Is Texas Roadhouse Screwing Over Servers?

texasroadhouseIn an effort to help customers understand what the correct gratuity should be, many restaurants are printing tipping suggestions at the bottom of the receipt. This is helpful for those customers who still live in the dark ages and don’t have a calculator or an “app for that” on their phone. It can be a great help for servers except when the gratuity suggestions are wrong, wrong, wrong.

Case in point: this receipt from Texas Roadhouse. It was sent to me by a server who works there and noticed that the totals are way off. I have covered up any incriminating evidence on the receipt because I do not want the server to get in trouble. I will say this particular restaurant is in Texas. On the receipt, the total for food and drinks is $59.97, before tax. With tax, the total is $65.67 and if this was my receipt, it would be no-brainer for at least a $13 tip. Well, the good folks at Texas Roadhouse have a tip guide that doesn’t even come close to $13. According to their calculations, a 20% tip is $6.40. Ummm, that ain’t 20%, Texas Roadhouse. It’s actually only 10.672% and that is a shitty tip. What they claim is an 18% tip is really a 9.6% tip and their suggestion of 15% is only a 8%. Oh, fuck no.

The server tells me that she has brought this miscalculation to the attention of her manager and his advice was to simply rip off that part of the receipt. No, manager, that is not an option. The correct response would have been as follows:

Oh man, I am so sorry. That is completely unfair and I will immediately go fix that. If I am unable to change it myself, I will call corporate and have them correct it. Please accept my apology as well as this coupon for a lifetime supply of our Hurricane Margarita.

The sad thing is that so many customers would look at that 20% total and be stupid enough to think it’s correct. They will waddle out of the restaurant with their bellies full of fried pickles, ribs and Big Ol’ Brownie thinking they left a good tip when they only left 10% or less. Since the server has already asked her manager to change it and he basically just sharted out a side of apple sauce instead of doing the right thing, I think it’s time we share the hell out of this photo so Texas Roadhouse knows that some of their servers are getting the short end of the boneless buffalo wing. Am I wrong? Am I missing something here? Can someone explain it to me?

I bet if the right person sees this about their bogus tip guide for “legendary service,” someone will pull the Chicken Critter® Salad out of their ass and get it changed quicker than a Red Hat Lady can ask for a separate check.

On your mark, get set, GO!

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