The day will come when all restaurants will charge for water!! it is NOT free to the establishment. The glass used, the warewashing, the water itself..all these cost the establishment. Imagine if you would the monthly water bill for a large resort property..who is paying that bill ? Oh , but it’s only water, it’s free!! I cant you tell how many times the old biddy at the table asks for water , then says ” bring one for everyone”, then at the end when they leave none of those glasses have been touched and all that water is wasted. Same thing with ice, I dont even put ice in water anymore.

      1. Oh how I would LOVE to charge all my water drinkers!!! I would also thoroughly enjoy having a “extra lemon” button on my screen as well.

        1. My restaurant started charging for lemon because of the people “making lemonade” at the table, trying to save a few bucks. We sell lemonade, and lemons aren’t cheap. The look on their faces when they get the bill is priceless. “But whyyyyyyyyyy am I being charged for consuming several bowls of lemons?!” and they look like I kicked their puppy. I can’t imagine if we started charging for water

  12. Hahahaha! When will people realize that everything you post on the internet is fair game? You can explain yourself all you want. Keep your hands off your phone when you’ve been drinking.

  13. We had a local restaurant critic do an entire story on restaurants taking advantage of customers by charging them for ice! People are so stupid. The article is since been taken down. Since I am sure after the comments she looked like a complete idiot.

  14. Actually, I would LOVE for her to take this insanely stupid rant to Twitter. Twitter will chew her a new one for being a dumb, entitled bitch and it will be glorious.

  15. Good morning. I am the Meghan who angrily posted about my poor experience at this establishment. I have to admit that I initially posted under the influence following some events in my family and had admittedly had too much in an effort to numb the pain, which I know was a poor decision. Since that evening and after some other things in my life, I returned to God and am in a much better place. For the record, I 100% understand what a pour on the rocks is, but what frustrated me was the miscommunication that had occurred. I was with other people who ordered what I ended up drinking but not what I thought I’d ordered, which was a single pour. Not that I needed to explain all this to you, but for strangers to attack my overall character and my work as a professional is sad and equally full of anger. Thanks for your love but I’m good. I’d also like to thank the bartenders out there for your hard work: I’ve enjoyed many pints of craft beer and glasses of whiskey thanks to you. I wish you all the best.

    1. So, in order to “numb your pain”, you pitched a hissy fit ONLINE, damaging this establishment’s reputation, causing emotional distress to everyone involved, called both the bartender and the bar dishonest, and refused a genuine apology. Yeah, I have no sympathy for your rude ass. I would have kicked you out of my bar and told you not to come back. Drunk texting / posting should be confined to exes and frenemies. Be an adult next time. And noome cares if you “returned to god”, we’re just trying to get through our shift.

      1. Oh, and ice is not “free”, even if you don’t get charged for it. The machine, maintenance, water, electricity, rent, and labor ALL have to be paid for. Stupid bitch.

      2. You are absolutely right: drunk texting should be kept to those two. As an adult, I recognize I made a mistake and apologized for it. I’m not perfect and neither is anyone here. Good luck with your shifts.

      3. I agree with Susan.
        I have a cognitive Inparment. And need to have (sometimes) things repeated also a little Hard of Hearing.

      4. Amen sista! I’ve been a server for 30 years and get so damn tired of these asses always wanting something for free. When the two of us go out I usually ask for a glass of Ice water because I get a dirty martini and that doesn’t always go with what I’m eating. Then again, we tip damn well… so the servers at Bud’s in Brainerd try to get our table… lol. This chick NEEDS to learn about flies and honey, not insults and shitty tips. BTW, what the he’ll does god have to do with this? That WAS a typical apology from a ‘Christian’, blaming other things and deflecting instead of owning being an ass. She damaged her servers rep, and the restaurants, idiot, in turn could’ve hurt them financially. Didn’t hear any worries over that.

        1. Ah, but we don’t need your permission. And I have a master’s degree, so your “…but I’m a teacheeeeeeer!” isn’t impressive to me, especially when you can’t understand simple concepts.

    2. Meghan no miscommunication. A rocks pour is a rocks pour pour. You don’t want a rocks pour order it with ice. Don’t complain when the cup doesn’t look full either.

    3. Why did you continue to argue about being charged for “ice” with management when he attempted to explain it?

    4. But didn’t you just attack the bartender and the restaurant overall character and their work as professionals? Why is it okay for you to do?

    5. Ironic that you felt that it was okay to insult her character but find it hateful when others do it. So, in summary, you attacked her character and, per your own admission, left her a poor tip simply because you were ignorant of what you were ordering. You should apologize to her on the same venue you chose to insult her.

    6. Meghan,
      There is a doctor in Miami that just made a fool of herself yelling at an Uber driver bc she was smarter then him. She knew how to do his job better bc of course she is a doctor………..she to used the excuse that she was drunk also…..she lost her job, rightfully so.

      If u are a teacher you went to college, if u went to college I assume you went out to bars at some point. If this is a detail you failed to pick up in college and all your adult life it just goes to show you are never to old to learn something new. Next time you just need to quit your bitching and learn the lesson being taught.

      1. While I can’t defend her entirely, as person who orders a drink once in a blue moon, and then usually wine, I would have had no idea what “rocks” meant in this context until reading this post. From popular fiction, I would assume that a drink “on the rocks” meant that ice was included, not extra alcohol. Your assumption that college graduates necessarily frequent bars is also incorrect, though most of my law school classmates seemed rather hungover on Fridays.

    7. That was pretty much the worst non-apology I’ve ever heard. You’re a teacher, so I hope you can read this and understand it:

      1. Recognize that you were wrong.
      2. Apologize. Say, “I’m sorry. I was wrong.”
      3. Make amends. “How can I correct my mistake or make this right?”
      4. That’s it.

      Making excuses for your behavior is not apologizing, it’s rationalizing. No one cares if you were drunk or being emotional or whatever, and we don’t care if you found Jesus. Own your poor behavior, issue a humble mea culpa, and then stop talking.

    8. Here you are complaining about having your character and work attacked based on your very poor behaviour online, yet isn’t that precisely what you did to that bartender when you attacked her online? You called her dishonest and accused her of cheating you. You publicly dragged her character through the mud and tipped her poorly for your mistake. Drunkeness and family problems are never an excuse for being a belligerent asshole. I hope you contacted the business to apologise to her and pay her her tip.

    9. Everyone understands the desire to ‘numb the pain’ as u say… but potentially costing someone their job? Their lively hood? If you have made a mistake (we ALL do) – drunkenly or sober – at least take the time to apologize, not bc of whatever online shame u receive, but bc you actually realize the severity of the situation you may or may not have caused. Adding justification and excuse in your apology seems, at best, off putting and insincere.

    10. You were so “under the influence” when you wrote this that your nasty behavior and stupidity should be excused, yet you used correct grammar, spelling, and puncuation? I’m pretty sure you’re just using the whole “I was drunk” excuse because you found out how wrong you really were and how much of an idiot you made yourself look. Good luck in life, you’re gonna have a really hard time at it.

  16. As a bartender and bar employee of over 25 years I have picked up a bit of wisdom from some customers over the years. One of these was “People will not understand things that they don’t want to understand”

    I have also noticed this trend with Yelp Haters. Some just want to be listened to, or more accurately “read”. However, many others really want something for free. I HATE trifling people who go through life asking for and ever manipulating more for themselves…Then they try to make you feel cheap for holding them to the standards set for the rest of the world. God bless the manager for explaining and re-explaining to this twit.

  17. After reading the conversation I am 99,9 % sure the bartender explained everything several times, but Meghan just did not get it. (And she is a teacher? Thank God I do not have children.)

  18. This bitch is out of her mind and just wants to stay in her self-righteous anger. If they give her a free drink or a refund I will take to their page and tell them what pussies they are. (No I won’t).

      1. Who ever was responding to her bitching was not the asshole, sir. Their tone was more than satisfactory when it came to responding to that original complaint. That dumb twat wasn’t even intelligent enough to realize they had explained to her numerous times why they charged her extra on her bill. She was clearly not intelligent enough to be drinking whatever drink she had ordered..I would have cut her off for stupidity alone. If you are not smart enough to understand the extra fees and charges that restaurants are required to charge for certain things (I know, Shocker! You fucks can’t get everything for free no matter what pieces of shit you are:-D ) then perhaps you should not grace any dining establishment or bar with your presence. I’m sure the staff of any of those places would be more than happy to never see your stupid faces.

      2. Omg…..omg….I thought she was a teacher!!! I understood what he was saying he wasn’t speaking ebonics or anything! !

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